The story behind Epic

Great find from Mikel via Swedish TV channel UR:

Faith No More on the story behind Epic

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  1. Integra says:

    words can not define my levels of frustration as i click the link only to find the url is not available. further annoyance is amplified even greater when the page refuses to load and simply goes round and round and round in circles. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!! LOAD YOU FUCKER LOAD!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!

  2. admin says:

    Have contacted them to find out what the problem is

  3. Billy G Is Not My Lover says:

    I was able to reach it using an unholy combination of Google’s cache and translation features. I have a feeling that this link won’t work, but give it a go anyway.

  4. Jeff says:

    Anyone else notice the setting of this interview? Rehearsal space or a studio possibly? New material? Here’s hoping so…

  5. Jawshco says:

    Billy G- Link works great thanks a ton. I loved the story about Nocturnal Jim and how he’d practice at night while the other dudes practiced during the day. Puffy sounded like he was caught in between since he was Jim’s roommate.

  6. Integra says:

    still not working!!! agghh!

  7. Integra says:

    i cant get it in my country?

    there is this 7 minutes…also doesnt work.

  8. Rex Swede says:

    Have anyone tried the link I posted before?

  9. Sonny Bungle says:

    Bring back Jim!

  10. Mikel says:

    Yes Rex, your link does work… at least from Sweden. So do the ones I posted earlier.

    I suppose the problem may have to do with copyright issues…

  11. Ricardo says:

    This is the only link that doesn’t work for me. It says “stream not found”:
    Mikel, does it work for you?

  12. grant says:

    I’m in the US and all the links have been working for me…

  13. Moose146 says:

    Looks like they are in a studio

  14. Homefuck says:

    This was awesome! I’ve been watching this Tv-show a bit- and I knew they were going to discuss “epic” on it, but I thought it would be like a 30-second snippet (as always when it’s something I’m interested in). It sure looks like a rehearsal space- and they have 2 set of drums there? It also looks like the same room as this:

  15. Integra says:

    ok yay! now the links are working. sucked for a bit there.

    have always loved these kind of interviews and i almost cried tears of joy watching these. one of my favourite ones is with the police from the early 80’s where they are talking about songwriting and showing their equipment and ideas etc…

    yeah thats FNM’s own rehearsal space. they probably rent it or own it and store their gear there.

    and it was more than just “epic”. they also went into “zombie eaters” and “midlife crisis”

  16. jacob says:

    that was really cool. Billy seemed so enthusiastic :D both of them looked thrilled to do something like that. the host was pretty annoying though.

  17. Homefuck says:

    I agree that the host is pretty annoying- she seems to be eager to make a point of her own musicianship (more so in other interviews) She’s the drummer in a famous pop-rock-band here in Sweden. They’ve got some catchy tunes- her band is called “Sahara hotnights”- check them out if you’re interested!

  18. douglas says:

    cool videos. i have a sahara hotnights disc…fun and catchy stuff…but yeah i’d rather hear about faith no more heh. be cool if they released a cd/dvd with stories from the road and stories about songs and stuff…i know they don’t really like to talk about it, but i’d love to hear about it

  19. Integra says:

    there is SO MUCH we don’t know about FNM songs.

  20. Mark says:

    just a quick one, has anyone heard if fnm are going to be doing another uk date? Since it looks very likely that sonisphere uk is going to be cancelled this year.

  21. Homefuck says:
    New collaboritation w/Mike Patton. The first minute is really great! The rest is ok….

  22. Homefuck says:

    Sorry! Qemist-thing was old! It was new to me, though…..

  23. benrun says:

    Why would Sonisphere be cancelled?

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