Links for a day…(vol. 111)

  • Still plenty to catch up with after the past few days of live show action.
    Here’s a fine version of Star AD from Maquinaria
    [youtube id=”FdwuTU60JIg”]
  • King for a Day – featuring John
    [youtube id=”ZHxQvpIosDg”]
  • Ricochet
    [youtube id=”TfIc9Rw08u0″]
  • Absolute Zero
    [youtube id=”hAiH-KPTR6M”]
  • Mike Bordin joined Down onstage during Maquinaria
    [youtube id=”biLvRmXpsGU”]
  • Maquinaria photo gallery from Carlos Muller on Flickr
  • Another review from the festival via RocknVivo
  • Another immense Flickr gallery
  • A timely piece on Maquinaria guest Trey Spruance from Pop Matters



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7 Responses to Links for a day…(vol. 111)

  1. Dean says:

    Jesus, I am so raging I missed every gig so far from the reunion tour. These rare live songs just prove what a fantastic live arsenal they can unleash when they stray from the classics,majestic. As for the new song, i loved it after the 2nd listen and actually welled up slightly when i realised the implications to follow if it is in fact new. My FNM interest reaches back 23 years now and it suddenly has taken on so much more meaning with the possibility of a studio session to record. I actually felt my ballbag tighten, ha ha.

  2. Chris T says:

    Seeing Puffy play with Down makes me think that Patton and Anselmo on the same stage would be kind of epic (not that it’s ever going to happen).

  3. Jimbo says:

    Is there any good quality audio rip of the KFAD show ?
    That would be a good compensation for not being able to attend the show !

  4. Mikeless says:

    “Did you guys hear about the singer of Pantera?… HE FU__KING CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET!!! WOO! LOVE YOU, PHIL” – Mike Patton.

    Ha ha, he said this various times throughout Bungle’s last tour. Doubt he’ll ever share the stage with Anselmo. Funny how they looked the same back in 1990/1991 when Mike had that long hair and side of his head shaved, so did Anselmo.

    Anyway, seeing them perform “Star A.D.”, makes realize that in this reunion tour they have played EVERYTHING from KFAD, except this song & “Ugly In The Morning”. Real bummer they only cover a few tracks from Angel Dust and even some from The Real Thing. They need more from those classic albums!! They’re trying to ignore their Jim Martin days…. :(

  5. Mikel says:

    After seeing Star AD live at work I had to apologise to a colleague of mine for what was a rather orgasm-like reaction on my part. That’s how intense it was.

  6. Surfboy says:

    You gotta love Mike Patton’s shit eating grin as he looks towards Billy at the start of Absolute Zero- what a song it is!!!!

  7. VideoMacumba! says:

    Seeing Puffy play with Down makes me think that Patton and Anselmo on the same stage would be kind of epic [2]

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