Faith No More 1982-2012

It really does seem that this June and July’s mini tour of Europe could be the end of Faith No More after the band posted this image on their Facebook page today:

Or maybe not…

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  1. Rob says:

    Full circle. Ending the reunion where the reunion began. Vale Faith No More.

  2. lastoknow says:

    And making it 30 years since it all began.

    I have mixed feelings about this, i dont want it to be the end but i wouldnt wanna see them go on and it all start to get tired either.

    If it is the end, what was the ‘mystery song’ all about?

    And my god, the london shows are gonna be emotional, im in gonna be in a complete mess at hammersmith.

  3. miha says:

    maybe it’s just their joke.In fact it must be(1981-2012)

  4. jacob says:

    don’t think they’d post something like that if it wasn’t an official statement. a shame really, I had built up a lot of hope and expectation by now. but still, not that surprising. I was lucky enough to get to see them twice when they started the reunion tour but it still pains me to think I won’t get another chance.

  5. Steve says:

    so they just posted “How many of you heathens believe in an Afterlife?” on their Facebook page about 10 minutes ago. GAHHHHH!

  6. jacob says:


  7. Sascha says:

    This is possibly the name of the new Album?

  8. Jeff says:

    They are fucking with us….

  9. Mark says:

    Seriously fnm, if you’re fucking with us, just say, since otherwise I’m calling in sick and getting my arse to London!

  10. Mark says:

    Can anyone remember what it was Patton quipped at one of the shows last year, just before the new song?

    “Welcome to our wedding, or maybe our funeral?” something along those lines.

    Also, the repetition of “May the dead live” in the new song.

    Damn faith no more and their cryptic ways!

  11. Steve says:

    I wonder if Afterlife with the capital A has any significance? Could this be the name of the new album? STOP FUCKING WITH MY EMOTIONS!

  12. Inside Gig says:

    It is true… Afterlife, the new album from Faith No More shall reach the climax, when it comes to the rebirth that all yee have seen.

    The projected date is in December, with the first single in mid Octoberish.

    It is an concept album. The members found it impossible to start and create something normal. So this is what came of it, a story about the circle we all call life.

  13. Bobby B Better says:

    Maybe it’s the end of the old FNM and the beginning of something new…

  14. Ben10 says:

    Ha ha what a lovely bunch of assholes. Why I came to love this band in the first place. U never know what to expect from these guys. Take it for what it is and get your asses out and see them on this tour!!

  15. jacob says:

    Billy on twitter: “It’s surprising that after all of these years, people haven’t learned our sense of humor.”

  16. Billy G Is Not My Lover says:

    Billy has also commented in a tweet.

    “It’s surprising that after all of these years, people haven’t learned our sense of humor.”

    So yeah, it seems like they’re fucking with our heads again.

  17. Ricardo says:

    They like to make jokes. Me too.
    My version of the “Faith No More Serbian Death Notice”:

  18. shakey says:

    I was going to post something along the lines of that they are messing with us before they themselves did. Throughout their career they have done stuff like this, including at the end of the initial reunion tour when they played what was absolutely, ” our last ever show.” Or…are they messing with us on the second post? LOL

  19. Bobby B Better says:

    Not funny Billy…not funny. I would buy the poster though…hint, hint…

  20. Integra says:

    what do the top words under each of their pictures say?

  21. Agata says:

    What lovely bunch of fuckers ;) I cried a lot yesterdey but now I just love them.

  22. Ti Mort says:

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if for the last encore of the last show they came out and said Faith no MOre is dead…..we introduce you to Castro Sinatra!!!! Then, they release a new album under that name…and like that, a new era is born…..just dreaming.

  23. Sonny B says:

    Yep, good ol’ FNM messing around with us… Though if it were true, I would be pissed and sad at the same time. Pissed they barely played any shows in the US, and sad to see them go forever :(

    Although a Mr. Bungle reunion would make me forget all about FNM, he he.

  24. Mariuca says:

    For Integra: the name of the damn lucky countries in each respective script: Hungary, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic,Serbia. I like how they made the poster so “regional”.
    I admit I froze for a second, then I saw Roddy’s grin and it made me burst into laughter :))
    SO, what comes in the Afterlife for us believers? :)

  25. Jeff says:

    Someone should tell Bill he’s a little late for April Fool’s Day! Although Afterlife would be a really great name for a new album with the Second Coming Tour reference and all!

  26. Firsa says:

    I hope this isn’t reverse-reverse psychology. If not, I agree that “Afterlife” would be a good name for a new tour or release.

  27. Miszka says:

    If it’s not the end of FNM… is it a new beginnings? ;)

  28. tyler says:

    Afterlife is either title of a new album or with Patton’s seemingly endless workload they just couldn’t figure out a way to fit the FNM juggernaut into his schedule so they’re just giving up on this renuion thing for once and for all. I remember reading a UK mag 15 years a go and the first few pages had ”what is the album of the year?” mini posters on bottom of the pages and then mid mag the big reveal of a new FNM record!!! maybe i’m just drawing a long bow here but this fucker’s gotta hope!

  29. Solovnik says:

    ‘Afterlife’ is definitely the new album. It’s capitalized and Billy tweeted about people not getting the humor. I have no doubts now that this will happen. The new tour poster looks like a funeral arrangement, then bam! ‘Afterlife’ is released.

    I hope it opens with the “Matador” song :)

  30. fernetpunker says:

    A new FNM album would be huge. Never thought that could be a possibility.

  31. Thick Time says:

    Another last tour and another final show! HAHAHAHA! And another humorous marketing tool! Well done, FNM. The imminent new record will be immensely gratifying for all those concerned. We’re probably looking at a springtime release date.

  32. Rob says:

    Official website is out of action at the moment…. hmmm.

  33. Capt midnight says:

    I agree with solovnik. Afterlife new album. Great title. Sure it’ll be very soundtracky. Matador sounds more like a 2nd track rather than opener though

  34. benrun says:

    I hope you all are right and I am wrong, but I think they just capitalized “Afterlife” like someone would capitalize Heaven and Hell. I kind of doubt they would name a potential album before it was written yet. However, all the themes are perfect…AOTY was about death (per Billy), and The Mystery Song and this new talk are about ghosts/resurrection/afterlife. Looking over the last few years, I’m just not sure when they would have had the time to really get the songs together, let alone record them. So if an album is in their plans, I bet it wouldn’t be a long time yet. Plus, nothing would be guaranteed until it was done b/c without a record contract obligating them, if they all weren’t happy with whatever they make, we’ll never hear any of it! If they do make some more new songs…and if the theme is afterlife, I hope it will be a little cheerier than KFAD and AOTY…I miss Roddy’s influence on those, and besides, an afterlife should be a little happier!

  35. Andrzej says:

    The head of Malta Festival in Poznan annouced yesterday in Polish Radio that the stage will be all in white. And the Band ordered 1000 kg of flowers (to decorate it ???)

  36. tyler says:

    we will know from their upcoming mini-euro-tour in a few days people. surely if they don’t play anything new then we can all forget about new material and that this is the very FINAL tour!! i believe the litmus test for us Faithsters is this coming few days…hold our breaths!

  37. JoJo says:

    hmmm, not sure I agree with you Tyler. Just to be devil’s advocate here, why would a band play a bunch of new songs if they didn’t have an album to promote? Wouldn’t it spoil the surprise for later? They would all end up on youtube etc and by the time an album came out, they would already be old.

  38. jacob says:

    well, some bands play new songs before a new album is even recorded, while others try to keep them as secret as possible until the album drops. it all depends on the band and their stance towards new material getting out there. I guess it’s more common for smaller bands to play new stuff early while bigger bands rely more on hype. the label probably has a say in the matter as well.

  39. grant says:

    To be fair, FNM has played a few “new” songs (Caffeine, RV, The World is Yours, etc) back in the day before they had put out the album they ended up on…or in the case of The World is Yours, it never ended up on an album until after they’d split…these are all possibilities for The Mystery Song and anything else that shows up on this next wave of shows…also, I don’t think the boys are beholden to a label at this point…

    Oh, and in three days, even though it sucks that I won’t be there, it’s still awesome to know that FAITH NO MORE WILL BE PLAYING LIVE SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!

  40. lastoknow says:

    Cant quite believe the first london date is less than two weeks away!

    I have 2 spare seat tickets – i am anxious for these to go to genuine fans who missed out, not really sure how to go about this. I’d love them to go to someone who uses this site. Any ideas how to go about this?

  41. jacob says:

    well… I have an idea. it includes giving a ticket to me. for free :) I’d love to pay once again to see them live, but money is rather short.

  42. Capt midnight says:

    My money’s on them playing some more new tracks during upcoming tour and then new album out end of the year. Fingers crossed

  43. Bram says:

    if they’re still alive afer all, why is it that i haven’t had news from them for the last 15 years?

  44. Oh Cheers says:

    @Bram – there’s plenty of Faith No More news, you doubter. Why else did you comment on this (relatively) obscure blog? Perhaps I should qualify that assertion by pointing out that there is plenty of FNM news when they’re active, which they’re currently not, as of their last gig in Brixton, UK, which I am very chuffed to have been present at, on July 10th 2012. I never thought I’d ever get to see them. And it has to be said they did blow my mind. :))

    Generally speaking, I really do hope they pull together an album. Album Of The Year is at best an unsatisfactory conclusion to their statement. And they DID have a statement. Having seen them live, their statement us STILL there.

    It seems too wickedly appropriate that an album called Afterlife could be an appropriate comeback.

    But this is FNM. The lazy sods will probably not bother. They even did a song called Why Do You Bother. It’s probably their best song. Why SHOULD they bother to do another album? No-one cares.

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