Faith No More to play Brazil

 Faith No More will play the SWU festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil on 14 November.

More details on the festival at the official site here.

As Roddy alluded to in his Tweet announcing the date, the festival raises money and awareness for a Brazilian environmental charity SWU. More details on the sustainability project here.

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  1. Andre Lima says:

    It’s totally confirmed, FNM even got into Twitter’s trending topics over here in Brazil.

    Check the festival webpage confirming the band:

    And here’s the translation of the webpage:

    Faith No More comes back to Brazil next november 14th!

    What do you know about Faith No More? Ok, you know that the band was formed in1982, in California. You know that lots of people, including Courtney Love, were vocalists of the band. You know that Mike Patton was admitted in the band a few weeks prior to the recording of The Real Thinh album, in 1989, getting straight to the studio. Now, knowing it all and not getting to see these guys live, on stage, is enough? Get note: next November 14 Faith No More will join the SWU Music And Arts Festival!

    From the release of The Real Thing, the band turned into a huge international success, becoming one of the greatest rock bands of the 1990’s. Among their most known songs are “Epic” and “Falling To Pieces” from The Real Thing (1989), “Midlife Crisis” and “Easy”, a Commodores cover, both from the album Angel Dust (1992), besides another hit, “Ashes To Ashes”, song from the 1997 record Album of the Year.

    One year later, in 1998, the end. The members decided to disband the group, but their long awaited return occurred in May 2009, including concerts right here in Brazil. You, that already got to check Faith No More in concert, know what we’re talking about – e surely will be there again November 14th. And you, that never saw them live, can’t be nuts to lose this new opportunity!

    SWU 2011
    The SWU Music & Arts Festival 2011 happens next November 12 through 14, in the city of Paulinia, countryside of Sao Paulo. The festival will have four stages: the main ones, Energy and Conscience, and the New Stage, where debuting tendencies and alternative groups will perform. SWU 2011 will also have a huge tent for electronic music.

    Up until now the festival has confirmed the following artists: Faith No More, Sonic Youth, Peter Gabriel & The New Blood Orchestra, Megadeth, The Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dog, Damian Marley, Neil Young (who will participate in a sustainability forum); and the DJs James Murphy, Frankie Knuckles and Sven Vath.

  2. Mikeless says:

    Ewww…. the black eyed peas. Seriously, are they trying to kill people’s ears with their horrible, horrible “music”? Oh, lord have mercy on the music world! Nothing but electronic and dance music with no talent! Alright, but is this real? Oh man, that’s awesome! Finally some good FNM news! This means there really is a chance they’ll continue as a band and probably even record some new music. But still, I’m very saddened that a MR BUNGLE reunion will never happen. At least FNM are huge in Brazil and Chile, which made it all possible. But Bungle? underrated all over…

  3. ShawnJ says:

    Whoa. FNM -AND- Peter Gabriel? That’s my top 2 right there. Hope this gets a webcast.

  4. Aleem says:

    This is such good news. So happy to hear they are not over and done with. I can’t fly out to Brazil but as long as they are still alive.

  5. Just a Fan says:

    @ Mikeless

    I’m not counting out a Mr. Bungle reunion, although if it happens I doubt it’ll be in the very near future. Trey and Mike played on the same stage with Zorn a few times recently with Cobra (which didn’t necessarily mean anything since it was Zorn’s gig)…BUT after Trey performed with Mondo Cane in San Fransisco–Patton must’ve asked him to play with him–I’m hopeful that they’ll mend their relationship.

    Then maybe Patton can use some of that sweet FNM reunion cash and fly Bar and Heifetz in for a Bungle tour! Woo hoo!

  6. Firsa says:

    Not surprised! Hopefully we will hear some new stuff.

  7. JDub says:

    This is great news. Congrats Brazil

  8. shakey says:

    Just when you thought there was no FNM news. I’ve been saying since the end of the reunion tour there was no way they were done. It’s just a shame they don’t get the same love in the U.S. as they do in places like Brazil. Then people like myself, who can’t afford to travel to CA or NY could get a chance to see them in the Midwest. Now the question is, are they writing new material?

  9. bernard says:


    today is my birthday… it just got better

  10. Nick says:

    Such encouraging news. Very happy. Wonder what the setlist will look like?? Lol

  11. Adam says:

    So much for “Kiss and Say Goodbye”.

  12. shakey says:

    A thread needs to be started, songs they missed on the reunion tour that you would like to here played.

  13. Ricardo (From Brazil) says:


  14. moose146 says:

    shit lives forever!!!

  15. Ti Mort says:

    Billy Gould stated that they are trying to sort out another date for Chile…..this info is via twitter. Also, The NEW Fantomas comes out Sept 6th 2011….not in July as I had previously stated. Amazing news about the new shows. Didn’t Billy just say in a recent interview that if they were going to continue on they would need something fresh and new….just saying.

  16. Integra says:

    fuck yeah! F.N.M. and Peter Gabriel = my absolute DREAM GIG!

  17. Jones says:

    As for not touring the US, I don’t think it’s that they don’t get “enough love” here, as the NY shows were packed throughout and a lot of people I talked to were out-of-staters. What it is, I’m not sure, but boy does it suck for everyone who couldn’t make it to the few dates they put out. I don’t really envy the Brazilians here because that’s a really horrible line-up, wow…

  18. Rey says:

    grats Brazil!

    other news, sorry if already mentioned elsewhere:
    Patton @ Comic-Con

  19. leroydragon says:

    cos baby it aint over till its over!!!!

    new album fuckers..

    let me die a happy man!

  20. nutter says:


    I’ve only managed to catch FNM on their final 90s tour and for the first night in Brooklyn last year, but those were the two greatest shows I’ve ever seen (and I used to see 3-4 shows a week from ages 14-19).

    New material or no, just get with a six hour car ride of Connecticut and I’ll catch a show or two.

    Honestly, this reunion is the most excited I’ve ever been about a band, and I’m 30. It’s amazing that they sound the best they ever have, too.

  21. neenack says:

    here we go again! see you soon fuckers in Brazil :)

  22. Mike says:

    Whoa! Patton at Comic-Con! What a scoop.

    The FNM show is good news for lots of different reasons.

    FNM do much better, creative, sets when they’ve had a sabbatical between shows.

    Look at that Pills for Breakfast + Be Aggressive + Kiss and Say Goodbye setlist they dropped in LA. Give them some time to mellow out and recharge their batteries in-between shows and they can really mix-up the set lists with something new and creative.

    Everyone is pretty much on record as saying they’re not going to keep on doing this if it’s just old songs, so a part of me is hoping that they’re working on something. Doesn’t have to be a new record. Hell, it could even just be a single, but I don’t think they’re the kind of musicians that would do this right now unless they were bringing something new to the table

  23. Aussie fan says:

    Notice that the photo on that website is a NEW promotional photo…probably taken before their last concert in Chile but still very exciting!!

  24. Ben says:

    I’ll fly down to Brazil if I have to but would prefer another double in LA (wishful thinking i know) Festivals are downers anyway, FNM deserve dedicated venues/arenas! But nevertheless good news indeed!!

  25. benrun says:

    As far as dream setlists…I would love to hear a live version of Star AD…it’s a very fun song that Patton could probably sing the hell out of, and I don’t think it would be too hard to arrange for the stage. While at it, throw in Smaller and Smaller and She Loves Me Not, and I think that would cover all of the songs off of their studio albums. Of course Das Schutzenfest would be funny too! As far as unretiring songs from the past, I would vote for Faster Disco, Anne’s Song, Kindergarten (love this live), keep playing Cuckoo For Caca (my current favorite song they do live), Mouth To Mouth, and Paths Of Glory (both AOTY songs that sound great live to me and I don’t know why they stopped playing them). Songs to either retire or give a good rest too: Epic, Just A Man, Digging The Grave, Last Cup Of Sorrow, Easy, Evidence, and The Real Thing. Some recorded songs that would be great to hear live for the first time would be I Won’t Forget You, Absolute Zero, and Hippie Jam Song (hey, it’s a festival!).

  26. Chris P. says:

    So it begins again! I couldn’t be happier! As long as FNM are playing somewhere, ANYWHERE, in the world, regardless of whether I’ll be able to see them or not, makes me feel all warm inside. Went to the Warfield shows, missed out on the LA shows (tickets and travel arrangements in hand…last minute cancellation), and would LOVE to wipe that bad taste out of my mouth by attending some more shows :)

  27. Adam says:

    I know nothing about Brazil. How am I going to swing this one?

  28. mark says:

    Fantastic news! Kind of lost for words since I was slowly accepting that as a band, they were done.

    Does anyone know if the band members are aware that the phoenix festival in the uk is being resurrected? They’d probably be interested seeing how fnm headlined it twice (maybe more?) and played in 97 (The whole show can be found on youtube).

  29. Bobby B Better says:

    It ain’t over until Puffy sings! Great news!

  30. dan says:

    Just the incredible news I needed to hear!! Even if I am stuck in Oz….Great sign that there could be more to come!! BOOOOM!!!

    Gotta have a look at the cost of getting to Brazil from Oz, although if they’re planning Chile, that would be even better!

  31. Andre Lima says:

    More cool news: PRIMUS just confirmed they’re in the same bill as FNM on the festival, nov 14th. So far, a great line-up ( some may complain about Megadeth… ).

  32. Priscilla says:

    I´d love to see them in Rio de Janeiro, my city. The SWU Festival takes place in a farm in the middle of nowhere in Sao Paulo…

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