Faith No More’s new songs: Superhero, Motherf*cker, Matador lyrics and video

Faith No More
‘s return to the stage after two years in London and Poland on Friday and Saturday could not have been more exciting for fans of the band. FNM premiered two new songs, giving their strongest hint yet that they are working on new material and bring the prospect of a first album since 1997’s Album of the Year tantalisingly closer.

The band, who previously teased new song Matador in late 2011, played Superhero and Motherfucker and both shows on their mini-European tour.

Both new tracks feature delicate melodies, prominent keyboards and multiple vocals, with Roddy taking most of the vocal duties on Motherfucker. Since the songs aired, fans have noticed Peeping Tom influences, the call-and-response nature of the Superhero evoking their pre-Patton work and have attempted to decipher the lyrics.

Here is our attempt to transcript some of the lyrics, along with the best of the videos of the songs. Please free to add your own versions in Comments.


Force fed more than we eat in the wild
Raised on a mash that can suffocate a child
Goaded, promoted in a ??? pocket style
Munching in the field while we’re choking on the bile
Corner the the muck of the geese without phones
Hushing down the public on a street without a home
Get the mother fucker on the phone

Hello Motherfucker
My lover
You had it coming
Get the motherfucker on the phone
Set aside the scruples and the strategies and the strain

A smallpox- laden blanket with invisible stains
Inoculated bastards but infects your brain

Just take me as a whole
This… has a hole
You took the second set from a calculator? phones
It was a ruse, a trick so I could phone
The truth is that ???? stones

Get the mother fucker on the phone (repeat)
Hello Motherfucker
My lover
You had it coming


Go Go Go Go….

There’s something wrong
Hiding in a cave…

Leader of men
Leader of men
Locked in your cage
Will you be one of them?



Leader of men
It’s all in your head
It’s all in your head
Sweet memories
Washing away


And here for the sake of completion is the band playing Matador again at Open’er on Saturday:

When lonesome came over me
A future shadow
Her ghost stood there, sang to me
Farewell, so long

I’ll awake you
From this living sleep
We’ll walk the shore
Where you were born
And bedded me

Although I cheat for the things
March forward, my son
A battle beyond frozen hills
Only for doubters

We will rise from the killing floor
Like a matador

The stained glass
A bovine ass
Can see right through
Every truth-soaked lie

Letters will trace every step
Out of this world
With every date, every date

We will be where you will be no more
No more

The stained glass
Or the hangman’s ass
Would serve you well
Now we’re comin’ back

Out of the words
Of these ghosts
We’ll jump the gates
And left to rise, we will rise

We will rise from the killing floor
Like a matador

And the dead live
May the dead live
And the dead live
What more can we give?

May the dead live
May the dead live
And the dead live
The dead live…

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20 Responses to Faith No More’s new songs: Superhero, Motherf*cker, Matador lyrics and video

  1. fernetpunker says:

    Thank you. I like both new songs a lot and new material released would be a dream come true.

  2. elfil says:

    I can’t find the lyrics for Tomahawk’s meat.Anyone?

  3. Fantomas says:

    Okay, here’s my take on the first few lines of Superhero.

    Trying on your cape
    We turning the world to shit

  4. moose146 says:

    The 2 newest tunes didnt grab me as much as Matador, but since listening to them over and over i really like them! Matdor is defo a favorite and hope for a studio release soon!

  5. Fantomas says:

    On another listen, I think the first three lines are:

    Trying on your cape
    We’re tearing the world to shreds

  6. Adam says:

    Has anyone found any downloadable audio from the 2 shows?

  7. Jacob says:

    “Leader of Men” is growing on me something wicked. At first I found it a bit repetetive. But the more I listen, the more epic it sounds (no pun intended). I’m REALLY looking forward to a studio version, if that’s what’s coming. The bridge part, with Patton’s yells and the instrumentals is amazing.

    “Motherfucker” sounds good, it’s catchy and fun. Doesn’t feel very inspired though, but I’m glad still that they dare try something like that.

    And I always loved “Matador”, from the first time I heard it.

    Please let there be an actual album on the way.

  8. Eric says:

    Yeah agree superhero is awesome. Mother fucker almost sounds unfinished but I like it.

  9. DJ says:

    I noticed that near the end of “Motherfucker” Mike sings “Goodbye Motherfucker” Instead of “Hello…”, Probably many people heard it too, but there is no comment about it, so…

  10. Ti Mort says:

    SOOOOOO excited about the new material….really hope this means what I think it means. Leader of Men has a KFAD feel to it…ME LIKEY!!!!!! I really dig Motherf**ker. I love the fact that Roddy is doing some vocal/rapping stuff. Mike coming in on it is wicked!!!! 3 songs in the can. How many more do they already have close to finished? What do we think the time line will be if they are in fact releasing a new album?

  11. Jacob says:

    I’d say Superhero/Leader of Men is the missing link between AD and KFAD. The verses have the punk-ish feel of KFAD, while the more melodic parts remind me of AD. The instrumentals in the bridge and onward especially remind me of A Small Victory.

    Man, I SO want a studio version of this song. The wait for any news on what they’re doing next is almost unbearable.

  12. oort says:

    For Motherf*cker: “Goaded, promoted in a HOT-pocket style” That’s all I got, though…

  13. Ti mort says:

    I thought it souded like …….. Old department style.

  14. Ben says:

    I think the greatest thing about these new songs is the involvement of Roddy…we all know that he was less involved on the last 2 albums which took away from their charm, even though they are still awesome albums. Motherfucker is very much in the style of some of his newer Imperial Teen stuff but never could have been put out by that band, they’re adventurous but not quite that adventurous. More than anything, Motherfucker reminds me of RV…something you never thought the band would do, it may put you off initially, but it’s a good song. I think Jon needs to play with his end solo a bit more though.
    Superhero reminds me of the feel of Everything’s Ruined in the sense that it is a song where you hear real well what each guy is playing and all the parts make for a greater whole…I think those make the best FNM songs. Too much of KFAD was 4 guys playing great and 1 guy with not enough to do on those songs.
    Matador is epic.
    I’ll say again…I think FNM should record covers of the Serbian song and Que Secado…those songs would fit in great with the feel of Matador. I know they are not big on putting covers on their albums, but they are both pretty short and are in the public domain, so they wouldn’t have to pay a fortune to get the rights.

  15. GL says:

    After listening to a few different videos for Leader of Men from each show, I noticed the lyrics changed a bit between sets, there seemed to be a few extra lines in London . Maybe because Mike’s effects mic didn’t work so well at the UK show, so he improvised? Who knows. Here’s what I got lyrics wise. I amalgamated the lyrics from the two shows though, so they may be way off.

    Go go go go
    Go go go go

    Something is wrong
    Hiding in a cave
    Too many witnesses

    Leader of men
    Leader of men
    Locked in your cage
    Will you be one of them


    Go go go go
    go go go go


    Someone take
    My brain (????)

    Leader of men
    Leader of men
    locked in your cage
    Aint nobody gonna hold your body down (from london show)

    Leader of men
    Can you hear me lord

    But it’s all the rage
    It’s all in my head
    Sweet memories
    Washing away

    Leader of men
    Leader of men
    Leader of men
    Will you be one of them x3

    Go go go go

  16. Fay Barney says:

    I loved MAtador from the first time I heard it, I cannot image how good a studio version will sound. I have to say, as much as I wanted new stuff I was concerned in case they just couldn’t cut it…my fears so far have been unfounded….keep going boys, its sounding ace, we want a new studio album and supporting tour!!!

  17. Paulie says:

    “The stained glass
    A bovine ass
    Can see right through
    Every truth-soaked lie”

    Surely it would be be “of bovine eyes” in this context, no?

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  19. Aaron Tom says:

    For “Motherfucker” it’s: “Goaded, promoted in an ode to pomp and style” as far as I can tell.

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