Links for a day…(vol. 85)

  • Pogo at Patton Archivo has the scoop on the new Mike Patton track Catch My Heart, in which the Faith No More vocalist provides vocals for German band Bohren & Der Club of Gore on a track from their new album Beileid. The album is released on 22 April and the track is a cover of the 1985 track by German metal outfit Warlock.
    Listen here.
    And new YouTube version below

    Flickr Photo set
  • Mike also of course performed at the John Zorn-curated Japan benefit concert in New York on Sunday night. Here is the New York Times take on the event and Una Sigaretta below.
  • Time running out on the Faith No More signed poster auction. Highest bid still stands at a bargain $610.
  • A slightly different take on Midlife Crisis. One of my favourite versions of the song. (Thanks Mark)
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14 Responses to Links for a day…(vol. 85)

  1. benrun says:

    Yep! Definitely the best Midlife Crisis cover version out there!

  2. lastoknow says:

    I like it…a lot. I wish we could hear something like this out there in the mainstream music media, you know to give the young things of today a bit of a taste of FNM.

  3. Jones says:

    holy shit mike patton i love you.

    Well, not really… but that Bohren cover is some fire.

  4. Firsa says:

    Midlife Crisis cover just didn’t do it for me. Probably would have seemed better if I were a guy :)

  5. alien_visionary says:

    Glad you liked the cover admin…. I thought she put her own little vocal touch on it. Much more than I can say for that turd, David Draiman.

  6. Firsa says:

    Should’ve held my comment till after I checked out the Warlock cover….

    Agreed, Jones, it’s absolutely amazing. Granted I haven’t heard Patton’s entire catalog, but I’ve never heard him sound like *that*. So raw it makes me slightly uncomfortable. Almost makes Mondo Cane and Lovage sound like karaoke (to me, at least).

  7. admin says:

    Cheers for bringing it to my attention.

  8. Jones says:

    Just checked out that cover… it is Not Good.

  9. whatta ya mean it would have sounded better if it was a
    guy. (just kidding) lol Thanks for all the positive feed back on my
    “Midlife Crisis” cover.(it was done in me room) There is also a
    studio version of the “Midlife Crisis” song on my myspace (much better then my room will be on my second album. it’s no Mike Patton but
    “Faith No More ” is and will always be my Favorite band. Word !
    Much Love -Crystal Sunshine

  10. Firsa says:

    Hey Crystal, nothing wrong with paying homage to a band you respect. Patton does it all of the time. In fact, this Warlock cover strongly reminds me of Leonard Cohen :), though I’m not sure if it was intentional.

    Anyway re. the New York benefit… I hate making predictions but if any MP fans missed that show or the Masada marathon ~ I have a real big hunch Patton will be at the 4/6 show as well.

    In fact (if I may be so bold in my predictiveness) I wouldn’t be surprised if he did a duet with Norah Jones… if that’s the case, that would be legendary…!

  11. Firsa says:

    Oops, Zorn’s next benefit shows are actually April 8th and 9th, not the 6th. So much for my fortunetelling skills :P

  12. Crystal Sunshine says:

    yeah but… when Patton does a cover it just kicks ass! lol
    but when Crystal Sunshine does a odd jazz cover of Midlife Crisis…well I’m surprised anyone likes it! LOL
    Hell, Mike Patton can make a fart sound good. ;-)

  13. Pattonfan72 says:

    I love the midlife crisis cover by a girl! Fucking amazing to me! WOW! reminds me of when Tori Amos covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

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