Links for a day…(vol. 78)

  • Faith No More have sold 12,000 tickets so far for their final Second Coming tour show in Santiago, Chile on 5 December. More details here.
  • The Faith No More fan interview with Spanish subtitles:
    [youtube id=”z4iPqFAr95o”]
  • The triple gate-fold die-cut on 180gram vinyl version of Mondo Cane can now be pre-ordered.
  • Faith No More do Ashes to Ashes on UK TV Channel 4 show TFI Friday in 1996:
    [youtube id=”C6GPs7eTaUo”]
  • Slow. News. Week.
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11 Responses to Links for a day…(vol. 78)

  1. tbrandao says:

    Completely unrelated to the post, I went to the BlackDiamondSkye tour last week in San Diego and noticed that Faith No More and Alice in Chains share some of the same crew members. Manager Tim Moss included.

  2. Mip says:

    Live CD/DVD Please !!!

  3. Chris T says:

    I know I’m just nitpicking, but is that Ashes To Ashes performance really from 1996? I only ask since Album of the Year came out in 1997.

  4. Integra says:

    i dont like how FNM dress up in suits. they looked better in just normal clothes.

  5. leroydragon says:

    I agree Integra! Over the suits.. Billy get back in the Napalm Death T’s !!

  6. fernetpunker says:

    @ChrisT, you´re right. It must be 1997.

  7. That particular TFI performance is from December 1997 shortly after Ashes To Ashes was reissued in the UK. They also played TFI earlier in May just before the first release, I think it was the day after the London show where Mike brained himself on the drums and he has a massive scar:

  8. admin says:


  9. matthius23 says:

    Struwwelpeter, you’re totally right. The Astoria show was on a Wednesday – they were giving away tix to TFI in the lobby afterwards – I couldnt go ‘cos my Dad was getting married =(

  10. Chris T says:

    On the subject of the suits, I have mixed feelings. In a way, I do feel like they’re a bit played out and it’s time for a change. On the flipside, they’ve gone the entire reunion tour wearing them and they may as well finish things off with them.

    Now, if Faith No More DOES come back for more dates in 2011, I’d say it’s time to retire the suits.

  11. mrockerfella says:

    Iro – Performance date – As the uploader for this partic FNM vid I have altered to 1997. Thanks for the info :D

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