Bill Gould speaks to Classic Rock about new music

Faith No More
bassist Bill Gould has broken the band’s media silence by speaking to Classic Rock magazine about the prospect of new music from the band. He told the September issue of the magazine: “We’re considering doing something new. We’re not going to go into a room and bang a bunch of songs just to put something out, it has to be right.”

We won’t include the whole piece for copyright reasons but he also stated in the Ultimate Autumn Preview section of the magazine: “I think we still have a lot of potential to do really good things, and I think our heads, musically speaking, are in a really good space.”

Classic Rock is on UK newsstands now and there is an also an iPad edition that scales well on iPhones. You can order a physical copy online from MyFavouriteMagazines and you can download the Classic Rock magazine app from iTunes.

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23 Responses to Bill Gould speaks to Classic Rock about new music

  1. Nickc says:

    Yea it’s borderline annoying now and kinda turning me off on them , especially after the brief excitement of hearing new material live.

  2. Ti Mort says:

    Always messing with everyone. Remember, they have been on tour since 2009. You cannot tell me that they haven’t been noodling around with new music since they reunited. They are fucking with our heads. Their collective relevance will soon dissipate if they don’t get their shit together!!!! Like you said Nick, get on with it or fuck off!!!!!

  3. Ben says:

    It also seems like, if it’s not actually happening right now, then when?? I don’t know of any projects any of them are working on besides Bill finishing up the 2nd House of Hayduk. I’m sure they are busy, but usually we know why they are busy. Right now it is all a big mystery.

  4. bill pulsipher says:

    Mike has that wonderful Tomahawk project to keep working on after their last 2 garbage albums

  5. jojo says:

    Maybe they are working on something and just can’t talk about it yet?

  6. kawaiiP says:

    I dunno, girls just wanna fantasize about the lead singer mike…tomahawk released a new video …ugh..not much else now I gtg gotta be a typical girl and add to my mike patton picture collection…hes so cute

  7. Eric says:

    Even if it does turn out to be FNMs “Jordan with the Wizards” period, I still wanna see these guys on their 50 point nights. Because at the festivals they’ve done, they’re blowing younger bands away.

    I hate sports.

  8. Jason Winburn says:

    I absolutely LOVE FAITH NO MORE, and if they put out a new album, it will likely mean a new tour, hopefully of the USA this time, but I would pay an obscene amount of money just to see them live, as i missed several opportunities when I was younger, and will NOT miss a new chance. Hats off to all of them for putting aside their differences to make new music, and tour for the fans. I always felt they were THE under-rated band of all time, and never put out a bad album, ever! Hope they get together and put a new album out, and fuck these other guys’ replies for having no patience, nor understanding of the turmoil being in a band can create. Start one yourselves, then figure out how to be as great as them! You will sorely fail, but I would applaud any real efforts made…

  9. Ben says:

    Ha ha, good analogy Eric and I completely agree.

  10. Ti Mort says:

    In the end…I will still be pumped if and when they release something new. But, I feel like they are pushing towards “missing their moment in the sun.” After a huge reunion tour that seemed to never end, they were dragging their fucking feet. When Bordin quit Ozzy they should have said “let’s do this!!” Sorry, but who gives a sweet shit about Fantomas compared to another FNM album. Fuck Fantomas and get it done Patton!!!! Quit being a douche!!!!! GET IT DONE !!!!!!

  11. Jimbo says:

    maybe it was all just for the money and the creative juices are dried up. Big concerts are probably a pretty easy payday for these guys.

  12. Eric says:

    Holy shit, maybe coincidental timing but the news about the reunion being over is pretty good!!

  13. moose says:

    From Twitter

    “The Reunion Tour is over; in 2015 things are going to change.”

    Australian dates for 2015!!!!!

  14. Ben says:

    Okay, my wishful thinking is that the rest of this year will be spent working on new music and maybe even recording it…but the last tease only amounted to 2 songs…so maybe this new tease is only a handful of new songs. If so…that’s okay, I’d never complain about that. I’m just trying to decide how much I want to freak out right now.

  15. Remus says:

    Don’t you guys think it’s more likely that the album is nearly finished, and will be released somewere the end of this year? With a non reunion tour as follow up.

  16. admin says:


  17. fernetpunker says:

    New material would be hugh. And the guys are working on it until 2015 I hope.

  18. fernetpunker says:

    huge, sorry for my English.

  19. mavant garde says:

    I dont understand all the haters with their impatience. Look! FNM are still together, announced more dates and virtually admitted there wil be new material/album! What more do people want?? These guys are not tge type to jump into a studio and shit out an album…they’re perfectionists! And they will do it on their terms…which is fine by me. In fact, they could announce a date for the release of a new album to be in 2019 and I would be fine with that also…so sit back, wait and enjoy the anticipation ;)

  20. admin says:

    My former neighbour makes a very good point. Thanks.

  21. oort says:

    I’m sure this will be better than Jordan with the Wizards.

  22. mavant garde says:

    Heehee cheers m8 ;)

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