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Faith No More Links for day…(vol. 143)


  • After that mega Patton post, it would be remiss of us to omit to mention Roddy’s Imperial Teen. Unfortunately, we’re too late to mention their two most recent shows in Portland and Denver. But Roddy and co have three more dates lined up:
    Aug 17
    Knitting Factory
    Brooklyn NY
    Sept 29
    Know Theatre
    1120 Jackson Street
    Cincinnati OH (Midpoint Music Festival)
    Oct 14
    Treasure Island Music Festival
    San Francisco, CA
    No footage from either gig has surfaced yet but here’s one short Denver fan verdict.
    And the band:
  • Here are some stunning and revealing interviews with Billy and Puffy from  - I think – Dutch radio show Toazted from 1997:
    [field name=iframe]

    And two more from 1995:
    [field name=iframe]

    Part 2
    [field name=iframe]

    Think these might be the other way around. Interesting point at the start on working on new material and some revealing insights throughout.
  • Meanwhile, reaction is still coming in on Faith No More‘s recent European jaunt. The Final Word have a note-perfect review of both London shows: “More than the band, tonight, I think the crowd are really rather keen. And that’s part of the rub : the audience often make the show. Tonight, if the audience are a vampire, the band are the transfusion. From the opening moments, to the final seconds of their cover of Jay-z & Kayne West’s “Niggaz In Paris”, Hammersmith is some kind of rampant, slightly overweight, slightly middle-aged, 5,000 strong orgy of jumping. “
  • And London indie zine Drowned in Sound have a fetching gallery from the Brixton show:

  • And here’s Bill with un peu de francais pur les gars et les filles at the Faith No More French Community

[field name=iframe]

  • And via faithnomoreblog, Tomahawk will play a Halloween show at the Granada Theater in Dallas on Wednesday 31 October. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased from granadatheater.com
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Links for a day…(vol. 139)

  • Tour update via Bill. We previously mentioned the Czech show but here it is again.
  • [tweet https://twitter.com/MRGOULD/status/207503203498078208]
  • Imperial Teen focused Roddy interview from Windy City Times:
  • “When I was kid from the age of 5 I got into classical piano. My mom is a very good piano player. I did piano up through high school.”
  • Remember to support Roddy in his AIDS/LifeCycle Ride.
  • Info and donate here
  • Via @andymalt on Twitter, the strange stats that Beluga and Grooveshark gathers on band listeners. Here’s the Faith No More page. Certainly, the geographical data seems spot on and there’s lots to play with on the other tabs. Not sure what’s the exact source though but here’s the science bit.
  • We’ve featured a few Faith No More appearances on 1990s UK Channel 4 show The Word before but not sure if we posted these two together before. What a Day and I Started a Joke from March 1994.
  • [youtube id="0TdNizDL7LI" w="560" h="315"]
  • The always excellent Faith No More discography have updated their site to show this French cassette release of A Small Victory.


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Links for a day…vol. 138

  • The band spent last week in rehearsal for their upcoming tour, according to Roddy Bottum on Twitter
  • [tweet https://twitter.com/roddybottum/status/204117145074925568]
  • Bigger pic here
  • Swiss festival site openairguide is running a competition for 2 passes to Rock for People in the Czech Republic on 6 July, which of course features Faith No More as headliners.
  • Relatively reclusive UK multi-instrumentalist Tom Vek has included Mike Patton as singer in his “Fantasy band” for The Independent: “Vocals: Mike Patton: The slicked-back-hair charmer from post-metal-thesps Faith No More has the capability to be screaming one second and crooning the next.”
  • Anyone in the UK want to join a Faith No More tribute act? Check this out.
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Links for a day…vol. 137

  • Please support Roddy on his AIDS/LifeCycle Ride.
    Info and donate here
  • Early version of Jungle features on SF Unscene compilation
    [youtube id="S75J9nKm6-E" w="480" h="360"]
  • Teaser for the new Tomahawk release
    [youtube id="ctEh2s9wcHE" w="480" h="360"]
  • We actually featured this cover a few years back but now it has made it on to the soundtrack of one of the biggest movies/films of all time - Five Finger Death Punch’s version of From Out of Nowhere from the The Avengers soundtrack
    [youtube id="6JKyFS7Y-jo" w="480" h="360"]
  • A song called Faith No More – that is all
    [youtube id="TLSig3Iafc0" w="480" h="360"]
  • Prometheus star influenced by Mike Patton (via PopBytes):
    “Also, growing up, musicians like Mike Patton set the foundation for me to want to be on stage and to want to govern emotion and laughter every night. And that’s why I do so much theater.”
  • Mike P featured in the essential Atlantic magazine
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Links for a day…(131)

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Imperial Teen album released

Roddy Bottum’s Imperial Teen have released their new studio album Feel the Sound.

You can buy here.

And check out the new Runaway video here.

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Links for a day…(vol. 127)

Our regular round-up given the Storify treatment


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Imperial Teen tickets on sale

Tickets for the first Imperial Teen show following their 31 January album release are now on sale. Roddy Bottum’s band play the Cafe du Nord in San Francisco on 24 February.

Buy tickets here
Pre-order the album here

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Links for a day…(vol. 118)

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Links for a day…(vol. 114)


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