Faith No More Links for a day…(vol. 93)

  • On the eve of the release of Bill Gould/Jared Blum’s Talking Book, here is video from their GAMH show in San Francisco last week.
  • The album is out on 24 May – check out the Koolarrow page.
  • Best Faith No More sample usage ever? Trouble in My Soul from Mexican Budweiser featuring a Stripsearch sample. (Via Holy Filament on Facebook)

    The track features Artwork Jamal, the one and only Bill Gould and Ulises Lozano.
  • Patton Archivo are reporting that a new Tomahawk album looks likely later this year.
  • Lusty’s Pivixki/Patton review on Gadfly. And I think she spoke for us all with this: “Whether you want to call it noise music, experimental jazz or classic metal, Pivixki/Patton (and The Talking Book) delivered, winning over new fans. Hopefully the next time these guys play a show together, the names on the marquee won’t seem so obscure.”
  • Start of Life Crisis. Kid on YouTube watched Faith No More Midlife Crisis on YouTube.
  • Faith No More open for Billy Idol in 1990 at the Concord Pavilion.
  • The Crab Song in Brazil in 1991
  • In tribute to Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday, here is Mike Patton with Jamie Saft and Ballad of a Thin Man


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One Response to Faith No More Links for a day…(vol. 93)

  1. Jones says:

    1. New Tomahawk sounds cool, but Anonymous was my favorite album of theirs, so I’m a bit disappointed if it’s really gonna be like their first two.
    2. For that matter, I’d rather see Lovage/Nevermen/Fantomas/whathaveyou before a new Tomahawk.

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