Watch Faith No More live at the Maquinaria festival in Chile

Faith No More’s set at the Maquinaria Festival in Chile will be broadcast live at the Claro site.

FNM are on stage in around 2 hours and 20 minutes.

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94 Responses to Watch Faith No More live at the Maquinaria festival in Chile

  1. Petro1734 says:

    You are an amazing human being, my FNMwebsite friend ;)

  2. Mikeless says:

    Hell f’n yeah! \m/ \m/

  3. Ti Mort says:

    This show will be one for the ages… if you are all going to get to watch in streaming live….best band ever, hands down!!!!!!!

  4. Firsa says:

    Mil gracias!

  5. Mikeless says:

    Well, their second to Mr. Bungle, he he. Can’t wait nonetheless!

  6. NB says:

    First to go and the last to know

  7. JG says:

    Is this working for anyone yet?

  8. Claus Pupp says:

    not for me, i’m using a mac, maybe it’s that old problem apple have with adobe

  9. tbrandao says:

    nope, not working here god damn it

  10. 3d-alex says:

    Not working here either. A while ago they were showing the audience, but I only got see frozen images…

  11. Ti Mort says:

    Nothing will happen with the link until just before the transmission starts. Don’t expect anything till about 8:30 eastern

  12. grant says:

    Thanks for the link, Admin! Very very cool!

  13. tbrandao says:

    Ti Mort – It is a festival, not a FNM only show. You certain of that? Hope you are right. :)

  14. 3d-alex says:

    It should start in 10 minutes, right? I bought beer for this!

  15. natalie says:

    I saw on festival web site the schedule- they had on this stage ( sponsored by Claro and Soy) Alice in Chains at 19:00 ( 17:00 EST) local time and now FNM at 22:00 ( 20:00 EST)
    I hope the link works – saw 2-3 intermittent images 30 min in ago

  16. NB says:

    Hmmm nothing here. Anyone?

  17. grant says:

    Still blank on my end too, NB

  18. Ti Mort says:

    PLease…somebody post when it activates so we can all do what we need to do…….good luck everyone…..Absolute Zero here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. JG says:

    Nothing yet…………….

  20. Brownstien says:


  21. grant says:

    Dude…Absolute Zero is easily one of my favorite FNM songs…if they play that, regardless of the fact that I am thousands of miles away…I will simply die…

  22. grant says:

    Brownstien-You do anything special? I’m still dark here…

  23. Brownstien says:

    I lied, I got nothing

  24. Ti Mort says:

    Nothing on my end either……is anybody else have anything?

  25. Brownstien says:

    I did tweet their tech support though @dpschile

  26. Ti Mort says:


  27. 3d-alex says:


  28. grant says:

    You silly bastard….

  29. Ti Mort says:

    Does everyone else just have the facebook box and the flash player link in a little box?

  30. Another nothing for me. Brit with a mac if either of those could be a factor… :/

  31. grant says:

    That’s what I got…periodically the arrow turns to a spinning circle and then back to an arrow again…

  32. Andrés says:

    I seriously doubt they will broadcast the show. Maquinaria’s very hermetic as to streaming live-footage goes. They have released just a couple of [PRO] videos from last year’s festival. Moreover, during the afternoon they limited to transmit just backstage impressions from the audience and a few interviews with local bands. But I’m certain that we will have the show by the next week.

  33. grant says:

    I’m in the US with a PC….have tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer….nada.

  34. Ti Mort says:

    Canadian with a Mac…so I don’t think it’s that…They didn’t start in Argentina until half past the hour…sooooo………

  35. Brownstien says:

    this is from their twitter feed….looks like even if it did work it would be a pixelated choppy mess

  36. @Ti Mort have a facebook box on the right and a video player on the left that’s completely black, when I click it a loading icon appears for a couple seconds then just goes black again.

  37. Firsa says:

    Chrome doesn’t work either, but I just think they are overloaded. Bad publicity for Claro…

  38. Miha says:

    May be they are late?

  39. Mikeless says:

    Goddamn! I got all worked up for nothing. :)

    All I see is a dark screen and a facebook box to the side.

  40. grant says:

    Brownstien-Ugh, that’s awful…I remember watching the Download concert stream, and thinking of how great it looked…as close to being there as I could be…an awesome evening….not so much…

  41. Brownstien says:

    feel free to bitch at them,!/dpschile

  42. Ti Mort says:

    Struwwelpeter……mine is pretty much the same….give it until 8:30 or so….they’re never on time.

  43. grant says:

    I’m sure they’re concerned. :-)

  44. Eric says:

    Not working on android for me

  45. Ti Mort says:

    TEAM!!!!!!! Don’t loose Faith just yet…….give it time….it’s coming…I know it!!!!!

  46. 3d-alex says:

    Seems like the show started already, according to twitter….

  47. Eric says:

    Wtf, did fnm ever consider, hey this fucking stream is crashing cuz people all over the world are trying to watch our shit, best we record a new album…sigh. tough day

  48. grant says:

    LOL @Eric

  49. 3d-alex says:

    Nice Eric! You made me laugh…

  50. Andrés says:

    Patton presenting Evidence as a “flaite” song. (Slang for “vulgar”)

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