Faith No More at Maquinaria Festival set list and videos

As promised Faith No More mixed it up with their set at the Maquinaria Festival in Chile, playing their King for a Day…album and with Trey Spruance – the guitarist on that record – playing live with the band for the first time. Regular axeman Jon Hudson also joined for several songs including another rendition of The Mystery Song.

Mystery Song
[youtube id=”gco9MS256ow”]

Absolute Zero
[youtube id=”I-tyGvHDUBg”]

Just a Man
[youtube id=”wYgQLf7sFvI”]

[youtube id=”9HM0kMXQVlM”]

Get Out
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Star AD
Cuckoo for Caca
Caralho Valdor
Ugly In The Morning
Digging The Grave
Take This Bottle
King For A Day
What a Day
The Last To Know
Just A Man

Unknown song
Ashes To Ashes
Absolute Zero

From El Dinamo (do not click if offended by the naked female upper body)
A few more from Viax

Review from Emol.

Meanwhile Mike Patton met Chilean writer Alberto Fuguet at the Nicanor Parra del Centro de Extensión de la Universidad Diego Portales before the show and spoke about his own experiences as a student – “I do not believe in college” “In a small town art is the only way out.” Full report here.


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55 Responses to Faith No More at Maquinaria Festival set list and videos

  1. Chris T says:

    “Funny though, people say FNM really came together when Jim left, but Trey has admitted to not being a fan of the album he recorded in – it’s great no doubt, but he prefers the earlier days of FNM.”

    I read an interview with Trey a few years back where he mentioned that he had listened to We Care A Lot for the first time in a long time and almost being in tears because he forgot how good it was. I think he’s also stated before that he was a much bigger fan of Faith No More than Patton was prior to him joining the band.

    So it is a bit funny and ironic that KFAD is a lot of fans’ favorite Faith No More album, yet Trey himself probably prefers the early stuff.

  2. fernetpunker says:

    What about WanderlustingKH? Her twitter account is gone…. :-(

  3. Bobby B Better says:

    Yeah, I was wondering about her too.

  4. Firsa says:

    Bobby: Integra is a guy :) And yeah it’s weird that there are no comments lately from him. Integra you ok brah?

    Lusty is now “Metalblonde” on twitter (and that will now probably change ;) ). I used to hit up her twitter page every once in a while because she always seemed to know stuff first about FNM and especially Patton. Doesn’t seem to be the case anymore…

    (I’m an equal opportunity cyberstalker :) )

  5. Integra says:

    lol! just saw this. yeah I have not been well lately and without internet, busy with band but now im back :-)

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