Links for the day…(vol. 124): Mondo Cane tickets, FNM ’95 full show, Faith No More skateboard

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11 Responses to Links for the day…(vol. 124): Mondo Cane tickets, FNM ’95 full show, Faith No More skateboard

  1. Chris says:

    Anyone care to fashion a guess as to if or when we’ll get new S. American tour dates for this year? Living in Ohio, this really excites me. Blah.

  2. Sonny Bungle says:

    Greg teases about a FNM cover? God no! Please… just no. The sad part is… they will be the only decent band to touch a FNM tune (well, one of the only). I can respect Greg’s “wide vocal range” and his stage antics, but the guy is horrible at covering other artists songs; he comes off sounding like some lame emo douche. He killed a Melvins song — which I’m glad I can’t remember what it sounded like — but they guy’s vocal suck when he’s covering someone else. The last release DEP put that was good, was of course, the ep masterpiece with Patton. I like everything they did before that, but after that… eh. And Greg still sounds like Trent Reznor. for god’s sake.

    And holy crap! The whole “Hard Rock Caca” show is up? I’ve been listening to the live album for years — can’t wait to see the footage!

  3. fernetpunker says:

    @Sonny Bungle, I liked their cover of VH´s “Hot for Teacher” (youtube). That kicks ass. Don´t know other cover versions from DEP, though.

  4. Integra says:

    that skate board sucks a little bit because its got the name of a crappy melbourne band “Airbourne” at the bottom of the sticker. (like MEL-BOURNE) correct spelling is AIRBORNE for the launched into the air type.

    Just saying is all lol!

  5. Nathan says:

    God, it sucks that you cant skip Youtube videos anymore ( but then again why would i want to skip in this one?)
    Im sooo glad i got to see FNM back in the days, before the suits and all that. Im really happy for all the people who have enjoyed the reunion shows and I think the band are doing a very good job, but i would rather watch one 92-95 show than ten reunion shows! A pro-shot video of Phoenix 93 is my FNM wet dream…So much craziness!

  6. Ti Mort says:

    Hey everybody….just wanted to throw this out there….I have become fanatical with collecting these concert posters….I have all the new FNM poster….now I have started on all the other bands. If anyone is interested in selling any mike patton related posters…please let me know and I will get in touch…I use paypal and if I am going to purchase from you I will pay the same day……just thought I would throw that out there…….

  7. DreamQueefer says:

    Some more nice footage and stuff,, sorry if they are already here somewhere.

  8. Integra says:

    lol! beat me to it DreamQueefer :-D

  9. DreamQueefer says:

    Ha ha, sorry Integra, still, at least its shared with everybody else now regardless. Were they telling Puffy how to play Ugly in the Morning during that rehersal? One of their easier songs to play on drums, maybe he just woke up or something else was clouding his mind, ha ha, peace!

  10. Bovine Eyes says:

    It sounded like everybody needed a bit of a refresher course in the songs from earlier albums, to search out little bits which perhaps hadn’t been played much in 2+ years…

  11. DreamQueefer says:

    That does make perfect sense Bovine Eyes

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