Links for a day…(vol. 162). Patton interview, live views and reviews etc

Back to reality after the excitement of the London and Poland shows and the new material.

  • First up in the digest is a rare interview from Mike Patton in which he opens up about the stage and creative experience to Ben Weinman. The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist has just launched a new website, which defines itself as “a one-stop portal for musicians, photographers, illustrators, fashion designers and industry mavericks of all stripes” featuring artists talking about the DIY spirit.

    And Weinman also pays a touching text tribute to the Faith No More frontman on his site.

    “He is a real person. Not only is he a real person, but he is an amazing person. Mike actually gives me honest advice while also encouraging me to always look out for myself. ..Mike is more than a great musician. He is a great human being.”

    And here’s some footage of the guys in studio together during the Irony is a Dead Scene recording.

    • Back to Faith No More and their recent live return. Here via fnm4ever is a multicam video of Leader of Men/Superhero:
  • Leading indie music magazine Clash featured a knowing review of Faith No More in their Open’er round-up online:”Even playing a dangerously nostalgic set, they blow every young upstart off the stage by a massive margin. Dressed in white and sporting prayer beads, their set is a protrusion of veins, vigour and healthy venom.”

    “Patton’s multi-octave voice has not withered with age. Free from ego, it’s a stand-alone instrument, sharp as a weapon, wielded with the fluidity of a samurai, stealthy and overwhelmingly deadly.”

    • There’s another good review here at The Final World too, which makes some well-merited criticism of the Hyde Park experience:
      “As ever, it is enormous, and organised with the kind of incompetence only the British truly excel at…Hyde Park is a ruthless and cynical money extraction system, designed to separate you from your money, and it is fiercely efficient and ruthless at it.
  • Not quite The Real Thing but UK tribute act Faith No Man play Swansea this Friday.

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4 Responses to Links for a day…(vol. 162). Patton interview, live views and reviews etc

  1. Ti Mort says:

    MY GOD…THE SILENCE!!!!!!!! Something…please….ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  2. eric says:

    I hear you. There’s gotta be a new album in the works right? No real news on ipecac about Patton stuff, no shows for any of the members band as far as I can tell…hopefully a sign of productivity in the studio?

  3. Ti Mort says:

    Roddy and Imperial Teen just did a show….but I don’t think there are many more if any. Yeah, here’s hoping….

  4. Ben says:

    Bill will be on the 2nd House of Hayduk album next year, but I wasn’t that into the first one. Also, Puffy played drums on a new album which sounds pretty cool…Angelo Moore and the Brand New Step Endless Possibilities. If FNM aren’t going to do more, I wish Bill, Puffy, and Jon would just break out Castro Sinatra. Roddy can stick stick with IT, they keep getting better and better, and Patton can keep doing soundtracks, I’ve loved each one. But Bill eludes to more from FNM….it is just painfully, painfully slow in coming.

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