Faith No More at Belgrade Calling

Woodpecker from Mars
Midlife Crisis
Land of Sunshine
Last Cup of Sorrow
Digging the Grave
Everything’s Ruined
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
King for a Day…
Ashes to Ashes
Just A Man

New Song Matador

0150 Mike takes over camera during Just a Man.

0042: The stage is set. The band all in white.

0008: The Darkness have now finished their impressive set so the stage is now being dressed in white.

Technical hitches at the start of the day means things are running late here in Belgrade. The Darkness are still on stage so can’t see Faith No More being on until 0030 CET.

Battery running low but will update if I can.


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29 Responses to Faith No More at Belgrade Calling

  1. jacob says:

    enjoy the show! eagerly awaiting updates :)

  2. Ti Mort says:

    Here’s hoping for more interesting tunes tonight….hope your having a great time Admin…you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. grant says:

    Adrian….HAVE FUN! You totally deserve a great show…thanks for the live updates. Ricochet!? Nice! I loved seeing all those pics of the band’s crew in white matching the band….loving the theme, but sad about the idea of the last show of this tour being at the same venue where the first 2.0 show was….I don’t like a world with no Faith No More…I thought I was OK with it until they came back and I realized how much better music was with them in the game, even if they were playing stuff we’d heard a million times….

  4. hoffmaster says:

    what songs on encore?

  5. Sonny B says:

    I worship all the songs from “Angel Dust,” but it looks like it’s the same old, predictable set list again. Oh well, as long as the folks enjoy the great show. Lucky admin…

    Still, gotta say the small clip for Tomahawk’s new album, sounds waaay better than the “new song” from FNM.

  6. ricochetfan says:

    ricochet!! yay!! how well was it played? i know its been iffy so far

    still no ‘we care a lot’?
    nice one adrian! so how did you get backstage tickets? 0.o

  7. moose says:

    Good to see matador make a comeback

  8. Rob says:

    That C’est La Vie interlude, any confirmation on that?
    Sounds very very much like a Young Gods song but not one I’m familiar with.

  9. Mike says:

    I think I might have been a bit harsh on the safe songs comment earlier. The safe/solid songs really are the meat and potatoes of a set, and it’s a solid set. If we were back in the 90s it would be brand new and solid and a kick ass unique experience but because it’s 2012 and we’re all cyber stalking the tour we know a lot of their parlor tricks and set lists before they even roll into our zip code.

    And, truth to tell, they still mix it up to make each set unique. Notice that they’ve stopped playing Reunited, Ben, Kiss and Say Goodbye, among others and they still have fun tweaking Midlife Crisis. Remember the first time FNM punked Patton by playing Stevie Wonder without telling him? Good times …

    But it makes me wonder, for how annoying it might be for some of us, as internet message board peps, seeing the same songs over and over on a screen, can you imagine being in a band that has been actually doing this forever, like say The Rolling Stones. For the longest time I used to think of FNM as being the P.T . Barnum of alternative rock but lately I’ve also been thinking of them as The Rolling Stones of alternative rock; they keep threatening to have their final show every couple of months now and we keep half believing them for some reason. It’s a really nifty trick.

  10. Firsa says:

    Rob ~ could the “c’est la vie” snippet actually be this:

    It’s “C’est Moi…” a 60’s pop song by Jacques Dutronc. Someone mentioned this on another blog and it seems like a good guess.

  11. Firsa says:

    Just read Renaud’s post from yesterday… “Et Moi”, to be precise (you know, like it says on YT). And he posted lyrics as well.
    (sheesh, this tour is so old I’m starting to go senile)

  12. Bertrand says:

    Hey Admin, i hope you have a Blast.

    To be more specific abour the snippet cover in Middlife Crisis.

    It’s a cover and a mix of Jacques Dutronc (in France at Last) a famous and iconic Franch singer

    The mix is between:
    Mini, mini, mini for the 1st part:

    and for the 2nd part (chorus of the song)
    Et moi et moi et moi

  13. Bertrand says:

    I can translate this weekend the lyrics of Jacques Dutronc and explain the meaning of the 2 songs if you are interested folks. Let me know.

  14. Lazar says:

    Just a few points from last night’s show…

    Show was late mostly due to technical difficulties with the vocal mics not being set up properly. Later it turned out that they didn’t do the job right after all, as during Land of Sunshine (I think), one of Mike’s microphones was off. What’s worse, there was one of the local crew guys (not in white, so he must have been local) up on stage that moment, unplugging and plugging in some cables trying to fix it. Patton smacked him on the head as his mic went dead in mid song because of that. He then proceeded to make gestures saying he’ll kill the technician, followed by a charge at the side of the stage, where their tour manager tried to prevent him from punching the poor guy. All this in the middle of the song, of course…

    Midlife Crisis was played without any additional parts, cover snippets etc. A clean, single version, if you will.

    Ricochet and Everything’s Ruined sounded badass, if you ask me. As in really good.

    Digging the Grave was dedicated to Serbia’s newly elected president, followed by somewhat of a boo from the crowd. I guess it was just Patton being Patton, not really meant seriously or without any political agenda. The new guy we just got… Well I think it’s safe to pronounce him conservative, so he would probably not be the choice of a typical Serbian FNM fan, to put it that way.

    A local TV station’s cameras were filming the show, but to my knowledge it hasn’t been aired last night. I’m hoping it will at some point, in which case there’ll be a nice proshot up on youtube for you all soon.

    King for a Day ending was sublime, with all the delays, reverbs and whatnot. I do hope that if nothing ever happens with a new album, they at least pull out an official dvd or a live album, as some of these songs sound really amazing live since the reunion started.

    Hajde in the encore is actually Hajde Jano, a traditional Serbian song they covered the last time they were in the country, in 2010. They do a great job out of it, although I’m not into our traditional music. Especially funny hearing Patton sing in Serbian.

    Seemed that there could’ve been another encore after Stripsearch, as the roadies didn’t start pulling plugs straight away. But whether it was a time issue, or some other problem, the show ended there. Which is a shame, would have loved to hear Pristina live. Or another gem, who knows.

    I’m really glad they did the new song (let’s call it that way, shall we), I’m still hoping all this Afterlife stuff means there will be a full album out soon. But if it doesn’t happen – hey, I got more than I ever thought would be possible back a few years ago when there was no FNM. I got to see them three times (2009, 2010 and last night), all the shows were unique, I got to hear a bunch of different songs, it’s been amazing.

    Over and out.

  15. benrun says:

    Bertrand…that would be great if you could! My French is pitiful!

    I think the best clues we have about this band are still Bill and Roddy’s tweets about ‘joking’ and ‘afterlife’…and the fact that no one has said this is ‘the end’. I don’t think anyone has said to end anything and as long as they keep talking and getting together for whatever reason, then there is hope for something new (which is what we all want so long as it fits their usual standard). But if that doesn’t happen, then the bright side is…more Tomahawk, Imperial Teen, Talking Book, etc (all great stuff in my opinion).

  16. Margita says:

    It was great to finally see and hear you in Belgrade, but I was a bit disappointed over a fact that you guys didn’t play much stuff from your earlier works – since it was your first time playing here, I was eagerly waiting for “From Out of Nowhere”, “Falling to Pieces” , “Zombie Eaters”, “As the Worm Turns”, but mostly of all – “We Care a Lot”. If you really did care, you’d make a nice crossover of all your albums so far, not just couple of last ones, since until now we never had an opportunity to hear any of it live. And you’ve been popular here for more than 20 years…

    Hope you’ll come again soon, and play a huge concert.

  17. Lazar says:

    …One more thing about Digging the Grave being dedicate to the new president. It actually makes sense, if you know the inside joke (and somebody must’ve told it to the guys): before becoming politically active, our new president used to be a superintendant (a manager of some sort) of a cemetery in a town in central Serbia). Because of this his nickname for years has been “grobar”, meaning undertaker or gravedigger. So there you have it – gravedigger, Digging the grave…

  18. V.Toda says:

    Its cool how they’re playing Epic so early in the set and moving Midlife Crisis around. So far though pretty much a Greatest Hits sets, yet to be fair these were big headline festivals. Perhaps London may get more variety. Russia part 1 later…

  19. grant says:

    MIKE-Some very good points here…especially the comparisons between them and the Rolling Stones…as elder statesmen (a term given with all due respect) FNM must be at a crazy point where they’ve probably played Epic a couple thousand times…one of the reasons they probably mess with the arrangements and add cover snippets so much…though, I have rarely seen the band seem to phone anything in, which I always appreciate about a live band…

    V.Toda-I love that they have been moving Epic around…when they first got back together I kept talking about how cool it would be if they just opened with it and got it out of the way, and when they finally did it a few months back (I can’t remember what gig it was) I was over the moon…

  20. V.Toda says:

    It was at their ‘Last’ show in Chile where they opened their mammoth 23 song set with Epic. In reality that was only 6 shows (and 18 months) ago. ;)

  21. moose says:

    Does anyone have video of land of sunshine. I .do like seeing mike throwing wobblies

  22. moose says:

    Thank you

  23. dan says:

    Not cool treating anyone like that……bit of a low point really.

  24. Mark says:

    I remember at Leeds festival 2009 mike nailing a few of the security, then when he rang along the security barrier everyone with their arm out (myself being one of them) got met with his shoulder charging into them.

    Hasnt he always been that way though?

  25. benrun says:

    From the murderous looks he gives to Roddy if he hits a wrong key, I can see him being alot worse to a stranger that is screwing up in their job and making his performance suffer! I think he has always been perfectionist or had high standards for the people around him. I think he’s pretty keyed up on stage…probably downed a few pots of coffee…and anything goes!

  26. Chris T says:

    I do think that Mike Patton smacking that guy in the head is going a tad too far. I get that he probably is a perfectionist, but when you’re playing live, shit happens…no reason to get that upset about it, in my opinion. Obviously I’m not in his shoes, but it just seems a little too “rock star diva” to me, which is not how I want to view Mike.

  27. moose says:

    Not sure about a diva. Mike gets pissed it not like he smacked the guy up. Any way we all know mike gets pissed when someone fucks up, I wonder if the band gets pissed when mike fucks up lyrics ?????

  28. Pete says:

    We give Mike a free pass a lot because we enjoy FNM’s music so much but that was some Axl Rose, Fred Durst diva shit right there. At least he didn’t leave the stage.
    For him to think he is above anyone else and entitled to do such a thing is absurd.

    I don’t know the whole story but I’m sure the guy never hit him.

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