Links for a day…(vol. 94)

  • Via Mike in the Comments – the band meet wrestler Roddy Piper backstage on iconic UK Channel 4 Friday night show The Word sometime in the early 1990s.
  • Via Integra, very early Chuck-era Faith No More play Introduce Yourself at the Roxy.
  • FNM are again not playing the Forestglade festival tomorrow despite what Pollstar might think.
  • Via Patton archivo, Patton joins up with Tool for Frank Sinatra Angels eye cover in 2002.
  • Bill Gould has announced another Talking Book show for San Francisco on 11 September.
  • Faith No More interviewed on the 1990s UK metak show Raw Power
  • Roddy was at the premiere of the Patty Schemel documentary Hit So Hard at the Outfest Film Festival last night. Roddy has composed the score for the film.



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5 Responses to Links for a day…(vol. 94)

  1. Chris T says:

    Faith No More meets Roddy Piper? Just when I think I’ve seen every bit of FNM footage that’s out there…

  2. Jazzlubber says:

    WHA…? My favorite band from my teen years once met my favorite wrestler from my childhood? That’s just a great convergence of my early idols, there.

  3. Sabra says:

    Faith no More just confirmed a show im Brazil… SWU in november… Didn’t even know they were planning a tour this year…
    Link in portuguese…

  4. Andre Lima says:

    Hot news, everyone: Faith No More was just confirmed in the line-up for the SWU Festival, in Sao Paulo ( Brazil ), next november 14th!!!!

  5. Jones says:


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