Links for a day…(vol. 97)

Got to say that the blog reanimation could not have been better timed; we have news oozing from every pore these days so here’s a relatively run-of-the-mill round-up.

  • Saying as it seems certain that FNM are back in Chile, here is a short interview with Mike Patton from Chilean blog/programme La Mierda en que Vivimos.
  • And a timely interview with veteran Northern Ireland noise merchants Therapy? in Ireland’s State magazine in which they recall an incident with Faith No More from a Sao Paolo show:
    “We went on a South American tour, and on one date there was a bloody bottle in the dressing room. Two cops were in the dressing room with us, and Faith No More had just come off stage. One of the band reached over and grabbed the cops gun from his holster. The whole room froze, and the two South American cops – it was in Sao Paulo – just looked at each other and burst out laughing. It could have gone horrendously wrong.”
  • Roddy has tweeted that he will be playing a DJ in an upcoming movie and wants name suggestions:

  • In Celebrity Cafe, the past two years have not happened.
  • I don’t think we featured this before – Machine Head’s cover of Jizzlobber. (Some context)
    [youtube id=”pJXMwI3INwg”]
  • Faith No More and Soundgarden at the L’Amour in New York in 1990
    [youtube id=”Cs557PNdfhc”] 
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29 Responses to Links for a day…(vol. 97)

  1. Andre Lima says:

    This FNM concert with Therapy? was the September 1995 Monsters of Rock, in Sao Paulo, during the KFAD tour with Dean Menta on guitars. It was an infamous FNM concert over here – the band seemed to be in a pretty bad mood, rarely speaking with the audience or with each other. To make things worse, there was a light problem towards the end of the show, which apparently shortened FNM’s concert.

  2. Gerard says:

    Unrelated to the post but in the last month or so I got around to uploading some clips from the Dublin 2009 show plus one from the Brixton as well. You can find them all at my channel here:

  3. lastoknow says:

    Fuck me, that FNM / Soundgarden was seriously entertaining…at the risk of sounding like an old dick…they dont do them like that anymore.

  4. Ti Mort says:


  5. benrun says:

    All right…what could it be? Roddy says we’ll find out soon…but soon for rabid FNM fans is never soon enough. My only guess i can come up with is…letting the audience pick the entire setlist? Any other guesses? If I’m right…Chileans…STAR AD!

  6. Jones says:

    Yeah like Mike could remember lyrics for songs he hasn’t sang in over 10 years.

  7. Firsa says:

    It’s easy to remember the lyrics to new music… just sayin’.

  8. Mat says:

    Something they’ve never done? Something very special?

    Angel Dust. Start to finish.

  9. Bobby B Better says:

    That Celebrity Cafe article is hilarious. Who wrote that crap? Billy tweeted about it too.

  10. Deframe says:

    Regarding Billy and Roddy’s Tweets about the Chile, my guess is that they’ll either perform an entire album (The Real Thing or Angel Dust) or play with two guitarists.

  11. Neenack says:

    Liking that Deframe…. would be happy with either album but Angel Dust would be my number one choice!

  12. benrun says:

    I don’t see how these guesses avoid “overstaying our welcome” though. Playing Angel Dust would make more sense than The Real Thing since that tour didn’t make it to South America. While I love all the AD songs, or any album, that wouldn’t really excite me all that much…mostly because I love ALL the songs…I would miss not hearing any of the other albums. I still think it’s something different. Maybe something with the venue or stage that would make it more intimate with the audience? FNM unplugged? Ha Ha! I still say…FNM with horns! Star AD! Epic with actual trumpets! Go Chicago on us guys! Anyone else remember Billy talking about how he wanted to play rock with horns in an interview last year?

  13. Ti Mort says:

    Although they have played many of Chuck’s songs…what if they did “we care alot” and “Introduce yourself” cover to cover…then released a double live album…Mike singing Chuck’s greatest hits!!!!! Are there any that they have never done over the years?

  14. benrun says:

    As far as I know, Patton has never done New Beginnings, Arabian Disco, and Anne’s Song, but he did all of the others, mostly in that Kaiserslaughten (spelling?) show in Germany. I think he would do them alot better now, but I think there is a 99% chance that this is not what they are planning. As far as doing albums…I think they all liked King For A Day better than AD, so I’m not sure they would play an album that they thought was inferior to another. Plus, Jon might get kinda bored playing someone else’s songs all night.

  15. Bobby B Better says:

    Notice in that Patton interview that he says they don’t have any plans to record…doesn’t mean they aren’t working on new material. According to Billy, they wouldn’t continue without bringing something new to the table. I’m hoping for a new song or two at the South American shows. As far as the surprise, I’m betting on them letting the fans pick the setlist somehow.

  16. Firsa says:

    ^Yep. Recording is expensive… better to test out the new songs with a concert audience to get a feel for how a new album would be received. But of course, Chile is kind of biased…!

    And assuming all that; even if the fans really dig the new songs, it almost doesn’t pay to record anything these days. If anything they’ll do a live DVD (…like we were expecting from the other “last” concert). Why waste all of that cash they made?

    In spite of my sarcastic tone, I still love this band… I just want something new to look forward to!

  17. benrun says:

    Yep, I still say it’s fans picking the setlist or bringing up a brass section or strings or something. Billy said he wanted to play rock with horns & Patton’s had a lot of practice working with orchestras lately. Whether it’s the setlist or not, could I get an Amen out there for them putting “Star A.D.” in the set? Star AD! Star AD! Star AD! One of those guys has got to check this site out sometimes!

  18. Chris T says:

    I’m pretty intrigued about whatever it is the band is going to attempt. I do think the easy answer is that they’re going to do one of their albums in it’s entirety (and this seems to be a popular thing in the last couple of years, as bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Coheed and Cambria, even Motley Crue, have all done this with a particular album) and that would be pretty cool, because it would guarantee we’d get to hear some songs that they never play.

    The only other thing I can think of is something wacky like Patton and Mosley getting equal song time or something, but I highly doubt that.

  19. Adam says:

    They tried the Mosley thing on night 3 at the Warfield and he sounded horrible…that is when he remembered the words. Cool for nostalgia but not for my ears. US Warmup shows anyone???

  20. shakey says:

    I don’t see FNM doing an entire album. Since when have they ever done the trendy thing. I would actually be disappointed if they did.

  21. Chris T says:

    “I don’t see FNM doing an entire album. Since when have they ever done the trendy thing. I would actually be disappointed if they did.”

    I would normally agree (well, except about being disappointed about it, because I think it would be kind of cool), but I’m just going by the “something we’ve never attempted before” logic. Playing one of their albums in it’s entirety is something they’ve never done before and I’m just racking my brain as to what else it could be.

    Maybe they’ll all switch instruments ala the “Falling To Pieces” outtake on Video Croissant.

  22. benrun says:

    In actuality, there were plenty of times on “The Real Thing” tour where they did play the entire album (and more), just not in the album order. They came close a few times with AD also. Like I said, that would be kinda boring to me. I say horns and/or strings or setlist. The setlist thing would fit best with “not wearing out our welcome” by giving the audience more control. Maybe they’ll have some kind of a voting system on songs where they will still kind of control the setlist by picking which songs we’re allowed to vote for.

  23. Firsa says:

    Here’s a new 5+ minutes of Mike Patton talking… Mostly about stuff we hard-core fanatics already know; plus an interesting Morricone embellishment, and a subtle confirmation that he’s still married (sorry ladies!).


    Looks like he’s really stoked about doing video game soundtracks (which I think is a GREAT idea) :)

  24. Jones says:

    Thanks for the link, Firsa. I’d love for him to start doing some video game composing here and there, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his other music, of course (oh, and as long as the game isn’t shitty, so I don’t regret buying it).

  25. Bobby B Better says:

    …another guess…some new tweettubebook Internet thing…like they did at that one concert with the video screen

  26. Luke Howe says:

    I’d love to see them with Chuck and Mike for a whole gig that would be awesome, not too fussed about Jim Martin though – he doesn’t seem to really care about them anyway….

    I’ve started a facebook page to get a new album out of the guys, please have a look, I would love it for all you FNM fans to join….

  27. stalusk says:

    Check out 31 Days Of Faith No More all this month over at

  28. Firsa says:

    Good GOD…

    It’s on btJunkie. I haven’t downloaded it (yet). Caveat emptor.

  29. Jason says:

    My guess is Patton sings all the songs in espanol or the orchestra.

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