Faith No More to headline Sunday at Sonisphere Knebworth: tickets now on sale!

Faith No More will top the bill on the Sunday of the Sonisphere UK festival at the iconic Knebworth venue.

Faith No More will give a UK exclusive performance on 8 July on the Apollo stage. Faith No More bassist Bill Gould said:”It was over 2 years ago when we decided to reform and play those amazing UK shows. The good news is, we’ve had a couple of years to improve our skills; moving our song to error ratio down 3.5 full percentage points. Watch out UK, we’re going to do it right this time!!”

The festival also sees Kiss give a world exclusive performance on the Friday night with Queen featuring Adam Lambert headlining the Saturday in a European exclusive.

Tickets pre-sale NOW
The special ticket pre-sale for FNM, Kiss, and Queen fans starts at 8pm UK time (i.e. now) through  No password needed, just the link. General sale starts on Thursday 23 February at 9am.

Other bands playing on the Sunday alongside Faith No More are Incubus, Marilyn Manson, Mastodon, Refused, Cypress Hill and Andrew WK.

General Knebworth info
You can find all the information you need to know about the fesival including tickets, how to get there and accommodaton here.

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16 Responses to Faith No More to headline Sunday at Sonisphere Knebworth: tickets now on sale!

  1. grant says:

    I guess that answers the question of “What will happen with Sonisphere UK if they’re playing Sonisphere France?” :-)

  2. Matthius23 says:

    Told ya ;-)

    I didnt know about Refused though, so am dead chuffed with that!

  3. V.Toda says:

    It’s WELL worth a Sunday ticket!! Exclusive UK show? :( No Brixton (or Reading & Leeds) this time then?!

  4. Sophie Jane says:

    We’re waiting with baited breath for a proper Faith No More concert on the side, hopefully in London. I really hope they do other festivals, too.

  5. Eric says:

    Hopefully this means new material, or at the least a live DVD before they all get too fat and old to watch them sweating in HD

  6. OptionParalysis says:

    Well, will be going to Sonisphere then. Hope they play a couple of new tracks, but regardless, this has made my year.

    Hoping for a proper balls out, nothing held back in the tank performance. FNM, quote me happy!

  7. mouse says:

    quite a difference in ticket prices between france and uk!

  8. lastoknow says:

    At last!!!!…I cant quite believe that I finally have a real opportunity to get to see them play during this ‘reunion’. All hope was lost after what was supposed to be their last ever show.

    I am free that weekend and I only live an hours drive from the venue. I just have to talk sweetly to my ‘non-fan’ partner to allow me to part with some of our cash for day tickets, or just one if he doesnt want to come. He does love Epic and Mid Life Crisis though…I have a feeling he will say yes and we will both be going….god I fucking hope so.

  9. jimllmixit says:

    This is the best news I’ve had since 2009!!!!! Never thought I’d see then again after the split but I was at brixton, download and leeds now i get to see them live AGAIN!!!!!!!! Like many other praying for a few extra gigs on the side…..I will go to them ALL!!!!

    Thanks FNM :)

  10. Luke says:

    I’m there!!!

    Can’t wait. Hopefully there will be some better support acts announced.

  11. DreamQueefer says:

    Cool…Mastodon on the same day as FNM, Im worried for Incubus, can they handle this ;)

  12. Mick says:

    I need to win lotto here in Australia. My favourite band from my teens on Fri Night and my favourite ever since my 20’s on Sunday night.

  13. shakey says:

    Billy Gould @MRGOULD

    · Open

    WE ARE NOW CONFIRMED for SONISPHERE UK, Sun. July 8.!! Special presale link through our peeps at 2.0: SEE YA THERE!!!

  14. lastoknow says:

    DONE!…tickets booked for myself and my reluctant partner. I cant quite believe I’m finally going to get to see them during this reunion:)…happiness is a Faith No More shaped festival ticket.

  15. Jason says:

    Adam Lambert and Queen? This could be a huge failure, or a huge success. Hope the second! But Roger could have called Mark Martel or Paul Rodgers for this tribute show.

    If you like Queen tributes, check out this unique Queen tribute act: Queen Unplugged Project! Saw them last year in Montreux, and they were mindblowing. Check here:

    Keep Queening

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