Faith No More's 1983 first show audio and background

Footage of Faith No More’s first ever live show at the Mabs in San Francisco on 11 October in 1983.
The four-song set included The Jungle, Why Do You Bother?, Spirit and another unknown song.
According to the gig database the band line-up was:
Joe Pop-O-Pie (vocals)
Jake Smith (guitar)
Bill Gould (bass)
Mike Bordin (drums)
Roddy Bottum (keyboards)

The Jungle
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Why Do You Bother?
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Joe Pop-O-Pie was the vocalist of the legendary Pop-o-pie in San Francisco in the early 1980s and there was a revolving crossover of members between the band and FNM. Find some details and photos on Pop-o-pie here. The band were famed for regularly playing their one hit – a cover of the Grateful Dead’s Truckin’ – over and over again in live shows. A contemporary report in the San Francisco Bay Guardian quotes Billy Gould as saying: “That was actually one of the highlights of my life,” Gould said about performing the song live and watching unsuspecting audiences go from nervous laughter to mild annoyance and then to full-fledged anger and, finally, passive acceptance. “There was this one [show] we did in Texas, like in Dallas at this warehouse, where we just played ‘Fascists Eat Donuts’ for so long that I was actually starting to hallucinate. I was starting to hear new melodies and new songs, because it was just this drone that was going on relentlessly.”

Roddy tweeted on the show this week: “First gig was phenoms. We had really grand aspirations and our aim was to hypnotize. Pretty certain we pulled it off.”

Thanks to Gezarie for bringing the video to my attention.

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7 Responses to Faith No More's 1983 first show audio and background

  1. baxish102 says:

    I read everything, but I’m confused, is the revolving membership how the original trio met?? Anyway, this is really interesting as I had have never heard about this or had the chance to listen. I honestly wouldn’t have placed any money on them. lol.

  2. Alaraco says:

    Certainly true.

    But in timeline was Morris, O Pie, (Frazier, love or love, Frazier) and then Chuck?

  3. Michael Bolger says:

    On a somewhat related note, this might be old news to some people but I just stumbled upon Mr Bungle performing at the Eureka High School Talent Show in 1985 (as Bister Mungle?)


  4. Andrew says:

    This is a work in progress (which is why it isn’t linked yet) but it tries to explain when the various FNM members joined/left.

  5. Andrew says:

    Hey! That’s not me!

    I saw FNM Patton demos somewhere recently.

  6. what a band, nice to hear anyway, and good vids, like the style

  7. Jawshco says:

    Any chance someone can repost these videos since they’re no longer active? I’d love to see this.

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