Links for a day…(vol. 151): Tomahawk, Imperial Teen, Japan 1991 show


Photo: Taylor Balkom

  • Roddy’s Imperial Teen play the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. Texas on Thursday 1 November at 9pm. Details here.

  • fnm4ever have just posted the full show of Faith No More at the Teatro Caupolicánin Santiago, Chile from 2009. Enjoy
  • And new to YouTube audio from Faith No More’s 1991 show at the Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo, Japan. Konichiwa fuckers!


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18 Responses to Links for a day…(vol. 151): Tomahawk, Imperial Teen, Japan 1991 show

  1. benrun says:

    That Toke-e-o show has always been my favorite boot for listening to Bill’s bass, and it’s a great and LONG show also….they just keep playing!

    For me, the highlights of the Tomahawk show are the older songs, not the newer. It would have been the Anonymous songs if they had played some. In contrast, Imperial Teen is 5 albums in as a band and writing their best stuff ever…I hope they play more shows!

  2. Jim jam says:

    Imperial teen !!!! Terrible

  3. KingCol says:

    Any European tour planned for le hawk I wonder

  4. Eric says:

    Would just be nice if Tomahawk did a full US tour. At least once a year I am pissed that I ever left Australia, usually when one of Pattons bands announces another tour that I’m certain to miss.

  5. Sonny B says:

    Don’t care for Stone Letter, but the rest of the songs (new and old) are amazing. Oh, and they ended the show with Bad Brains covers? F$CKING AWESOME!

    By the way, I wonder if Patton was around for the Giants celebration again like last time? Seeing him in the middle of the crowd who were burning sht was hilarious.

  6. Ti mort says:

    Maybe its just me…..but what the hell….where is the gas mask…the energy….Anonymous…where are the police outfits. The energy seems low…maybe i need to accept that MP isnt 25 anymore…

  7. jacob says:

    yeah, I was wondering the same. he used to put a lot of effort and energy into the Tomahawk shows. this one felt a bit… lazy, I guess. I can understand him not thrashing about like he used to, but he used to have a lot more effects and mics for his vocals but now he seems to do everything entirely clean. not necessarily a bad thing, but compared to the old gigs it feels lacking in some way.

  8. Tim says:

    My guess is that the songs are still new. These are the first times that they are playing them live. Sometimes you have to hit those with a bit more caution. Several shows in, the songs (I would assume) would become more comfortable. Then maybe we will see Mike’s lower half get into an argument with his upper half.

  9. Sonny B says:

    This is why I feel a Fantomas comeback is out of the question – Patton will lack the energy and ability to perform such music… or will he? On another note, the Tomahawk songs sounded great (don’t care for Stone Letter) despite Patton’s calmer stage presence. And they ended the show with Bad Brains covers? F**** awesome!

  10. benrun says:

    True, those Bad Brains covers were a pretty cool way to end the show…although oddfellows for ending with covers instead of originals. As far as Patton…he’s still much higher energy than most 44 year olds, but in all honesty he’s looking a little puffy these days (not the dread-look, but weight), and it’s amazing how carrying around just 5 extra pounds on a smallish frame can zap your energy. From a vocal standpoint, an extra 5 pounds can definitely change your performance (not always for the worse).

  11. Mariuca says:

    Not just the songs are new, but the company as well. They haven’t played together live for 9 years, Trevor is new, I think the type of audience is new too. So when we say the band’s energy is low (’cause Mr.P. taught us he’s supposed to stir like a little devil), we have to consider the whole atmosphere. Maybe they should have warmed up in Santiago :D

  12. jimi corkhill says:

    The Tinsel is finally out! I’m lovin Stall too ;-p ETC!

  13. iiti says:

    Tokyo, OMG – the world is yours live! wow wow wow…

  14. Alksyntrs says:

    The show in Chile is the first time I ever seen Patton having little difficulties with his voice.

  15. Ti mort says:

    mariuca…trevor dunn is the only new addition to tomahawk…otherwise all is the same…no excuses.

  16. mikel says:

    I’ve been listening to the 1991 show, and it features an absolutely incredible performance by Mike P!!! Maybe not technically perfect, but that yell after 1 h 20 min alone is worth listening!

  17. david says:

    thats a killer version of caffeinne.

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