Sonisphere confirm Knebworth cancellation

have confirmed that the UK leg of the touring festival, which was to have featured Faith No More as headliners, has been cancelled.

A statement on the Sonisphere site read: “It is with very heavy hearts and much regret that we announce the cancellation of Sonisphere Knebworth 2012.

“Putting the festival together in what is proving to be a very challenging year was more difficult than we anticipated and we have spent the last few months fighting hard to keep Sonisphere in the calendar. Unfortunately circumstances have dictated that we would be unable to run the festival to a standard that both the artists and that Sonisphere’s audience would rightly expect.

“We want to express our deepest regrets to the artists and to thank all the staff, suppliers and contractors who worked so hard with us to try and pull off what has proven to be an impossible task and we know how much they share in our disappointment. We also want to send a huge thanks to the Sonisphere fans who stuck by us and we are so sorry that we can’t fulfil what we set out to do.
“Ticket holders will automatically receive a full refund direct from their ticket agents.”
Team Sonisphere.

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127 Responses to Sonisphere confirm Knebworth cancellation

  1. DreamQueefer says:

    Love the fnmblog site too dude, the fantasy album thing was scary though :) Sending all my best possible health your way Adrian, I check everyday to see if you have posted some good news, take care everyone.

  2. lastoknow says:

    @Renaud…my partner and i are going to Hammersmith and staying in a hotel that night even though we are only 40 mins away on the train!

  3. Renaud says:

    Then we’ll meet over a few drinks at the get-together ! Anyone else coming to Hammersmith ?

  4. V.Toda says:

    Sure am. Brixton too. Who do we think will support?

  5. Homefuck says:

    Well, I hope the admin is doing alright aswell… On a lighter note; I’ve found “making of”angeldust-material I’ve never seen before. The 2 first hours is the oldies (recording seagull-song, interview with Patton and Martin) But look from 2:37 and onwards! Atleast I’ve never seen it:


  6. jacob says:

    thanks for that link, Homefuck. I have the 2 hour version since a while back and didn’t even know the rest existed! the interview with roddy and billy is awesome.

  7. jacob says:

    oh, and I really hope mr admin is alright :(

  8. lastoknow says:

    Good to see Angel Dust being acknowledged on the website for XFM.

    Its been listed as one of 18 ‘fine’ album that is 20 years old this year.
    Then click on the ‘In Pictures’ section, Angel Dust being second on the list.

    I am particularly chuffed with this nod to FNM because, as any FNM fan who listens to XFM will have noticed, the station will never play anything from Angel Dust…when anyone requests a FNM tune to be played on the ‘X List’ they only ever play Epic…although I once heard We Care A Lot.

  9. mavant garde says:

    so angel dust is one the “18” best albums from 1992 ?? hell its one of the best, if not the best, albums of the 90`s !!!
    thats a bit of a let down in fairness..

  10. lastoknow says:

    @Mavant Garde…lets not run before we can walk here, after all this is the popular media we are talking about and, as all us FNM fans are painfully aware, the band has never exactly been the darlings of this.

    Perhaps you misunderstand the feature on the XFM website, its simply marvelling that this bunch of ‘fine’ albums are 20 years old…I for one cant get my head around AD being 2 decades old now…especially as it simply doesnt date.

    The early 90s happened to be, in my humble opinion, the last brilliant era for ‘alternative’ music and AD was pivotal. I agree, and I think many people would, that AD is one of the best albums of the 90s in general.

  11. Sonny Bungle says:

    ‘Alternative’ seems a bit… eh. I just don’t hear it in them, especially AD — the Mosley days and their final album, okay it’s in there, but FNM for the most part were too.. heavy and diverse unlike those predictable ’90s alt-rock blah-blah crap.

    AD was more like a groundbreaking album in experimental rock and metal music in general. For the pretentious alternative rock fans, by metal I mean “smart” metal, not the stereotypical nothing-but-noise raucous you can’t stand, ha. Try Meshuggah sometime.

    Anyway, in my humble opinion it was the BEST album that was put out in the ’90s, and truly hard to believe it’s 20 years old; doesn’t show its age one bit.

  12. Still no word from Adrian? Thoughts are with him for all the fine work he’s done here. Hopefully he’ll convalesce swiftly.
    In the meanwhile I unearthed this from an old, damaged VHS I got from a trade like 10-15 years ago. If it’s on youtube already I haven’t seen it, a Pro-Shot performance of Evidence from the Phoenix Festival in ’95. I’ve seen audience-shot versions only so this might be quite rare. However unlike that “Seagull Song”-bogarting scamp back in December I actually share my spoils with you lovely people:
    Does this whole show exist pro-shot? If anyone knows I’d love to see it, the radio broadcast of it is in my top 10 of their Version 1.0 concerts.

  13. Ti Mort says:

    Tomahawk – Oddfellows…….I cannot WAIT!!!!!!! If they don’t tour I will be very disappointed. Haven’t seen them yet……heard they are amazing live…..anybody have some great Tomahawk memories they want to share? I would love to hear about. Hope your o.k. Adrian…….jeez.

  14. enrique says:

    Ti Mort, saw tomahawk at Fitzgerald’s in Houston on the geek tour after mit gas was released. It was packed. When they played disastre naturale, Patton kept flicking evneryne off the whole time, but that’s nothing new. Amazing show because of the pure intensity

  15. Ti Mort says:

    enrique – thanks for that. Melvins play that show? I recall Fantomas on that tour as well. If that was the case, wow!!!

  16. benrun says:

    I talked my best friend (who one of his favorite bands is ‘Bread’) into coming to see Tomahawk on their first tour in Orlando. The club played really loud drum n bass for about an hour or so before the band came on in their police uniforms. During ‘Flashback’, the band stops at the pause and start singing ‘Happy Birthday’, I think to Kevin but it could have been Duan, then laugh and talk awhile before Patton says, “Okay where were you, what do I do at this part? Oh yeah…I scream my f**kin’ head off” then proceeds to go ape-shit on the scream and the band picks right up with him. That had my friend crackin’ up, but overall I think it was still a bit much for him!

  17. enrique says:

    Melvins opened, and I think Dalek played before that now that i think about it

  18. KingCo says:

    Dime a dozen has pro shot

  19. AngelPasto says:

    @Homefuck You deserve a reward… shit caffeine making off, new to me too. You’re the fellow fucker of the week. :)

  20. Bobby B Better says:

    Could someone enlighten me to something? Is Pufffy black or white? I had always assumed black but later info. I read said white. Then, I saw his high school photo with the Afro and I’m back to black. Is he mixed? Not that it really matters, just a fact I’d like cleared up.

  21. Rob says:

    An analysis of Mike Patton’s drumming (yes drumming!) style in some of his projects.
    Check it out from 3:30

  22. Homefuck says:

    @Angelpasto- No sweat! Nothing better than helping a fellow fnm-fan getting his fix!
    @Bobby B Better: I think Puffy has to have some arabic genes- Maybe an arabic mother and black father (or vice versa)?

  23. Mikel says:

    As other people pointed out, it’s a pity when don’t hear anything from Adrian. Hopefully he’s recovering and getting ready for yet another summer with FNM.
    Speaking of which, I’m not sure what show I will attend. I live in Stockholm but I’m originally from Spain, and I usually go there every summer. By train, mind you. This means I could very well catch FNM in Budapest or the Czech Republic on my way down there. I would prefer the Hungary show (“new” country and it’s earlier, which means I can spend more time with my friends in Spain), but the bill is not that inspiring. Rock for People has some strong bands, such as the mighty Refused, but in that case I’ll have to leave for Spain even later.. My holiday begins on 13 June… What do you folks reckon? Can you recommend either of these festivals?

  24. Ti Mort says:

    Tomahawk touring rumor – November in Chile and Brazil……

  25. grant says:

    Chile and Brazil? So much love for Chile and Brazil! (It is well earned love, since they love FNM and their various side-projects back, but I can still be jealous!)

    Oh why oh why did the US diss Patton and his numerous projects so hard so that they rarely play here….come back to the US….Tomahawk was amazing the couple times I saw them, and I can only imagine how they’ll be with TRD….

  26. Ti MOrt says:

    Tomahawk confirmed for the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans 26 27 28 October ….check out the Voodoo festival website for ticket info….

  27. Andrew says:

    @Mikel: Hi I suggest you to go to Poland. Although gig in Poznan is during Malta Festival but in fact it will be solo performance of FNM. Malta Festival is a common brand of several cultural events organized from 03.07.-07.07.12 in Poznań, not only FNM gig. I think that atmosphere during the concert will be better than during other festivals because among audience will be only FNM fans instead of typical festival goers who often are to drunk to recognize who is currently playing on stage !!!.

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