Faith No More at the Mann Center, Philadelphia set list and video

FNM returned to Philly on Fourth of July eve for another superb show. A similar set list to the first night in Brooklyn with Worm and We Care a Lot replaced by Digging the Grave.

Patton on ladder during Just a Man
[youtube id=”TbcF7bRv-Yw”]
[youtube id=”r2CnDsOMkBw”]
[youtube id=”PORqpk9d9jM”]

[youtube id=”2OMtCsHGHYA”]
[youtube id=”zNcaJUchnEo”]
[youtube id=”56HkUV-nUZ8″]
[youtube id=”26oNKapUO7Y”]

Philadelphia City Paper: “Something felt unfulfilled. The energy was high, but goddamn, this is Faith No More. Then, in the midst of “Epic,” when Patton is standing with his perfect posture and his stone glare on the audience, it hits you: goddamn, this is Faith No More, after 12 years, and that itself is theatrical enough.”
Philadelphia Inquirer: “They were at their best when their mutant-metal eclecticism gave way to more focused explorations: The soulful “Evidence” and piano-pop cover of the Commodores’ “Easy” were the night’s highlights, and made the pile-driving riffs and Patton’s black-metal growl all the more effective when they returned.”

Set list:
From Out of Nowhere
Be Aggressive
Chinese Arithmetic (featuring Rahzel)
Surprise! You’re Dead!
Last Cup of Sorrow
Midlife Crisis
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Ashes to Ashes
King for a Day
Just A Man

Chariots of Fire/ Stripsearch
Digging the Grave

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42 Responses to Faith No More at the Mann Center, Philadelphia set list and video

  1. Prozac says:

    Two East Coast shows down…The final act is on Monday night!!! I have no doubt they will play that one time song that night. See you there FNM fans!!!

  2. saget says:

    great show. Opener (i assume he’s part of Patton’s label?) was a little repetitive. FNM took stage at 9:05 and finished about 10:45. The middle section from Surprise! to Ashes is about as good as it gets (though really Easy brings it to a halt). Only complaint is the overall length of the show. It’s a reunion show…they can’t squeeze 2 hours?

  3. Firsa says:

    So, who caught the shirt?

  4. Jones says:

    Yeah, Friday’s show was a bit short too, but… at least you got to see them? Which is a hell of a lot more than most US FNM fans can say.

  5. No doubt that the “surprise song” was always supposed to be on Monday – that was the first show announced, and like us people who caught Day Three at The Warfield, they like to reward the first ticket buyers with the spoils…

    In our case though… we got Chuck Mosely, LOL. You guys will probably get As the Worms Turns, though luckily WITHOUT Chuck this time :P

    Glad the East Coasters are getting such awesome shows, frankly I would have prefered Rahzel to the White Trash Debutantes, but whatever :)


  6. TheDBP says:

    Here’s the best available videos from Mann Center:

    I’ll be updating it as new ones pop up.

  7. shakey says:

    Was the show a sellout or near sellout?

  8. Ti Mort says:

    I don’t think so Lusty…..they have played worm several times…..I still think there is going to be a new song. Why are you so sure it is going to be in NYC…there are still a handful of shows in Europe. If they are indeed releasing a new song wouldn’t you want to perform it in front of the biggest audience? Just a thought….

  9. Ti Mort says:

    P.S I thought The Debutantes gaver shit….

  10. Andrew says:

    Is Rahzel supposed to like the guy from Police Academy?

  11. Ti Mort –

    I guess it depends whether you think the supposed song is a brand new song or just a song they haven’t played before, and then whether you consider the East Coast shows to be one leg or not.

    And in the case that it’s not, I hope they play the special song in Finland :)

    I just wouldn’t be surprised if it was at an NYC show because that’s solely an FNM gig – VS a festival appearance where there would be many people not there to see the band. But you may be right. I can only speculate.

  12. Andrew – Now THAT would be rad! *helicopter sounds*

  13. Ti Mort says:

    Yeah…that makes sense too. I see your point with the whole “solo” show idea. Well, here’s hoping! I would rather hear it sooner than later…..

  14. Ti Mort says:

    Sorry…that was for you Lusty…hahaha

  15. Doug says:

    I agree lusty…the surprise song will probably be tomorrow in Brooklyn. I’m thinking it gonna be Jay-Z NY cover.

  16. Jason says:

    My guess is fnm will cover the NY song by Jay z and Alicia keys in NY ofcourse

  17. Chris T says:

    Not to be a downer, but I still say I’d be shocked if the special song turned out to be a new tune. I just don’t see it happening.

  18. Kyle says:

    Show was incredible. It was worth the wait. The highlight of the night was when Rahzel came out during Chinese Arithmitec. THAT was a real treat. Also when FNM broke into the Stevie Wonder tune duirng the break in Midlife.

    The show wasnt sold out, but I must say I was VERY surprised by the turnout. With hardly any promotion, FNM brought in easily 10,000. Great venue, and it was truly a treat heaing everyone around talking about fnm instead of me telling people just how great they are. Going to the final NY show! Cant wait.

  19. Sloppy Gonzalez says:

    Maybe they’ll play Another Body Murdered? Is that rap group from NYC?

  20. Ti Mort says:

    Guys….are you for real!!! If FNM cover That Jay z song I may tune out….they have so much more class than that…..this isn’t about other people…this is all for us….

  21. Prozac says:

    Its gonna be HOT in NYC tonight…Love it!!! I hope the crowd is rowdy. Countdown begins..

  22. MC says:

    Anyone know if there’s any parking for tonights show or do you just have to fin a spot on the street?

  23. Nick says:

    Mc- I got there early on Friday and found a spot 2 blocks down within 10 minutes. Hope that helps n hope I have the same luck tonight! Hot as he’ll in Brooklyn right now tonight is gonna be amazing can’t wait! Enjoy evryone !

  24. Adam says:

    see ya at the bar one block down on 8th!!!!

  25. Firsa says:

    I hate all of you with a jealous passion! Have fun tonight ~ can’t wait to hear what the special song is!

  26. Nick says:

    Firsa- I felt that jealous rage fir a year n a half until the finally announced the NYC shows! Lol

  27. Integra says:

    Bill’s words…

    “We’re planning 1 special song, for 1 performance only in this next leg, though we’re not going to say which show”.

    I’d say it would be the show in Lisbon Portugal.

  28. Eric says:

    Uhh broken arm, stuck in DC – can’t get to the show – please FNM, come back soon.

  29. Andrew says:

    The show was promoted heavily, I would estimate 5,000 people there. The venue seats 4,500, and the seats weren’t sold out. And there wasn’t many on the lawn.

    According to the printed setlist they were to play Worm and We Care A Lot at the end, but dropped both for the unplanned Digging The Grave. Disappointing.

    Could the special song have been Chinese Arthmetic with Razael of The Roots crew? I would think the special song would be something the are only doing one of the three nights.

    I had front row center seats…amazing.

  30. Andrew says:

    A clarification, the venue seats 4700 in the seats, and another 8600 on the lawn. I estimate 4000 in the seats and another 1000 were sold for the lawn. 5000 is a respectable draw, but not crazy.

  31. Firsa says:

    Integra – yeah I remember looking up responses to Billy’s tweet (I’m so hyper) and somebody said something like “it’s going to be in Portugal, I already know”… but since they were from Portugal I thought it was just dry sarcasm…

    Either way, it doesn’t sound like tonight was the night. :(

  32. Firsa says:

    Oh wait – they played The Crab Song tonight!!??? That would be special, wouldn’t it?

  33. Krystalita says:

    The Crab Song hasn’t been played at all, so that has to be the special song. I hope a video of it pops up soon…

  34. SeanL says:

    Eh, the Crab Song doesn’t seem that special to me…

    Besides, why would the special song only be the 5th song in the setlist?

  35. SeanL says:

    Also, wouldn’t it make sense for the special song to be in Libson, which is where they played their last show before the break up?

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  37. Nathan says:

    For all who are interested, the philly show was recorded and is now up at dimeadozen:

  38. Nathan says:


    It wasn’t The Crab Song. According to Simone Turkington (Neil Hamburger a.k.a Gregg Turkington’s wife) regarding the Crab Song being the special song via twitter: “That wasn’t even it. Roddy said it was some Serbian song that they are going to play in Serbia, not east cost. Whatever I loved it!”

    Well. Alright then.

  39. Frankie says:

    Saw the Brooklyn show and I was blown away. I always liked fnm but that was the best performance I ever saw I mean it holy crap.

  40. slave524 says:

    Wow man that is a good recording of the set! Thanks!
    My buddy and I flew over from Seattle to see that show. It was like a pilgrimage,like Muslims going to kiss the rock. haha. It was a great show.

  41. tbrandao says:

    Philly show on megaupload? Can anyone transfer the file? Much appreciated! :-)

  42. Just A Fan says:

    @ tbrandao

    I uploaded it to Mediafire:

    (it’s in mp3 format)

    Also, here’s the Portgual show:


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