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Links for a Day (vol. 161)

April 20th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|0 Comments

LA full lineup confirmed

Faith No More and Koolarrow have today confirmed that Flattbush and Mexican Dubwiser will be the support acts for their 24 April shows at the Wiltern in Los Angeles.

Roddy interview

Roddy Bottum has given his latest interview to KQED though the article focuses more on the past than on the new album. But here’s the key takeaway:
“Turns out, it was a worthwhile dare. Sol Invictus is a true reinvigoration of the creative arc of Faith No More, a step forward that acknowledges what endures about their sound without clinging to what doesn’t. With its assured balance of multiple atmospheres and sonic ecosystems, it may be their best record since 1992’s seminal Angel Dust. It’s the intangible sound of a band that just works, unmediated aural chemistry. “There’s nothing worse than sounding like you’re trying too hard,” Bottum insists. “We’re pretty lucky that we were able to salvage our friendship and our creative relationship. I don’t know of anyone who gets to enjoy that opportunity.”

New posters

The top quality tour posters keep on coming. Artist Zoltron has produced the striking poster for the first Warfield show and explained the concept to Inside the Rock Poster Frame.
“A few years ago, during the Fukushima crisis, I made a poster for Devo at the Warfield in SF. It was part of the Firehouse/Goldenvoice series. The Japanese girl in the poster was called Sue Nami and somewhere along the way, she took on a life of her own.

Secret Serpents invited me to make a poster for Faith No More and I kept going back to this photo I took of Ruby and Molly, who dressed up as Sue Nami (and Katrina) for Halloween. I’ve been wanting to use them on a poster for years. The design itself is based on those distressed, hand printed, turn of the century, Japanese Matchbook designs.
Mauz at Monolith Press did a great job printing these. Very happy with how they turned out.”
As usual the poster will be on sale at Secret Serpents – at 9:00 AM (PST) on 23 April.

Meanwhile Guy Burwell produced the poster for the Portland how. It is already on sale at Secret Serpents

And the frankly stunning John Howard Seattle poster which FNM 2.0 has just ordered is also still on sale at Secret Serpents – complete with these Faith No More 3D glasses.

Gig reviews

The reviews for the Sol Invictus tour shows so far have been universally positive.
Rice and Bread on the Vancouver opener:
“A second, single-song encore of the last song on their new album, “From the Dead,” which Patton referred to as their “first ever hippy jam,” was a bold choice, ending the nearly two-hour set with class and enough confidence to hint that maybe Faith No More are really back for a second run of brilliance. Fingers and toes crossed. Oh, yes, as I hinted at earlier, the sound at the PNE Forum was absolute garbage. Only Faith No More could push through a wall of mud that thick. Fuck.”

Seattle Sound Live on the Seattle show
“Two songs that really showcased the groups diversity landed smack dab next to each other mid set. First in line was ‘Epic‘ which is probably, or arguably the most “Mainstream” Faith No More song out there followed by ‘Sunny Side Up’ off of their newest effort ‘Sol Invictus‘. You could not ask for a better compilation of songs. This was indisputably, far and away, one of the most unique and interesting setlists of the year thus far and it was that aspect of the show that only added to the bands momentous return to the stage that was 18 years in the making.”

On Tour Monthly on Seattle show
“A few more songs followed before they wrapped their 68-minute long set in the same fashion they had begun it: with a new song, namely, “Superhero”. With such a diverse palette, it has no trouble fitting into the Faith No More repertoire, even sounding like the classics of theirs do; and once it was all said and done, the entire band stayed on stage for a few moments, bowing and expressing their gratitude before taking their leave.”

Vote Faith No More

There may be election fever in the UK and lukewarm election warmth in the US but Faith No More needs your vote more than Call Me Dave, Gideon and the Clinton and Bush duopoly dynasty.
You can still vote for Faith No More in almost any category in the Kerrang! awards.
And you can vainly try to propel Faith No More above Babymetal in the Loudwire Most Anticipated Albums in May poll.

Album of the Year

Slovenian site Rock on Net has preemptively acclaimed Sol Invictus as the album of the year, making it the band’s second such album.

2004, 2015

Roddy meets Wade Worthington in Faith No Man/More merge

April 20th, 2015|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

Faith No More keyboardist and much more Roddy Bottum has tweeted a great photo of him and his Faith No Man predecessor/counterpart Wade Worthington from the Portland show.

Here’s Wade in his Faith No Man days.

And here is some video from 1983.

The excellent Faith No Man site has an excellent resumé of the Faith No Man era:
“Faith. No Man was created in 1979 by M Morris and Wade Worthington. Drummer xtraordinare Mike Bordin was recruited next followed much later by Bill Gould. (To go back even further, the original name was ‘Sharp Young Men’ as a piss-take on all the ‘elegant’ 80s groups at the time.) Originally Morris proposed ‘Faith In No Man’ but after much back and forth, Bordin rightfully suggested ‘Faith. No Man’. Morris became very hard on Gould which eventually caused a rift in the band. Worthington left the group because of the tensions and because he felt unsatisfied with his own contributions.
It was mutually decided Gould’s childhood friend Roddy Bottum was to became the new member. At that time, being fully aware of the rift, Bottom quickly fell inline with the three and eventually plans were afoot as to how to carry on without Morris because it was his band and he was now the sole songwriter and singer within the group. After the final show, there was no communication again between the three and Morris for six months. Bordin then contacted Morris and though not in touch regularly, they have been able to remain friendly over the years. So rather un-dramatically, the band simply broke up. Anything else is just post-split invented angst. Morris was never called ‘The Man’.”

And Mike Morris spoke about Wade’s musical talent on the site: “I met Wade in 1978. We worked together until the split of F.NM. He is a trained pianist who rarely plays piano. His first love seems to be the Hammond organ. For years he has been wanting to do a sort of Jimmy Smith jazz thing with just him on the organ and a drummer.

1604, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 160)

April 16th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day|1 Comment

Roddy interview

Roddy Bottum has done yet another interesting review – this time with local paper the San Francisco Chronicle. The article is behind a paywall (although you may be able to access it free on your smartphone) so we’ll limit our highlights to just this:
“Longevity and timelessness are universal qualities that we wanted to address. We’re not going to do something that’s disposable and will withstand the ever-changing eras.”

“It’s very thematic to me in a way that other records were not. I think we have a history of doing variety and a mixed bag. This record to me is way more specific.”

Vancouver poster

As we posted in the round-up, artists Mick Gray and Sinclair Klugarsh have created a wonderful poster for the Vancouver show and we can look forward to yet more great Faith No More tour posters in 2015.  According to Inside the Rock Poster Frame the poster was “signed by the band and only around 100 were for sale.

On Thursday 16 April at 9am PDT time Secret Serpents will have the  regular edition signed and numbered by the artists (115) and a pink variant (20) posters measuring 18 x 24 inches on sale.

Tour merch

Here’s a peak at what was on sale last night courtesy of  Ryan on Twitter

Faith No More comic

We’ll give this the full post it deserves in due course but here’s a shout out that Matt Jacob’s Faith No More/Mr Bungle is now available for pre-order.

Get it here for the ridiculous sum of just $4.99.

Mouth of the Ocean returns

Let the dead live. Make the dead live! The former forum for all things faith No More and Patton Mouth of the Ocean lives again! There’s a good discussion of the forthcoming album there now.

Sol Invictus reviews

Now that more people have heard the forthcoming new album, some early reviews have begun to spring up online. The Russian version of Rolling Stone even gave it a 5/5. Here are some Google Translated excerpts:
” It is more smooth and homogeneous  than previous albums from the Californian band.”
“This album sounds at the same time comfortable and threatening.”
“Cone Of Shame” begins with poisonous guitar but the track itself is wrapped almost in gothic Americana with a mysterious hypnotist stage whisper from Patton.”
“Brilliant musicians again managed on a short leash.”
Wish I had a proper translation of that because it sounds like an interesting review.

The Five10 also give a glowing review: “Yes it’s very good. Very good. No, it doesn’t sound like “old Faith No More” or anything like that. It’s definitely it’s own body of work that stands out in their lineup of releases. Many of the tracks have a lower-key, haunting feel with singer Mike Patton choosing a bassy growl over soaring melodies.”
And they conclude: “Sol Invictus is like a classy, creepy cowboy dinner party in a haunted mansion. Interesting, tense and uncomfortable in between bursts of violent ghost attacks. Despite the time off, Faith No More has returned after 18 years with a sound more inventive and insane than ever. And I think that’s the statement we were all hoping to hear. Rating: 9/10.”

Guardian praise for Superhero and Sol Invictus

The Guardian has stepped up its metal and rock reviewing in recent years with Dom Lawson, Editor-At-Large at Metal Hammer, added to their reviews team. And he has given Superhero and Sol Invictus rave reviews in the Playlist feature published yesterday:
“Sol Invictus is an absolute rip snorter. Superhero, one of the record’s more immediate and accessible tunes, confirms that age has not diminished FNM’s power to startle and delight.”

Flattbush and Faith No More

Flattbush have prepared two cool posters to promote their support slot with Faith No More on 24 April at the Wiltern.

2603, 2015

Faith No More Links for a day…(155): Remix, Roddy opera, comic gold and more

March 26th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day|5 Comments

And the Faith No More news continue apace on the week of the official Superhero release. We’re down ill so here’s a quick recap.

Superhero remix

The Alexander Hacke remix of Superhero, Superhero Battaglia, can now be heard on YouTube for those who have not yet been able to pick up their vinyl copy.

Faith No More comic book set for June release

Matt Jacob’s Faith No More/Mr Bungle comic book will be released in June and judging by the trailer he has recently posted, this is going to look amazing.

The book is written by Mike Wellman (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and World of Warcraft graphic novels) and illustrated by Matt (animator of Tomahawk’s “Oddfellows” video). Available June 24, 2015. Order from your local comic shop – item code: APR150955

Roddy Sasquatch opera latest

The busiest man in music Roddy Bottum is set for his opera debut next week. Here is Roddy on Sasquatch:

Story Binge – ‘SASQUATCH: The Opera’ by Roddy Bottum from Experiments in Opera on Vimeo.

And here’s what Roddy had to say to the Faith No More blog earlier this week: “Hey guys. it’s Roddy. for those of you in NYC, my short form opera, Sasquatch, The Opera, premieres April 2 in Brooklyn. I’m planning on taking it for a longer and more elaborate run at some point so the rest of yous, hang tight if interested. big hug.”

Roddy also spoke with great insight about Sasquatch in his Noisey interview. It was fascinating to learn he moved to New York to work in opera:

You recently wrote an opera called Sasquatch: The Opera. We’re gonna need the full rundown on that.
[Laughs] It’s not a traditional opera—it’s more like weird little operettas. I grew up in L.A., but I moved to New York specifically to get into opera, and I had this preposterous idea for a Sasquatch love story. I wrote the story, I wrote the music, and we’re gonna premiere it next month. It’s just gonna be three scenes from the opera, but then I’m gonna elaborate on it and build it into a bigger production.

Why Sasquatch?
You know, my favorite characters are the kind of gentle giants like Frankenstein or the Elephant Man—a misunderstood monster who it turns out is very sensitive and has a high intellect. That always gets me. It felt like Sasquatch could satisfy that really well. I’m moved by the big thug who has a heart of gold.

Here’s all the details you need from Roulette.

Bloody Disgusting article

Just as Faith No More version 2.0 kicks into overdrive, check out this well-written take on version 1.1 and Angel Dust from Bloody Disgusting.

The best ever appreciation of IY era Faith No More and Chuck

And via Ben in Comments, this even better article from the one and only Mick Wall on FNM 1.0 Introduce Yourself. Contains some brilliant passages such as: “Faith No More at the Town & Country Club in London. I did not regret it. They started the way most bands started their encores, with the place already insane, the band already much higher. And they just kept climbing. For the real encores, Chuck came on in a gold tinsel wig, alone, just him and an acoustic guitar – they’d been fighting backstage, didn’t want him to do it – to sing ‘Life’s A Gas’ by T. Rex. Epiphany. Then blast off as the rest of the band joined him for a version of ‘War Pigs’ that made the original – which Ozzy had also started doing again that summer now Geezer was in his solo band – taste like old farts and string vests.”

Kerrang feature

As well as their cover article on Revolver, Faith No More also feature in the latest edition of Kerrang. Here’s a preview from Faith No More Followers

Faith No More database new template

A new look for the ultimate Faith No More live resource – the aussiemusicfan Gig database.

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Roddy Bottum’s opera debut Sasquatch premieres 2 April

March 11th, 2015|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

Not content with preparing to unleash one of the most anticipated rock records of the millennium so far in May, Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum will premiere his debut opera on 2 April in Brooklyn, New York.

Polymath Roddy composed and wrote the libretto for Sasquatch, a short form opera that is part of Experiments in Opera’s Story Binge festival at Roulette in Brooklyn. The story is based on the legend of Sasquatch, half man, half beast, who roams the forest invisibly, pursued and exploited by a backwoods family as part of their elaborate and theatrical side show. The opera stars Robbie Daniels, Colin Self, Paul Soileau ( aka Christeene) and Stephen Wesley Wood.

Roddy said: “The impetus for my opera is a theme I’m particularly fond of, that of the gentle giant, the misunderstood monster, the impaired genius with the sensitivity of a child. I reference John Merrick of the Elephant Man, Frankenstein, King Kong and a 100 pound four year old I once saw on Jerry Springer as characters of inspiration…The opera itself is three scenes of what will eventually be a full form opera. The current instrumentation is timpani, trumpets, synthesizer and drum machine. The artistic exercise is a profound and unique opportunity for me to tell a story through music in an experimental setting and work and collaborate with some of my favorite artists.”

More details on the Sasquatch site and at Roulette.
Tickets are available here.

This looks very interesting and here’s hoping for the full version in the near future.

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Faith No More Links for a day…(vol. 151): New look, NZ reviews and some videos

March 4th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day|6 Comments

As you can probably see, we have a new look and feel- Hope you like it. The site may be a little unstable like its editor for a while but let us know if you notice any bigger bugs. (Big thanks to Alberto for his stellar work on this. We’ll give proper thanks later).

WestFest review

News from Faith No More’s last leg of their Japan/Aus/NZ tour has been a little scarce but the New Zealand Herald now has a review of the event. They say: “Crowds built in the evening as punters finished work for a powerful set by Faith No More, who performed on a stage decorated in thousands of dollars worth of flowers. New songs, like Motherf*****, showed they haven’t passed their use-by date just yet, but it was brooding, funk-tinged classics Epic and Last Cup of Sorrow that really bought back the ’90s.”

WestFest photos

UndertheRadar have a photo gallery and a review of sorts: “Faith No More blew minds with their white-drenched and flower-laden stage, not to mention phenomenal showmanship – despite a slightly loose set.”

Faith No More FB posts

It was a bit disturbing to learn that Roddy was forced into taking down his original post showing him and Judas Priest front man Rob Halford together at WestFest. I didn’t see the abusive comments myself but I would have thought FNM fans were above such presumably homophobic abuse.

And here is Mike p and Mike B with Kim Thayil of Soundgarden

Gold vinyl Sol Invictus

Friend of the site Violet has Instagrammed a photo showing a promo for a gold vinyl edition of Sol Invictus that will be an exclusive at Australian store JB Hi-Fi.

Here’s a photo from the site:

WestFest videos

Here is Get Out from WestFest

(still no Cone of Shame video)

Patton in the crowd

Here is another angle of Mike P going into the crowd at Soundwave Brisbane:

Superhero on 89 FM – A Rádio Rock

We were all getting very excited about this exclusive last week before it was superseded by BBC and Marvel but hereo goes for posterity sake’s:

Superhero cover

Kudos to David Nisoff who has uploaded the first Superhero guitar cover to YouTube:

Final tweet

And a a final tweet from New Zealand of Ben Fulton of Red Witch Pedals with Bill Gould and Jon Hudson.

303, 2015

Three new interviews from Faith No More

March 3rd, 2015|Faith No More, News|2 Comments

Mute no more. Faith No More continue their impressive media blitz around their 2015 tour and Sol Invictus and Superhero releases with three interviews in New Zealand and Australia and this time we have video and audio.

First up is a video of the Music Feeds interview – complete with charming 12 year-old interviewer – with Roddy, Mike B and Jon.

Next up – just ahead of their Auckland show was an interview with Roddy and Bill with Hauraki TV.

And finally and audio interview where Puffy gets the chance to wax lyrical for a full 30 minutes with Auckland’s Rip it Up Radio.

2702, 2015

New big new Faith No More interviews published: Sounds of the record and tensions revealed

February 27th, 2015|Faith No More, News|7 Comments

Faith No More‘s promo push for Sol Invictus continues today with two major interviews.

The first with Metal Hammer entitled “Faith No More: rebirth of the Real Thing” is arguably the most revealing and high-profile so far. In the interview on the subscription Team Rock site and presumably also in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, Bill Gould speaks extensively about the new record.

He elaborates on the dark theme of the record and the creative tensions within the band and a little on the band’s music per se: ““Sure, it sounds like us at our age,” shrugs Billy. “I can speak in colours. There’s a touch of colour from the first album, a little Angel Dust, a little King For A Day… on there, and some stuff we’ve never done before. We have a song that’s like a blues song, which we’ve never done before! It’s just stuff that excites us.”

Meanwhile, Roddy Bottum has given an interview to the Time Out section of the New Zealand Herald.
Roddy also spoke about the sound of the record: “The consensus among the band is it sounds like the way that we started. It has some really sombre tunes, some really high points of energy, lots of peaks and valleys, some lyrics that I’m really fond of, and lots of piano.”
The interview also had some interesting news on the band tensions and also the tantalising prospect that there will be 15 unreleased songs: “Tensions arose when it came time to whittle down their 25 songs to a more manageable 10 for the album. “We wrote a lot of songs, and a lot of songs never made it on the record, a lot of decisions were made and they’re really painful to make. A lot of people had songs they wanted on the record that didn’t make it on the record.”



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Faith No More Links for a day…(vol. 147): Two new interviews and Antemasque speak Patton

February 20th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|1 Comment

WE HAVE been so thoroughly spoiled by Faith No More interview this week that the latest one is not even getting a standalone post. Roddy has again taken on the role of band spokesman in the latest interview published in Australia’s The Beat.
Roddy is again on form as he eloquently summarises the potpourri nature of the band: “What we’ve all been doing the past ten years; that comes into what we’re doing now as individuals, sure. But mostly we addressed us as a band, our core sound. That was the place of our inspiration. But in that there are these crazy personalities, these very distinct people. We all have some pretty crazy ways. Mike Patton’s solo stuff over the last ten years or so is wack-a-doodle crazy, this over-the-top, boundary pushing, weird collage stuff. Billy makes a lot of records that are mostly for people who don’t speak English, these worldly kinds of records. All of us keep trying to push things in different areas. I live in New York and I’m writing an opera about Sasquatch. What I like most about here is that people take culture, specifically really strange culture, very seriously. And that’s super inspirational for me, I love being in a place where people applaud avant-garde, and I would like to think I bring a little bit of that to what we’re doing. It doesn’t hurt that it also sounds really good on the record, too.”

IN THE SAME INTERVIEW RODDY also has some wise words on the issues of phones at gigs: “hat is really sad and cheap to me. But I’m actually seeing less and less of it now. I think it’s waning a little bit, people are starting to realise that that experience of music, the YouTube video or camera-held footage, just isn’t all that great.” In defence of gig filmers, I would argue that those who upload videos of new never-seen-before songs so that fans worldwide can see them are providing a service for their fellow fans. But the general point that the experience is not that great is certainly true.
(via FNM Followers)

AND ANOTHER INTERVIEW! The increasingly loquacious Mike Bordin this time. He spoke to Australian site Music Feeds. Speaking about Sol Invictus, he said: “To do an album has never been by numbers for us – it’s always a huge commitment and a massive process. It’s not something we could have done at the start of the reunion – it wouldn’t have been us. We had to revisit who we were in order to have an idea of where we were going. Now that we’re all speaking the same language again, now we get to go somewhere new.”
And he echoes Roddy’s comments on the group dynamic: “Everything is represented on this album. You’ve got our singer, Mike [Patton], with his range of talents and breadth of skills. Our bass player is particularly talented at creating these atmospheres and environments with his production and arrangements. Everyone’s ideas are in this record. There’s enough rock, there’s enough crunch, there’s enough melody, there’s enough darkness. All the elements are there. It’s not just one guy and one thing when it comes to Faith No More. It never has been. It’s about the value that each of us puts on music.”

will once again be on the same bill as new band on the scene Antemasque at Soundwave in Adelaide and Melbourne this weekend. I’ve been listening to the new record by the former At the Drive-in and Mars Volta guys (plus Flea¨) all day and love it and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez  and Cedric Bixler-Zavala have spoken to Mikey Cahill (who interviewed FNM this week) in a Courier-Mail interview. Cedric stated: “Oh Faith No More. Yes! We met Mike in San Francisco a little while ago and he was an adult man with the spirit of a little kid. He was awesome. The surprise came when they asked us to open for them. I’ve never seen them live before.”


2002, 2015

Yet another Faith No More interview: Roddy speaks to 13th Floor New Zealand

February 20th, 2015|Faith No More, News|2 Comments

Another day, another Faith No More interview. Roddy Bottum gave another illuminating interview with New Zealand’s online music bible The 13th Floor.

My favourite quote is Roddy’s tribute to Bill Gould’s role as producer of Sol Invictus:
“You know, honestly that’s his role in life, that’s what he does. He’s very proactive and he’s got a really high work ethic. But he’s really kind of always been that way in the band, that’s always the sort of relationship we’ve had.”

And Roddy gives a telling comparison of Faith No More 1.0 and version 2.0:
“We were a lot more high-strung back then. We were a lot more immature and we were a lot brattier and a lot more into sort of pushing buttons. We’re still in that space where we’re pushing buttons but we’re doing it in a different way and we’re sort of working with each other rather than against each other. We really used to push our own buttons quite a bit and get a rise out of each other. These days we’re sort of more into working together and giving each other space. A lot more mature I guess. That’s an ugly, ugly word, but there you have it.”

And he reveals that Sol Invictus and From the Dead are his favourite cuts from the album:
“I really like the first song on the record and the last song on the record, and I really like, I don’t know I like them all. I like ones where you can hear the piano a lot and where there’s singing a lot. I really like Mike’s vocals. He’s Just gotten better and better at crafting lyrics.”

Finally, Roddy confirmed what the Tokyo shows have suggested – that the band will be playing just 3 or 4 songs from the new album on these Australian and New Zealand dates.

(Cheers to FNM Followers for alerting us to this one)