Faith No More to play Sonisphere France – with poster and ticket details

Faith No More are to headline the Sonisphere France festival on 7 July.

FNM will play the Saturday night of the festival which takes place in Amneville.

Tickets go on sale for the festival on 22 February at 10am CET at

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23 Responses to Faith No More to play Sonisphere France – with poster and ticket details

  1. grant says:

    Wow that was quick! I just got RB’s tweet! LOL Exciting stuff…

  2. DreamQueefer says:

    Thank fuck for that!!!

  3. Mariuca says:

    With Wolfmother :))

  4. Sophie Jane says:

    Wolfmother?!! Oh good lord!

  5. moose146 says:

    Wolfmother……. You suck. (mike Patton circa 06?)

  6. NoneOfThemKnew says:

    Now they really have to step it up and show some new material. As much as I love them, I think it would be ridiculous of them to keep this reunion circus up and running for the third year without new material…

  7. grant says:

    I can’t wait to hear some Wolfmother centric stage banter….

  8. lastoknow says:

    So what does this mean for Sonisphere UK?

  9. Mikel says:

    Pity that the other bands on the bill so far pretty much suck…

  10. V.Toda says:

    It means they’re either playing the Friday or Sunday @ Sonisphere UK, :)

  11. Ben10 says:

    Is it too much to wish for FNM AND Tomahawk on the same festival bill this summer?! I know.. I’m greedy.. Oh and finish the tour with another show at the Palladium, Hollywood. Thanks for making my wishes come true ;-)

  12. Mariuca says:

    So, on a side note, does anyone have the show from Santiago ? It was supposed to be broadcasted 2 weeks ago on ViaX.

  13. benrun says:

    I had a thought….the Chile show is probably the only show that they’ve done where they did not play any cover songs at all. That would make it alot cheaper and easier to get the rights to have an official release…I hope that is what happens…but either way, I would love a good sounding version of Star AD and Absolute Zero.

  14. Meh.... says:

    Big Meh from me this time, average festival, repetitive set-list albeit ONE new song and the odd cover, great they are still playing but I’m jaded now from the hope of something new being released. Jesus I’m in a band and i get bored playing the same stuff over and over regardless of how cool it is, I hope they raise their game now and deliver the goods soon otherwise the expected new material will gather the same mysticism as Chinese Democracy, ha ha, image that!!! Still love them from the bottom of my heart for the past 25 years though but sometimes a loved one needs to hear the truth.

  15. grant says:

    With all due respect, there can’t be a mysticism along the line of Chinese Democracy…FNM never said they were working on new material, thus giving us nothing to expect…Axl talked about CD for years, creating the mysticism….
    I like that the band is keeping everything close to the vest…it’s being done by their rules under their timetable. I would expect nothing less from my favorite band. As it is, I could be bitter that there are no U.S. dates, but instead I am just happy that these five musicians are playing together somewhere in the world…
    Yeah, I’d love to see new stuff, and yeah I love the “mystery song” and all the mystery surrounding it…I was fortunate to see one of the reunion NYC shows, and frankly, if I do have the chance to see them again, and they play the same exact setlist that I already saw, I’d be thrilled because A) It was a killer show. and B) I get to say those magic words that I never thought I’d say again after 1998: I am going to a Faith No More concert tonight.

  16. grant says:

    …and to be clear: I’m not OK with mediocrity….I just don’t think FNM is capable of it. :-)

  17. shakey says:

    In the internet age we have access to the set lists the have played at every venue since the reunion started. The way I see it they have switched it up pretty good over the last couple of years as far as songs played, to me there is plenty more they could touch on but haven’t. 10 – 15 years ago, pre seeing everything on the internet, they would have come to your town and you would have been more than happy with any of the set lists they played. Would I like to see a new record surface, absolutely. But, in the mean time FNM, please come to the upper mid west and play one of these “tired” set lists you have been playing through out the reunion, I have not yet had the good fortune of you coming to a vunue close enough for me to see you.

  18. benrun says:

    Amen Grant & Shakey. I’ve been impressed by all the covers they’ve thrown in there too, especially the one-off songs like Time Forward for the Russians, the serbian song, and Crowded House for the kiwis. I think we should be happy anytime these 5 guys get together b/c there is the potential that something cool will come out of it.

  19. grant says:

    Benrun-Totally agree….I also dig all the random dips into their old catalog: Spirit, and the like. Even if they’ve only gotten a few airings….

  20. Miss_Julia says:

    Agreed, I’m just happy that they’re playing somewhere. The Palladium shows were the best thing F’ing EVER and I am very grateful to FNM for making that happen since I never saw them back in the day. The Warfield too!!! Please keep the reunion shows coming even if you don’t have new material!!!

  21. Meh.... says:

    Like I said…Meh! Ha ha, just my feelings at the time guys, they come and go, I am human and do believe we have the right to get annoyed even though all of this was totally unimaginable a few years back. Now im getting greedy and I want so much more, tired of being just happy with their new existence and also a bit jaded trying to keep my interest up. In a week Ill be back to my normal FNM-worship status, this week its tired and cold.

  22. fernetpunker says:

    Wolfmother……. lol

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