Links for a day… (vol.23)

  • Faith No More could play a second date in Santiago, Chile in October. Leading Chile newspaper La Tercera is reporting that huge demand for Faith No More’s concert on 30 October could lead to an extra date on 29 October.
  • The details of the support acts and set times for Faith No More’s gig in Bucharest on 15 August have been revealed. The support acts are Superhiks (Macedonia), Elvis Jackson (Slovenia) and Luna Amara (Romania). FNM will be on stage at 21.45. More details here.
  • There is a competition to win tickets for that gig on the same website here.
  • Roddy Bottum is having a second reunion – this time with Imperial Teen. He tweeted: “Reunited! With Imperial Teen! Confused! Elated!”
  • The well-written and passionately argued Metal Bastard website is running a countdown of the best metal albums of the 1990s. Faith No More’s King for a Day.. comes in at number 13. Sample quote: “Where Angel Dust was a fascinating exploration of mixing up everything at once, King For A Day… is almost entirely polarised. In the past they might’ve squeezed three different genres into the same song, here every style gets a track of its own. Much of this album isn’t far from what singer Mike Patton was doing in Mr. Bungle at the time, perhaps because Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance played on it.”
  • A quite technical story on web streaming here but it does reveal that 23,ooo people watched live streaming of Faith No More’s Download festival performance.
  • Photos here of Chuck Mosley’s recent Milwaukee solo show.
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  1. Miss Chievous says:

    yaaaaaaay !! Imperial Teen is reuniting !!! Hope they will come soon in Paris, I wanna see them so bad !!! hooooooo !!! And YES, KFAD is one of their best albums (the best for me w/ The Real Thing), even though the other ones are really amazing and fabulous !!

    Great job !! Keep Pattoning, fellas !!! From Paris with lotta love.

  2. Thanks for the link and the kind words. :)

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