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Links for a day…(vol. 111)

  • Still plenty to catch up with after the past few days of live show action.
    Here’s a fine version of Star AD from Maquinaria
    [youtube id="FdwuTU60JIg"]
  • King for a Day – featuring John
    [youtube id="ZHxQvpIosDg"]
  • Ricochet
    [youtube id="TfIc9Rw08u0"]
  • Absolute Zero
    [youtube id="hAiH-KPTR6M"]
  • Mike Bordin joined Down onstage during Maquinaria
    [youtube id="biLvRmXpsGU"]
  • Maquinaria photo gallery from Carlos Muller on Flickr
  • Another review from the festival via RocknVivo
  • Another immense Flickr gallery
  • A timely piece on Maquinaria guest Trey Spruance from Pop Matters



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Links for a day… Extra (vol. 109)

  • The speculation on the new or mystery song first played in Buenos Aires and again in Montevideo continues apace. Most of the best insight can be found below the line in our post here. But the mainstream-ish music media has also picked up on it with The PRP picking up on a quote we previously posted from Mike Patton from his recent interview with Movieweb to explain the song as an unreleased song from the King for a Day… era – a point which has been brought up in our Comments.
    Also comments attributed to Roddy on the Faith No More Facebook page say: “the mystery song sounded way better in montevideo. sorry, BA, it was pretty much my fault. xo, RB (taking partial credit)”
  • And some more South American news we missed last week – Courtney Love speaking about her time in Faith No More to São Paulo newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. She said: “Roddy is one of my best friends. I was his last girlfriend before he turned gay. He is the godfather of my daughter Frances. He, Michael Stipe [REM] and Bono [U2]. I begged to join the band, like 1983, I would have been 18 years old and it was pretty crazy, put fire in their hair, cut myself on stage. He said he would make them famous. I was only the singer, they woudl not let me play guitar. I was just expelled from the group because they wanted to make Faith No More a male [machos in the original Spanish] band.”
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New Faith No More song? UPDATED

Here is the better audio version
[youtube id="CexKjaH3Udo"]

And here is a sample of the media frenzy the track has generated
Revolver magazine
Metal Insider
Metal Sucks

Still no news on what the unidentified and possibly new song Faith No More delivered as the second track of their encore in Buenos Aires last night.
Here’s a smattering of lyrics from the song – and two videos are below:
(I have a terrible ear for lyrics so please post amends and what you’ve gathered below)

We’ll walk the shore…????

We will rise from the killing floor / Like a matador

Let your sweet dreams never stale??fairytale/ Fairytales
We will be where you will be no more/ No more

The stain you bless, the hangman’s axe will serve you well???
Now we’re coming back/ Our time could waste all these???
We’ll jump the gates and ….?? We’ve arrived

We will rise from the killing floor / Like a matador

The killing, the killing

Better video version  -(via Nick in comments)

Fan video (loud)
[youtube id="vXizAq54How"]
Recorded from TV (quiet)
[youtube id="7s06AKfuAwk"]



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Faith No More Argentina advert

Not sure if this has actually aired on TV or not
[youtube id="ZyNPWSlyD6c"]

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Faith No More add Argentina date to South American tour

Roddy and Bill have both announced on Twitter that Faith No More will play in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 8 November. From what I can gather this seems to be a stadium gig – at the Estadio Malvinas.

Here is a summary of the dates so far:

8 November, Buenos Aires ARGENTINA
9 November, Teatro de Verano, Montevideo, URUGUAY
12 November, Maquinaria festival, Santiago, CHILE
14 November, SWU Festival, São Paulo, BRAZIL

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Links for a day…(vol. 42)

  • Mike Patton sports an Argentina shirt adorned with his name on stage in Buenos Aires.


    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Patton's Maradona homage (Photo (c) the_unintended on Flickr) - flickr.com/photos/the_unintended/"][/caption]

  • Some pro-shot video of the same concert (snippets of Caffeine, Evidence, Easy and Epic)
  • Interesting take on Faith No More’s Pepsi Music show in Buenos Aires.
  • La Rocka reports that Pato Machete will support Faith No More on their Monterrey, Mexico date on 11 November. More Pato here.
  • Norwegian band Trail of Tears cover of Caffeine
  • Superb photo gallery of Sepultura and Faith No More in Santiago from La Tercera. (via mikepatton.cl)
  • And a brilliant gallery from noize.com of the Porto Alegre show. (via Clauspupp)
  • Regular commenter, writer and BC blogger Wanderlusting does a Mike Patton-inspired fashion shoot and Patton style critique on her Anywhere but here blog.
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Faith No More A Small Victory in Argentina video

A video for FNM’s first performance of A Small Victory on tour – recorded at the Club Cuidad in Buenos Aires on 1 November. By our reckoning they have not performed the Angel Dust cut live since the Phoenix Festival in England on 17 July 1993.

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Faith No More in Buenos Aires video and set list

As broadcast on the linked stream last night, Faith No More played a great set at the Club Ciudad in Buenos Aires with Small Victory making its first appearance on the set list on the Second Coming Tour.
Read a report with images here and the Rolling Stone Argentina verdict – headlined Kings for a Day.
More video to come later.
Set list
From Out of Nowhere
Land of Sunshine
Surprise! You’re Dead!
Last Cup of Sorrow
Midlife Crisis
I Started a Joke
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
King for a Day
A Small Victory
Ashes to Ashes
We Care a Lot

Popcorn/ Scarface theme/Collision
Digging the Grave

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Faith No More in Buenos Aires LIVE VIDEO

Watch Faith No More’s first Argentina date live from the Club Ciudad in Buenos Aires tonight. Show starts at 20.15 local time which as far as i can work out is 2315 in London, 0015 in central Europe,  1515 in San Francisco, 1815 in New York and Monday 1015 in Sydney. Check out the link here and here.

Thanks Caca Volante for the tip

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Another Faith No More interview: Billy speaks about future plans

The media blackout seems to have been well and truly abandoned for the South American leg of the Second Coming tour with major Argentinean newspaper Clarin today featuring an in-depth interview with Faith No More bassist Bill Gould. Sample quote: “[Clarin] And some new songs?  [Billy] No, no…  We began to practise six weeks before the start of the tour, we had to re-learn some 75 songs  – to be able to vary the list of songs in the shows in different cities and so there was not time to compose.  Yes I can tell you that we have spoken of that, and that I am in favour, but I think we will have to see how we feel after this tour. “

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