Sonisphere confirm Knebworth cancellation

have confirmed that the UK leg of the touring festival, which was to have featured Faith No More as headliners, has been cancelled.

A statement on the Sonisphere site read: “It is with very heavy hearts and much regret that we announce the cancellation of Sonisphere Knebworth 2012.

“Putting the festival together in what is proving to be a very challenging year was more difficult than we anticipated and we have spent the last few months fighting hard to keep Sonisphere in the calendar. Unfortunately circumstances have dictated that we would be unable to run the festival to a standard that both the artists and that Sonisphere’s audience would rightly expect.

“We want to express our deepest regrets to the artists and to thank all the staff, suppliers and contractors who worked so hard with us to try and pull off what has proven to be an impossible task and we know how much they share in our disappointment. We also want to send a huge thanks to the Sonisphere fans who stuck by us and we are so sorry that we can’t fulfil what we set out to do.
“Ticket holders will automatically receive a full refund direct from their ticket agents.”
Team Sonisphere.

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127 Responses to Sonisphere confirm Knebworth cancellation

  1. Sophie says:

    Get well soon Adrian and hope that you will be all okay to get to see some shows this Summer!

  2. V.Toda says:

    Get well too Adrian

    You gotta be able to attend Faith No More in London this July 8th!!

    Announced this morning:

  3. lastoknow says:

    Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…hell yeh!!!!…This is sooooo much better than a short appearance at a festival with a mixed crowd, shame its not Brixton but fuck Im not complaining.

    Cant thank you enough V.Toda for posting this news, made my fucking day.

    I sincerely hope our friends across the pond get some good news soon, I would have thought it very likely that they will do some US shows:)

  4. Matthius23 says:

    I did say earlier in the week ‘good news coming this Friday.’
    Hope the news has made everyone’s day :-)

  5. Ben10 says:

    Fukin A Matthius and thanks v. toda! Got my alarm on the 23rd when the pre sale starts! Hope everybody makes it! Dare we hope for a second night ?

  6. enrique says:

    if there isn’t new material introduced at these shows…

  7. Boysie says:

    Managed to get 2 seating tickets. Question: how do they sell out all standing tickets in less than one minute via website only sales? Does anyone suspect that something funny might be going on? Happened with the Pixies a couple of years ago – all 6,000 Friday tickets gone on presale in less than a minute. I hoped for better, especially since the genuinely extremely decent and well regarded folk at ATP are involved in this. Ho hum – will be thrashing about in a seat now rather than chucking my 47 year old carcass around at the front with the cool kids.

  8. Ben10 says:

    FUUHHHK pre-sale sold out in 10 minutes! Hit the book tickets button on the second, but still barely made it! Jeez..

  9. lastoknow says:

    @Ben10…Standing seats sold out yeh, it looks like you can still even now buy seated tickets. Im fucked off that I was poised and ready from 8.30am but the link didnt go live at exactly 9am, leading me to believe I was doing something wrong and so faff about and so missed out on standing.

    Are you standing or sitting? I should be simply happy I got a ticket but being stuck sitting and looking down at the action is just not being part of it in the same way. Had exactly the same situation when I last saw them in 92 and it was frustrating.

  10. bernard says:

    do you think there will be more tickets tomorrow?

  11. bernard says:

    I think I just got the last seating ticket… madness

    another night please

  12. lastoknow says:

    @bernard…I really hope there are tickets on sale tomorrow for those who missed out. I am gonna try again myself tomorrow for standing even though I got seats. I really hope that the tickets sold out so fast to genuine fans and not touts, if so, and thats ALL the tickets gone then its excellent to know that there are enough fans. I was worried about the event selling out before getting a ticket but was also worried in case tickets sales werent good enough and the event had to be cancelled…burned by Sonisphere I guess.

  13. Ben10 says:

    My pure guess is they put all the tickets out eventually and that’s why we now suddenly see more seated tickets. Wouldnt hold my breath for more tickets tomorrow, Bernard, but I would definately check anyway! Hmm, it doesnt make sense to hold back tickets from the pre sale, does it?? Any views? Hope they do though so everybody gets another shot tomorrow!

    Got my standing ticket by sheer luck. kept hitting the refresh button and it suddenly came through. Most of my friends missed out tho :(

  14. lastoknow says:

    Literally just this second tried the seat again…all ticket types seem to be available and I just got 2 standing! So KEEP FUCKING TRYING GUYS!!!

  15. lastoknow says:

    I meant tried the ‘site’ again. I think some clever person at Gigantic.comis cashing in on our hysteria here…suddenly charging more for delivery.

  16. lastoknow says:

    @Ben 10…seriously you need to tell your friends to keep trying, people on the fnm face book blog are managing to book tickets still at 10.30PM.

  17. lastoknow says:

    I meant 10am…I really need to calm down.

  18. bernard says:

    oh fuck, now the link is dead…

  19. KingCol says:

    I got mine at 9:01am. Had two tabs open. One got through the other said sold out. Standing :-)

  20. KingCol says:

    Try ticketmaster in morning. Gigantic have sold all theirs. assholes on eBay selling at €200

  21. lastoknow says:

    @bernard…you got a ticket though right?

  22. bernard says:

    yep – right at the back… was just hoping for some standing action, the main thing is I HAVE A TICKET

  23. grant says:

    Congrats on everyone that got tix!!

    Also…sidebar….is it weird that I am seriously concerned about Adrian/Admin? I hope you’re doing OK out there, brother….all this FNM touring news and he’s still silent…I hope he’s OK…

    PS-To everyone picking up the slack while Adrian is recuperating by posting stuff here….THANKS!

  24. V.Toda says:

    Was gutted that I missed out first thing, but due to sheer persistence, and like LastToKnow observed, tickets showed up once again after 10.

    Got standing, though my guess is they’ve held a load back for tomoz.

    If I’m wrong though and they’ve shifted all 8000 or so there must be a second in the pipeline right…?

  25. Ben10 says:

    Good to hear so many got standing! Man, that presale ought to be sued for giving people heart attacks! It’s hard to tell if there are tickets left for the general sale. I have no idea how this works. If it’s all sold out than definitely another show. Their schedule allows for the 7th at least. Is anyone playing the Apollo on the 7ht? Hmm

  26. Ben10 says:

    Yes, there is so they can’t have a second date at the apollo :(

  27. Juan Pablo says:

    I’m starting to get really worried about Mr. Adrian :(

  28. lastoknow says:

    @Grant…ditto about Adrian, his silence during all this is really worrying.

  29. V.Toda says:

    They’re playing Sonisphere France on the 7th anyway. 9th and 10th are still vacant on the Apollo website. Surely the pre-sale cannot be allocated ALL the tickets, especially as most of the advertising is for the ‘on sale tuesday 24th.’

    It’s no doubt a good gauge to see what the demand is. Whatever happens if they shift it’s potentially good news for us die-hards.

    Hope you’re alright Adrian.

  30. bernard says:

    all the general ticket sales were instantly sold out – hmv/stargreen/tmaster etc


    has nobody heard from admin at all?

  31. Matthius23 says:

    Second date added – Brixton 10th July.

  32. Matthius23 says:

    PS – Adrian, wishing you well buddy.

  33. lastoknow says:

    Really? A date at Brixton?…fuck, that would have been my absolute venue of choice. Where did you find that out?

    Still excellent news for fans who missed out.

    Wonder how feasible it will be for me now to be able to sell the 2 extra tickets I got for Hamersmith?

  34. Matthius23 says:

    @lastoknow – Same way I find everything out – excellent inside sources ;-) Tix on sale now.

  35. lastoknow says:

    Ahhhh, yes, various face book pages are talking about this. People are debating selling their Apollo tickets to go to Brixton. Im stuck with the Apollo due to a quite expensive non-refundable hotel booking for the night so cant sell my tickets really. I am trying to convince people to be happy, satisfied and excited about hamersmith…its fnm’s first night in London god damn it!

  36. Tim Knouff says:

    By the way, its Billy Gould’s birthday today. Happy Birthday bassface!!!!

  37. grant says:


  38. V.Toda says:

    Standing for Brixton seems to have sold out. They’re guaranteed to play different shows at these great venues so my advice is go to both if u can. I know I am. ;)

    Dare we predict a third…?

  39. Ti Mort says:

    There are tickets available for both UK shows on Ebay… case anybody is searching….they have to be releasing a new album…..right? AM I RIGHT? Doesn’t make sense otherwise…..

  40. Ben10 says:

    WTFs up with FNMs reputation I wonder. Garbage, Keane, Limp Bizkit, Marylin Manson, Incubus among others have problems selling out one night at Brixton and FNM sold out standing in matter of minutes and seating in a few hrs AFTER first selling out a venue about twice Brixtons capacity… I never thought getting tickets for FNM this time around would be this hard!! Very encouraging though! :)

    What’s less encouraging is that we haven’t heard a single word from Adrian this whole time. Let us know how u are dude! As soon as u can. To everybody who’s got a ticket. SEE U @ Apollo n Brixton U FAT BASTARDS!

  41. Sonny Bungle says:

    Has the admin died? Sure hope not.

    Oh, and thanks for that incredible pic 3-D Alex! Mikey looking all power heavy metal, ha ha! Nice to see stuff like that.

  42. V.Toda says:

    A little extreme! Bungle I sure hope not.

    We’re all getting by with scraps of info but really hope Adrian’s OK.

    Is another UK date out of the question now then y’all?

    Said this elsewhere before but…It’s Angel Dust’s 20th anniversary. What are the chances of the odd front-to-back set this summer?!

  43. benrun says:

    Of course a front-to-back AD would be incredible for it’s 20th…but I would die a happy man with a IY front to back for it’s 25th anniversary…I want to see them do Anne’s Song again!

    In all seriousness…none of this has the same excitement without the admin. I don’t know anything about him besides his name, but I’m on here everyday and I don’t spend that kind of time with some members of my family. Get well brother and call home every once in a while!

  44. Bobby B Better says:

    It’s crazy that they are selling out venues like this but are still completely ignored by the US media. Some things never change…

  45. Mike says:

    “It’s crazy that they are selling out venues like this but are still completely ignored by the US media.”

    I know. Faith No More are like the Ron Paul of alternative rock. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.

  46. Ti Mort says:

    Sonny Bungle…..Totally inappropriate!!!!! Have some respect. Completely ignorant and out of line…..

  47. Daz says:

    I thought the same thing, I don’t think sonny meant it in a nasty way. It’s strange we haven’t heard from admin for over a month, even if he was sick, he would hopefully still be reading this.
    I sincerely Hope he is ok, and drops in to let us know soon . It’s not the same.

  48. lastoknow says:

    Im finding this all very sad. When I found out about the reunion of FNM this was the very first place I used to keep abreast of what was going on and to make any comments etc. In fact it has been the ONLY place for the vast majority of the reunion…until now. As much as I generally hate FaceBook it is now the place I am going to more often for info and chat.

    But I would much, much prefer to keep using this site as I find FaceBook pages a tad overwhelming to use. I think it we need to try and keep this alive with our comments until we hear something from / about Adrian.

    As an aside, and contradicting what I have just said LOL…people on various Face Book pages are trying to arrange a mass get together before each London show. If you have tickets and dont already visit the ‘faithnomoreblog’, the official Faith No More face book page or the group ‘get faith no more to play london despite sonisphere’ then please do if you think you may wanna be part of this.

  49. Renaud says:

    I do agree with you lastoknow, this site has been very important to me since the beginning of the FNM reunion, and until we hear something from / about Adrian, we have to have to keep the conversation flowing on the comment section of this site.

    I already have my tickets for both shows in London. I hope we can hear some new material or at least new additions to the setlist (Last to Know, Smaller and Smaller, Mouth to Mouth, Kindergarden…).

    Are you guys coming to one of these shows ? Tell us about your plans !

  50. shakey says:

    The second best place to get FNM news and info.

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