Links for a day..152


  • Mondo Cane played Sydney’s Harvest Festival at the weekend and Mike Patton’s Italian orchestra outfit play a headlining sideshow in Melbourne tonight at the Regent Theatre.
  • Here is faithnomoreblog’s Scotty’s review of the Harvest Festival appearance and he has also posted audio of the full set – with some photos – on YouTube.
  • Radio station Triple M have some photos from the show here.
  • Kiwi songstress Kimbra – of Somebody I Used to know fame – is a fan:
  • From one FNM singer to another. Chuck Mosley has a new demo release on the horizon and has opened a new merch site. Among the many gems on offer is one of Chuck’s own dreads!


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  1. benrun says:

    Can’t wait for my Chuck merch to arrive…I got the ultimate bundle (the one just below the Dreadlock giveaway)…I’d rather see Chuck keep the dreads! I’m hoping he can put together a tour in 2013…I’ll even go to Cleveland if I have to. Chuck’s solo album is the best single album by any of the FNM guys or their other bands IMO. I wouldn’t be all that interested in a Bungle reunion. The music was so intricate by the end (a good thing) that the focus and energy of the show was in trying to recreate the songs on the album (somewhat a bad thing), whereas on the earlier tours the energy was through the roof. I would prefer to catch IT and SC3 before any defunct bands, IT’s latest is fantastic and SC3 appears to put on a hell of a show. For Patton, I’d prefer he keep working on his soundtracks, that’s been his best work this last decade…Tomahawk’s new album doesn’t appear at this point to match Prime Numbers or Perfect Place with creativity. That’s my 2 cents.

  2. hey,
    thanks for posting this for chuck. he really appreciates it! benrun, merch will be shipping soon…i will be at chuck’s to have him sign everything asap. thanks for the compliments, chuck appreciates it and he put so much time and heart and effort into his album that it means a ton to hear people enjoying it

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