New Faith No More song? UPDATED

Here is the better audio version
[youtube id=”CexKjaH3Udo”]

And here is a sample of the media frenzy the track has generated
Revolver magazine
Metal Insider
Metal Sucks

Still no news on what the unidentified and possibly new song Faith No More delivered as the second track of their encore in Buenos Aires last night.
Here’s a smattering of lyrics from the song – and two videos are below:
(I have a terrible ear for lyrics so please post amends and what you’ve gathered below)

We’ll walk the shore…????

We will rise from the killing floor / Like a matador

Let your sweet dreams never stale??fairytale/ Fairytales
We will be where you will be no more/ No more

The stain you bless, the hangman’s axe will serve you well???
Now we’re coming back/ Our time could waste all these???
We’ll jump the gates and ….?? We’ve arrived

We will rise from the killing floor / Like a matador

The killing, the killing

Better video version  -(via Nick in comments)

Fan video (loud)
[youtube id=”vXizAq54How”]
Recorded from TV (quiet)
[youtube id=”7s06AKfuAwk”]



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98 Responses to New Faith No More song? UPDATED

  1. JoJo says:

    I think he’s saying “make (may) the dead live, what more can we give” and “the dead live” in the end?

  2. Surfboy says:

    To my eyes and ears this is definitely a new song!! Just from watching the video alone the the way the band are during it especially Patton and Hudson that’s the feeling I’m getting – great song regardless. It would also fit with the FNM way of doing things ‘we haven’t talked about doing new music’ when in fact it looks they have been doing something alright…..FNM have always liked to keep people guessing.

  3. I think it’s safe to say that at some point we will have a new FNM release! These tours they’ve been on the past couple of year has shown them that they are still loved and they know that many of us are craving new material. Plus! I mean, c’mon. It’s Mike Patton, Billy Gould, Jon Hudson, Roddy Bottum, and Mike Bordin together. I’d find it hard to believe that you could put those 5 people together in a room and they wouldn’t walk out without having created something. It’s in their blood.

  4. Nick says:

    I’m so excited. This is unreal.

  5. Scotty says:

    Is this a new song? I hope so… If you read my post at faithnomoreblog I talk about a mystery song they played at sound wave I was extremely drunk and can’t find it anywhere but it was introduced by Billy stating “here is a song we’ve never played before and will probably never play again”! I have serched everywhere for it but can’t find it! Can anyone help me? I’m not saying it was this but it was something!

  6. luke says:

    I’m gonna get hated for this, but my opinion:
    Out of all the Patton era albums, Ive never found any of their songs ‘growers’. THis new one, Ive listened to 4/5 times and Im still not getting it!!!

    What’s sad for me is Ive waited 13 years for this!

    Maybe a full recorded version would sway my decision.

  7. Scotty says:

    Lots of great comments here and some cracking theory’s…
    I hope it’s new but I’m sure there is a tone of stuff that was never released or played!
    If you want to talk more about it check me up on twitter @number0six and have a look at #seniorFNMclub !


  8. fernetpunker says:

    It´s a new song, but I can not agree on the euphoric comments. I don´t think this is good enough to be released. But hey, they seem to be writing again, that´s good news. I would never thought of that, I must admit.

  9. Deframe says:

    Just listened to the better audio version. I know Patton normally has a strong attitude on stage but man, he sounds PISSED at the end. I wonder what his problem was?

  10. Juan Pablo says:

    I liked it a lot, pretty dark, great melody and killer bass lines… a little AOTY-like but a little more complex…

  11. me says:

    It’s got to be new material, simply because Patton knows the words properly, if it was an old idea that never saw the light of day, he’d be all over the place with the lyrics. Also, the whole of the band look serious about that particular song, 100% effort and concentration.

    Would be very interested to hear this recorded properly in a studio, I imagine it would feel a lot more weighty, more depth.

    Very encouraging though, I like it.

  12. Firsa says:

    Just like a fine wine…

    Now let’s hope we hear (of) a different new song tonight.

  13. JG says:

    Definetly a new FNM song. Definetly REALLY liked it. Chills a bit. The performance was obviously sloppy and you can tell it hasnt been practiced that much. I hear the tomahawkish vocal but only in one part. If this is really a first new song I really the dig the direction. Song was dynamic and soundtrack like which considerding most of the guys are doing soundtracks this shouldnt be a surprise. Cool!! That all being said I wouldnt be shocked if it was a KFAD B-Side. hhahaha fucking FNM!!!

  14. moose146 says:

    Deframe where did you get the audio, the link l have to mega upload keeps stoping at 25%

  15. Capt Midnight says:

    Sounds like an old b-side to me. KFAD or even AOTY. Definitely not one of their stronger tracks. Disappointing if it is a “new” song but cool to hear it for the first time and get some buzz.

  16. Lewis M says:

    I have a strong feeling it could be this, based on the interview given just before this:

    “We are doing a tune we’ve never done from that era. I guess that would be a B Side. I don’t know if we released that at all…I don’t know” – Patton

    Although he is talking about the complete KFAD set with Trey (boy how I wish I was at that, that better be filmed properly!! Star AD is going to be killer!) I think this is the most likely scenario.

    I kinda burst my own bubble because I was really excited by this. The song has some great moments, but does sound on the same level as other B-sides. In terms of the vocal delivery sounding like more modern Patton stuff (like Tomahawk) I reckon that’s just what he’s going to veer to having never done the song live.

    btw That pissed shouting at the end… sounds like it might not be Patton to me… what’s that all about anyway? “play the f**king soing, go go”?

  17. POOPSOLDJA says:

    I really do not know what to make of this….I am afraid it is a cover or something that was unreleased, but at the same time that doesn’t make much sense. They release just about everything eventually. New material is on the horizon in my opinion, got a weird feeling. However I don’t think this new. I really hope so….

  18. Capt Midnight says:

    Sounds Incubus-ish. Must be an old unreleased track…surely.

  19. Sergio says:

    I love the song!, is like a ending of album! :D . I was at this concert, and immediately thought of a new song !! generally don’t play complete covers .

  20. MidnightVolante says:

    I dig it. Seems to have a bit of “Introduce Yourself” mixed in with a bit of Patton’s “A Perfect Place” self-titled track mixed with… who knows. Anxious to hear more!

  21. Sure-A says:

    It’s pretty obvious Patton doesn’t have all the lyrics written out yet. Part of it is just mumbled garbage. (He’s done it before.)

  22. grant says:

    Keep in mind…most of the denials they have made have been about not doing a new ALBUM…new songs (or completed versions of old ones) could still be on the table. I love that they have just been silent about it. If this is a new song, I can totally see them just pulling a Radiohead and suddenly putting a link up on FNM.COM like “hey by the way…new song…download it here…” I do so love that everything about this reunion has been on their own terms….

    Whatever it is. I like it…I like the sloppiness, the varying moods and speed of the song…very cool stuff.

  23. grant says:

    Also, much as I love Roddy, I’m very happy that the keys in this song aren’t just layered synths for the most part. The piano provides a solid foundation, and really sets the mood. I like the layering Roddy has done in the past just fine, and he’s one of my favorite things about the band, but even he will admit that he wasn’t part of much of the songwriting for KFAD…. but this really feels like he was a big part of the songwriing…assuming it’s an FNM song of course.. :)

    Also, Lewis M, from the sounds of Roddy hitting the keyboard during the song’s opening, it sounds like he may have been yelling at someone to change the keyboard voice to the WCAL one and it wasn’t happening. That did, however, sound like Patton yelling to play the song. Would be interesting to know what happened there…

  24. Lewis M says:

    Grant – well deduced, I think that’s it, because you hear Roddy checking the keyboard sound at the start of WCAL, and he has a mic and you hear a distant murmur that must be ‘The sound is not changing’ etc.

    Any way more important matters! :-) I for one like this song and as a seasoned listener of FNM live recordings I imagine it would sound waaaay better if laid down in the studio (for the doubters), it is very dynamic (i.e. lighter sections) and the subtle moments would sound great with that atmospheric keyboard and percussive bass ‘tick tick’ going on. But there’s no point speculating too much… we’ll just have to wait and see. My money is still on the notion that it actually has already been recorded and it is a KFAD B-side. Also, just thinking about it, the guitar part certainly has a Trey flavour to it, doesn’t it?

  25. Lewis M says:

    Ooh, just realised there’s tons more previous comments, sorry for repeating the KFAD patton quote theory! As somebody helpfully said, Patton’s remark (in Spanish) before the song is the only real clue we have, so
    “Welcome to our marriage….or funeral, what do you prefer?”
    A cryptic clue that might mean ‘we are joining together to try new material, might work, might not’?

  26. Billy G Is Not My Lover says:

    Had another listen to this today, and noticed that Billy’s bass is out of tune for the whole of We Care A Lot – I don’t think anyone’s mentioned this yet. He must have dropped the low string down to a D for the unknown song and forgotten to tune it back up.

    It sounds like Puffy notices and tries to stop the song early on, but for some reason they keep going and it sounds awful :). Maybe the on-stage monitoring was rubbish and they couldn’t hear themselves properly? It would explain why everyone was in a bad mood.

  27. grant says:

    Lewis-Yeah, I listened again & caught the extra comment. Good ear. :-) also good.comments about the song…very cool.
    Billy G- Love your handle by the way. :-) I think you are right about the monitors. both Patton and Jon are messing with them at the beginning of WCAL and Patton is laughing at several points. Bands often have a hard time with that at larger festival type shows like this. I was wondering why it sounded kind of off….

  28. Gill Rockatansky says:

    @Sergio “generally don’t play complete covers .”

    Highway Star
    I Started A Joke
    I Wanna Fuck Myself
    Let’s Lynch The Landlord
    Midnight Cowboy
    This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us
    War Pigs
    This Guy’s In Love With You

  29. grant says:

    Gill-I was thinking the same thing…solid list. Don’t forget “Kiss and Say Goodbye” Solid tune….

  30. 3d-alex says:

    From a comment on Facebook ( from Roddy:

    ” the mystery song sounded way better in montevideo. sorry, BA, it was pretty much my fault.”
    “xo, RB (taking partial credit)”

  31. douglasesper says:

    Not sure if this was mentioned but I’m sure when patton mentioned “welcome to our wedding…or our funeral” he was refering to the lighting and flowers setup along with their all white suits looking like a wedding band or possibly a funeral home with those flowers
    Though I’m just another jealous fan in the us heh

  32. Firsa says:

    There is a rumor going around now that The Song is actually a cover of a something Billy heard from a local band… I don’t buy it. If that was the case they wouldn’t be so self-conscious about it (Roddy wouldn’t post something like that). I wonder if they’ve named it yet…

  33. Matthew says:

    I’m kind of surprised that no one thinks this is the unreleased song from the KFAD…FFAL sessions that Patton mentioned they were going to play in the interview with Moviefone that was posted on the 2nd.

    Mike Patton:I think we are just going to do front to back. I think there maybe…We are doing a tune we’ve never done from that era. I guess that would be a B Side. I don’t know if we released that at all…I don’t know (laughs)!

  34. Miss Nessie says:

    It is said that this song is a b-side from KFAD… I would die to hear this mystery song somewhere in Europe, in a staadium or in a famous metal festival in Clisson, France <3

  35. 3d-alex says:


    I thought the same thing, that he was refering to the flowers…

  36. Lewis M says:

    Ahh… yeah the flowers make a lot more sense! Really interested to see what the Chile set list is like. No sign of the better version of the mystery song from yesterday yet. Not on Youtube anyway :-(

  37. Billy G Is Not My Lover says:

    If anyone’s interested, I took the recorded-from-tv video and replaced the crummy audio with the soundboard recording. It’s a nicer way to watch it, at least until the proshot video turns up somewhere. You can get it here.

    I wasn’t able to get the sync quite right, but it’s watchable. Also, the person who recorded it off their tv cut out a couple of bits at the start, so the beginning is a black screen followed by some out-of-sync footage. It all sorts itself out by the 2-minute mark.

    (and I think there might be something in that ‘song by an unknown band’ rumour)

    @ grant – thanks :).

  38. Juan Pablo says:

    It’s a new song guys, turns out that the guy that confirmed it was a real music journalist and a friend of the band. He claims that both Mikes said that much to him.

    Also: if it was B-side, Roddy wouldn’t refer to it as the “mysterious song”…

    This is the guy that confirmed it:

  39. Mike M. says:

    Here I am wondering about what the mysterious Faith No More is gonna do next. It’s 1994 and I’m in high school again!

    This is…probably…a new song. First you have Roddy’s Twitter apology. If this was just some old bullshit throwaway song he wouldn’t give a rat’s fart what people thought of it. (Speaking of throwaway songs, I wish they would play “The Cowboy Song” live once! Why not? They did “Spirit”!)

    Further proof is in the performance itself. They sound like they’re trying. Especially Patton. There’s none of his trademark bored yelling vocals here. You know, how sometimes Patton’s serious, and sometimes he jumps and yells. Well he’s rock solid here. Then at the end of the song, they they try really hard not to linger. No time to hear audience reaction (which honestly seemed a bit meh). So I vote for new song. What do I think of it you must be asking? I think it’s decent. It has potential. It reminds me of “The World Is Yours”. Same tempo and mood, though the Mystery Song is a better song. It’s just so exciting isn’t it? It’s too bad I live in the USA. Where great music comes to be buried alive.

  40. JG says:

    Does anyone just have the audio of this MYSTERY song “Killing Floor”?… love to listen to it in the truck. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Firsa says:

    So is that the working title, JG? If so… not bad ~ nice and edgy.

    As for lyrics, here are some of my thoughts:

    From what I deciphered (and it ain’t much) there seems to be some correlations with lyrics from Album of the Year, such as: “I’ll pick you up from the floor…” in Ashes to Ashes / “We’ll rise up from the killing floor”, and also “It won’t begin until you make it end” in LCOS and “We begin where you end (?)”. Soooo, the longshot estimate is that this is a never-recorded song from that era.

    Also… I *think* what Patton is screaming at the end of the song is actually “jealous”? as in:

    “Make (me/her/him/them?) jealous / Now I’m jealous / What else can we get? / Now I’m jealous / Jealous!!!”

    I know it doesn’t make sense but hey there you go…

  42. billll says:

    In the interview with Patton, he was asked about the KFAD show and if any b-sides would be played. His reply was directed towards the show in Chile only. They talk about the album being played in its entirety and if any b sides would be played. The comment from Patton that keeps being attributed to this new song is clearly in reference to the Chile show.

    All signs point towards new song.

  43. MM says:

    Se é um B-side ou música nova, quem se importa?
    Foi lindo ouvir material novo no meio de um show memorável, histórico.
    Música do caralho!
    Vou aguardar ansiosamente por mais.
    Faith No More nunca se repetiu, sempre evoluindo, nunca se importando em agradar “quem gostou do último álbum ou daquele hit legal”. Nunca temeram errar.
    Ouço as vozes dos maricas na época do Angel Dust reclamando que não tinha nada a ver com The Real Thing.
    E essa é uma das coisas que sempre admirei no Faith No More: essa postura “quem não gostou, que se retire.”
    Os caras estão dando o melhor de si. Tem algum fã aí pra curtir?

    Whether it’s a B-Side or a new song, who cares?
    It was beatiful to listen to new material being played at a memorable, historic show.
    Killer song!
    I’m going to wait ansiously for more.
    Faith No More never repeated itself, always evolving, never caring to please “who liked their last album or that cool hit”. Never feared being wrong.
    I hear the whining voices of the Angel Dust Era complaining it was nothing like The Real Thing.
    And that’s what I always admired in Faith No More: That “didn’t like it? leave it” attitude.
    The guys are giving their best. Are there any fans out there to aprove?

  44. MM says:

    “May the dead live”

  45. Steftones says:

    Just been listening to this track – quite a few times actually. I love it! First I’d heard about any potential new material(been busy with a move to Aus’, so I’m out of the loop). It sounds like an album closer to me, hopefully a new one!

    I’m sure people already know, but if not, there is a good video of da boysh playing ‘Absolute Zero’

    It really sounds great live, & may put paid to the feeling that the mystery song is a b-side from KFAD, when Patton had said they would play an old b-side from that era.

  46. K.Bickers says:

    I to belive this to be an old held back song…BUT just as great as the rest.

    On the earlyer comments. Its true the Epic album style was way different. But there was a reason why they went with another style. They wanted to do something and a style no one has ever herd before. FNM is wayyyyy ahead of there time. In fact alot of the music styles today dont even compare what FNM has produced. I havent known one single copy band or simular style of FNM music. One of FNM greatest fears is producing an album that is not up to standars. By standards they want something that no one has done before. They feel they have done everything they can without going to far out on their own style. So how do you create a future master piece that has been invited over and over by its own master?

  47. K.Bickers says:

    I just like to add that FNM should be in the rock hall of fame.

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