Faith No More at Optimus Alive pros-shot video, set list and more

As those of you you followed the live television and online broadcast, Faith No More produced one of the best performances of their Second Coming in front of an appreciative, inspiring and knowledgeable Lisbon crowd. With Mike Patton conversing with the locals in fluent Portuguese there was a real bond between the audience and band and the raw energy of the two was mutually enforcing. FNM also served up a refreshed set order and played such fan favourites as Cuckoo… and As the Worm Turns as well as Portuguese special Caralho Voador.
Well after 2am local time Faith No More left the stage ahead of a marathon tour leg which takes in Madrid, Bilbao, Serbia, Athens, Belgium, Bern, Austria and Finland in the next 9 days.
On a personal note, I had a wonderful time and thanks to all the band and tour manager Tim Moss for their assistance and of course for such a storming show.
More to follow:
Loads already up on YouTube and here is a selection.

Set list:
Midnight Cowboy
From Out of Nowhere
Be Aggressive
The Real Thing
As The Worm Turns
Last Cup of Sorrow
Cuckoo for Caca
Midlife Crisis
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Ashes to Ashes
King for a Day
Just a Man

Chariots of Fire
Surprise! You’re Dead!

Caralho Voador

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20 Responses to Faith No More at Optimus Alive pros-shot video, set list and more

  1. Gronk says:

    Nice setlist. Keen to see a torrent of the broadcast ;)

  2. Just A Fan says:

    Here’s the audio of the show: SHAWN E provided the clip of the performance on an earlier post, I chopped it up into individual tracks:


  3. Love it!!! Just watch the vids and that gives me lotsa hope for tonight!!! The Special song, in my opinion, will be Spanish Eyes or La Cucaracha mouahahahahahahaha!!! Seriously, they were good as I could see. For those who are in Madrid, see y’all tonight!!!
    Signed “a froggy FNMer who wears a tiara” ;-)

  4. Ti Mort says:

    Once again…not really feeling a cover song from their back catalogue as the “special song”, although, Miss Chievous, I think that is a pretty good guess if it were to happen in Spain. I just have this gut feeling that they are going to drag it out till the bitter end and then….during their final encore….a little surprise before they go….

  5. Gezarie says:

    damn! I missed the stream. But that show looks incredible. Love that Mike let the crowd sing the opening of The Real Thing

  6. Paulo Sobral says:

    Check this video! Mike Patton´s Stage Diving and how he lost his shoe…right over my head! Priceless…
    Live@Optimus Alive 2010 in Lisbon, 8th July

  7. kevbayer says:

    thanks for the Audio hook ups!!!!

  8. Nick says:

    I hope all these shows are getting into their head. The overal crowd response has been amazing and hopefully that will be enough to keep the boys touring and dare I say produce new material. I cAn’t wait to download the audio and the videos I’ve seen have been nothing short of amazing. Unfortunately I missed the broadcast :-( I’m still thinking about the 2 shows in Bklyn, I can’t get them out of my head. What an expierience!!!!!!!!

  9. alien_visionary says:

    I went to 6 of 7 US dates (passed on Coachella). How can anyone watch these clips and not expect new material? Seriously? The enthusiasm from the guys throughout the tour has been unbelievable. I would be shocked…..absolutely SHOCKED if we don’t get a new album.

  10. Nick says:

    Alien- just curious which show would u consider the best out of the 6 US dates u saw?

  11. Ti Mort says:

    Does anyone know if there is a live feed for tonight in Spain? If so, please post the link….thanks!!!!

  12. alien_visionary says:

    @Nick Wow, that’s a tough call man. Day 2 in San Fran was pretty unbelievable (as was Day 3 w/Chuck). I met the band those nights as well so they hold a special place.

    I think the July 5th show in Brooklyn was on par with both San Fran nights as far as performance and setlist.

    The crowd in Philly was AWESOME….loved that show.

  13. SHAWN E says:

    WOW!!! Great footage Paulo! He looked serious about getting his shoe back! LOL

  14. SHAWN E says:

    By the way there is a whole bunch of clips up folks!

  15. Mikeless says:

    When they came over at SF, I really wanted them to play Cuckoo For Caca on the 2nd night. But hey, it was still a pleasure seeing them. Sh!t lives forever!

  16. Nick says:

    Nice find Brownstien! God bless the Internet!!!

  17. Agata says:

    I also missed livestream, thanks for Exit livestream guys :)

  18. admin says:


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