Links for a day…(vol. 34)

  • Sorry for the lack of updates lately but a) it has been quite and b) I’ve been very busy. The site will get a new lick of paint and update over the next month or so when I find time.
  • Some pro-shot footage of FNM at Area 4 on WDR TV now up on YouTube.
  • More here and here and here.
  • Stubbadub has the latest on a delayed release date for Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane project. On Patton’s seemingly genuine Facebook page, he reported last week that he was holed up in the studio working on it.
  • From Danny de Vito’s Twitter (via marcus in Comments), a pic of Mike and some of the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • Latest Chuck Mosley review from Blogcritics.
  • Louisville band Lords have a Surprise You’re Dead cover on MySpace.
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0 Responses to Links for a day…(vol. 34)

  1. Michael Bolger says:

    Mike Patton also came out on stage to do the last song during Kid Koala + Wolfmother show at he Independent on Friday night.

    Kind of funny to think that Mike Patton is jamming with the Wolfmother guys now …

  2. kygermo says:

    Whats Patton’s Facebook link if you dont mind me asking?

  3. Han says:

    Coming to the Pacific Northwest I hope? Saw them last in Paradiso Amsterdam. Too long ago. Rock on guys!

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