Puffy interview in Peru press

Mike Bordin (c) guitarcenter.com

Mike Bordin (c) guitarcenter.com

They’re all at it now. El Comercio in Peru today features an interview with Faith No More drummer Mike “Puffy” Bordin. Puffy speaks about Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, his drumming influences and his admiration for Mike Patton – “his voice is a gift from God”. However, perhaps the most interesting snippet is the final question of the interview:
“Finally, what are Faith No More’s personal plans?:
[Puffy Bordin] Faith No More has tried to be very honest about this: we are not doing many shows. The people in Lima have the opportunity to see Faith No More before people in New York or Los Angeles. And we’re doing it because we want to. We have no big plans, we are just doing shows and playing to see how we feel. If something happens later, it will be because our schedules match and because we all want to. There are no plans to make an album, we are just going to do some shows. For now the doors are closed but not secure. My more immediate plan is to return to play with Ozzy, we have work next year, to finish the new album.”
If anyone can make a more exact translation than my Google and other software effort, please let me know.

UPDATE: Santiago’s very own Parxi has translated most of the article here. Thanks.

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0 Responses to Puffy interview in Peru press

  1. mikeniker says:

    interesting read thanks, i did go back and listen closely to richochet. ive always thought the melody on that song had to be difficult to sing, only someone with a really good ear and voice to match can pull it off

  2. I LOVE PUFFY! He is a wicked drummer and is so endearing. Great interview, thanks for posting!!!



  3. Also…new Ozzie? seriously? lol how does that man manage ;p

  4. Firsa says:

    Sample quote from Live Translate:

    “…I hope you enjoy the show because we would be very special, told us at the end of the conversation Mike Bordin, tremendous “rompecueros,” the priest Bonham and Bill Ward muscle heir…”

    Time for me to relearn high school Spanish! I think I picked up on a Jerry Cantrell reference though ~ which is very cool; that man is one of my heroes :) Go Puff!

  5. Drizzlobber says:

    Who cares about another Ozzy album? Ozzy was finished years ago. It must be some loyalty issue Puff has where he can’t say “no” to the Ozzy and Sharon Show.

    A new album would possibly drive me insane. It would be so good. I would love to hear a sing-off between Patton and the fat black guy from Gnarls Barkley, that would be class, but maybe that’s a Peeping Tom 2 project rather than a FNM one.

    There. My thoughts. Like i pretended anyone cared.

  6. Agata says:

    Looks like Jon is only one who hasn’t been intervewed ;)

  7. Whit says:

    Seriously, you don’t know Cee-Lo’s name? Fat black guy…. nice.

  8. Baxish102 says:

    Which is why I really like Jon. I know that everybody would love Big Jim to be up there with them, maybe even including FNM, but after Jim; Spruance and Menta never really made the band for me. I think the direction that Gould took AOTY is complimented perfectly by Hudson’s melody and understanding of mid song changes and slight solos. He’s the quiet one that gets it done.

  9. Baxish102 says:

    I like it when fat black guys are named Tiny.

  10. Praxi says:

    thanks. I’m still learning english.

  11. Agata says:

    I also like Jon, I like that he seems to be so quiet and reserved. He just gets on stage and does his job.

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