Faith No More to release new album in April 2015; new single in November

Faith No More have confirmed the news we’ve all been hoping for. They have all but completed a new album and it is due for release soon.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Faith No More bassist Bill Gould confirmed:
New album will be released in April 2015.

The record will be a totally independent product — produced by Gould, recorded in their Oakland rehearsal space and released on their own imprint, Reclamation Records (which will be distributed by frontman Mike Patton’s long-running label, Ipecac Recordings).

New single Motherfucker will be released on a seven-inch due for November 28th release and limited to 5,000 copies as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday.

The B-side will be a remix by electronic art-pop sound designer J.G. Thirlwell.

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16 Responses to Faith No More to release new album in April 2015; new single in November

  1. Madriga says:


  2. DJ says:

    Now That’s What I Like to Call: Fuckin’ Awesome News!

  3. Edward says:


  4. Mark says:

    And shit just got real!!

  5. Dean says:

    Fuck yeah, fuckety fuck fuckJizzlobbing gizyeeahh!!!!

  6. fernetpunker says:

    Wow, great news. Unbelievable.

  7. Remus says:

    Thank God oh yes, except that they’re gonna tour the US.

  8. Ben says:

    I knew it…at no other time was there so little (publicly) on their plate than recently and for the rest of this year….Patton, Billy, and Roddy never have idle time, there is usually quite a bit of projects they can talk about. The fact that they hadn’t been talking about much was a good sign. But it exceeds my dreams that they are actually “pretty well into it”. Please don’t let the meteor strike or have Putin fucks things up until at least after the US tour next year!!

  9. Ben says:

    That’s incredible that the long arm of the record contract actually just recently got cut off!! No wonder they waited so long!!! Who would want to have to put up with a record label at this point!

    Also, the focus on ‘space’ to me is a good sign. I think it’s harder to write a song with space in it, it takes more maturity and vision. It makes me think of Pristina, which is awesome and a good indication that a Billy Gould production could come up wonderful. I love AOTY, which he produced with Roli Mossiman, but there are production aspects of it that I don’t like as much as some past work from either Wallace producers. I think AD & KFAD sound pretty amazing still today production wise, so I hop in particular they can get the drums in particular to sound a little more like they did on those albums. Also, Jon’s guitar work on the Sparks singles stands out to me, I hope he gets more chance to open up on the new recordings than he got on AOTY. And the best thing about the 2 new songs so far….Roddy!

  10. Jiff Ramsey says:

    “And the best thing about the 2 new songs so far…”

    Shouldn’t that be three new songs, including Matador?

  11. Daniel says:

    Do you think they’ll be playing a lot of songs that none of us recognise at Soundwave then? Generally affects the enthusiasm of the crowd I find,

  12. Ben says:

    Right Jiff (Jeff?), Matador has a true piano part as well, but I was thinking more about Roddy being on vocals and the writing of the song…this is just speculation, but Matador just sounds like a Billy song while Motherfucker is clearly a Roddy song and Superhero also sounds more like the kind of songs Roddy writes. Anyone notice how the guitar build up in Superhero sound like the old Batman theme? That’s the very same theme that inspired Chuck to become a musician back in the day according to one of their old interviews.

  13. Nickc says:

    Wow. I was very fortunate to see both Bklyn shows. And I’m super excited about the tour. I could imagine how excited all the US fans who couldn’t see 1 show must be. And new album? Holy shit. Best news in a while for me regarding music in general. I got married last night and to wake up to this is exceptional.

  14. Mariuca says:

    It’s my birthday today and to wake up to this is MADE MY DAY!!!!
    Please tour Europe, please come back to Romania!

  15. Bobby B Better says:


    Wow, the greatest music news in 16 years and you are complaining about too much new music being played at Soundwave…what a Debby Downer.

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