Bill Gould Talking Book in Chile


Some video of Bill Gould with Jared Blum and Dominic Cramp performing the Talking Book performing at the Festival de Vanguardia at the Teatro Municipal de San Joaquín in Chile on Saturday last.

via claudiola17 on YouTube 

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5 Responses to Bill Gould Talking Book in Chile

  1. Ti Mort says:

    Anyone going to see Tomahawk tomorrow? If so…your a lucky MOFO!!!!!!!! Please take a picture of the poster at the merch counter for me…hahaaha. Have fun you spoiled sons a bitches!!!!!!!!! God Bless AMERICA!!!!!

  2. Ti mort says:

    Admin….I NEED SOME TOMAHAWK INFO STAT…..anyone who was at the show last night…please. i heard it was an hourlong very loud set. Setlist please?????

  3. Ti mort says:

    Saw the setlist from last night…..4 new tracks played: Stone Letter, White Hats, Oddfellows, And Baby Let’s Play. Nothing from Anonymous ( which i find a little unfortunate). Sounds like it was a rocking show. Not that different from 2003 though, in terms of set list anyway.

  4. Mariuca says:

    Now THAT’s interest in anybody else but Patton :))

  5. jacob says:

    check FNM blog, there’s a video of Oddfellows there. sounds pretty darn good.

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