Links for a day…(vol. 39)

  • Faith No More feature on the cover of Chilean rock magazine Rockaxis this month. Read the feature in the e-magazine here. (link now working)
  • They also have two short documentaries on the band on thir TV programme, which have also migrated to YouTube.
  • FNM will unleash some fresh tunes on their forthcoming tour dates but check out their average set list so far from the now indispensable
  • Interview with the 27 October Peru concert organiser Alberto Menacho in Terra here.
  • Terra also have a competition to win tickets for the show.
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  1. Re: The post on my blog (above) – I got the information from Roddy’s Twitter

    …about the San Francisco show in April next year…..

    Some people were asking ;)

    THIS is awesome btw, thanks for posting these. I was hoping/praying there would be a documentary showing up soon.

    RoCk On Mike, Puffy, Roddy, Billy and Jon!!!!

    This blog ROCKS too :)

  2. PS link to the magazine doesn’t work!


  3. ThePetro says:

    The Chilean magazine link does not work.
    Thank You.

  4. Frankie says:

    It would have been amazing if somone could make an overview of the attendence/crowd on the different shows, both past and soon the upcoming shows… Would have been interesting. Seems to me that most of their shows have been well visited!

    Of course we know some of the shows, but an overall overview would haven been great:)

  5. Baxish102 says:

    It’s in some weird language, lol. I’m not sure how the story could change. Young band roaming San Francisco, hyper kid from weird band, Invented rap rock (they were thinking about it before Run DMC ; ).) Stayed true to their tastes and slowly faded to break up, now Touring again. It does make me wonder how the rest of world just loves them, yet we in America are more interested in bubble gum pop. Jeez America is boring. :/

  6. Claudio says:

    Here’s the link for the Chilean mag

    OR, you can try at and then click on the top right ad.
    The article is in full spanish and it’s a bit long to translate… =/

    Greetings from Chile!! We can hardly wait for Oct/29-30 down here

  7. Firsa says:

    Nah, America isn’t “boring”; our tastes are just as refined as anyone else’s. It’s just the crap being shoved down our throats by the wrong people making choices for us. We should quit hatin’ on ourselves!

    Anyway, yes, hooray for new setlists and a great next leg of the tour!

  8. Baxish102 says:

    Yeah, you’re probably right, America as a whole is pretty great. It’s hard to explain, it’s like we helped invent rock n’ roll, and then started stumbling. Weird.

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