House of Hayduk album sampler

Check out a taste of the House of Hayduk album City of Quartz – featuring Faith No More’s Bill Gould.

House of Hayduk “City of Quartz

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9 Responses to House of Hayduk album sampler

  1. benrun says:

    There’s a lot of moments that I love from Talking Book and I think I’ll have even more from this release. Can’t wait until the release date…except my phonograph broke a LONG time ago so I have to get another! Then I can listen to some other old vinyls I haven’t heard in awhile!

  2. Pete says:

    This clip sounds great but I sure would like to buy a limited CD with cool packaging than vinyl, since I don’t own a record player anymore.

  3. Jimjam says:

    What’s Patton got to do with this?

    Not worth it so

  4. KingCol says:

    What the fuck is going on with site .. Comment got deleted earlier.. Drones only need apply

  5. benrun says:

    There’s plenty of Patton sites out there, this is a FNM site. Just letting you know since you sound like a fly-by sort-of-fan.
    King, I didn’t see you prior post…what did you say that disappeared? I’ve never known this site to delete comments.
    Did anyone see the behind the scene clip about Fear and the Nervous System? I was fairly unimpressed before but some music bits in the clip got me interested again.

  6. KingCol says:

    Best live version of “what a day” ??

    Channel 4s “the word” tv show
    They also did “I started a joke”
    Mike threw water over terry:-)

    Best live version of “the real thing”
    An Italian bootleg video i have but can’t find, but its during the GnRs tour and when video camera pans out at end it shows how far bootlegger was away – miles.. Anyone remember the show?

    Caffeine ? The version in Germany 95 i think with the extended bass line-rock am ring if i not mistaken
    Also the MTV version (mic drop) is a big contender

  7. benrun says:

    Just wrote this and it didn’t take, so let’s try again…
    Good topic, I also really lik the audio of WAD from Maida Vale b/c Roddy’s keys are really shrill and abrasive in the middle and Caffeine from Phoenix 95 with Dean’s little ad-libs.
    I definitely don’t have that version of TRT but seem to remember some show with a ridiculous zoom like that.
    I also love comparing the many versions of The Crab Song…I have a few with Chuck that I like alot, but the best for me would be b/w Rock in Rio II, Phoenix 93, Zurich 95, and Brooklyn 2010. Phoenix 93 is insane, but in Brooklyn, Patton did a flip into the audience, sang as good as ever, and had excellent breath control…it’s was Jon’s 1st and only time playing it and it sounded great…this is my current favorite version.
    It’s also fun comparing WDYB in 83 with Joe, in 86 with Chuck, and all the Patton versions. The Malta version made the 2012 shows worth it alone…I still listen to that almost everyday.

  8. KingCol says:

    The version of “i started a joke” with “take that’s -back for good”

    Also the holland versions of “underwater love”

    Yea phoenix version of crab song my fav – the scream …

  9. benrun says:


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