Faith No More Links for a Day…(vol. 165)

We’re long overdue a video digest and thankfully YouTuber Photoguy3D has generously obliged by uploading some great Faith No More content in the past few weeks.
First up a concert that I haven’t seen before – Faith No More opening for Billy Idol at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia on 25 September 1990 including Mike Patton vogueing while dressed as Madonna.
Embedding disabled so link below:

He has also posted this MTV Hot Seat segment from February 1991. We’ve seen the hang-gliding before but not sure I’ve seen the introduction.

And next up another MTV feature from 1990 – Faith No More featured in the Year in Rock

Friends of the site fnm4ever have unearthed another great full concert gem – Faith No More at the Central Tavern in Seattle from 1 September 1989.

One for Aussie fans going to Soundwave where Faith No More play in January. Festival organisers have confirmed a deal to subsidise airfares for fans travelling to the festival from interstate locations in a partnership struck with Virgin Airlines.
The festival will accommodate Soundwave punters in out of reach locations by offering cheaper deals on flights to any of the festival’s four summer stops in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Finally, one we missed last month. Ipecac have some details of the Motherfucker release back on their site and this included in their fall preview article:
“The last black Friday release is the new Faith No More single, “Motherfucker.” This is a limited edition of 5,000 7-inches. The bside is a remix by JG Thirlwell. The single will be available for download purchase a couple weeks later. We are very excited about our new partnership with Faith No More/Reclamation Recordings. The new FNM album will come out next year and expect to see them doing some touring in 2015 as well. This ain’t a reunion, this is the real deal!”

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Faith No More continue new single teaser campaign

Faith No More released some unfortunately-not-scrath-and-listen photos of a test pressing of new single Motherfucker late on Monday night.

The limited edition vinyl will be released on 24 November as part of Record Store Day Black Friday. Details of digital release to follow in due course.



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First taste of new Mike Patton project tētēma

Mike Patton’s much-awaited latest project tētēma has revealed the track Tenz via The Quietus.

Genocidal, the debut album from the duo comprised of Patton and Australian composer Anthony Pateras, will be released on 8 December.
The Quietus quotes Pateras as saying: “We had the craziest 48 hours together, and somewhere between Patton’s appalling Australian accent piss-takes some magic happened [...] The interesting thing about the record is that every element is recorded in a different country, and this gives the sound a displaced, almost vaporous intensity. I moved country twice during its genesis as well… the whole geocidal thing is about coming from no place, re-birthing, watching the place you are from be altered beyond recognition that you have nothing to do with it anymore.”
Listen here:

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Faith No More reveal studio shots

Faith No More have just tweeted some shots from inside their studio as the countdown continues to their much-awaited new album due in April 2015.





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Record Store day starts promoting Faith No More Motherfucker release

The countdown to the release of Faith No More‘s first single since 1998 has begun in earnest with Record Store Day including the details of the release of Motherfucker on their release list on their site.
(Here is a Rolling Stone story on all releases)

The only new information is that the release will be a Black Friday First Release, which means that it will be “available first at indie record stores but will be available at other retailers at some point.” However, with a limited release of just 500 copies, it is unlikely that the record will ever be widely available.

Full details here and in pic below

The B-side will be a remix by Australian composer/producer/performer J G Thirlwell of Foetus, who has previously remixed work by Pantera, Nine Inch Nails and the Red Hot Chilii Peppers. In addition, Mike Patton has previously remixed a Foetus track How to Vibrate:

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Newly-surfaced Faith No More track not actually a Faith No More track

We are now certain that the We Care a Lot (re-recorded) track from the Eighties Junkie album and other compilations released in September was not recorded by Faith No More. The band have also confirmed this to us.

We’ll give the full details of the bizarre tale when we can.

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Alternate version of Faith No More’s We Care a Lot appears on 80s compilation

We know that We Care a Lot has been recorded twice by Faith No More – for We Care a Lot and for Introduce Yourself – and even that a third live version has also been released.

But another version – very similar to the Introduce Yourself/Slash version – has appeared on an 1980s compilation album which has just been released.

The song is billed on the Eighties Junkie album as Faith No More: We Care a Lot (Re-recorded) and appears alongside other re-recorded 80s gems such as Tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone Now and Berlin’s Take My Breath Away. The album came out in September on Goldenlane records as you can stream on Spotify or buy on iTunes or Amazon.

Ben in Comments alerted me to the track and after several listens I’m certain that it is a different version. My guess is that it is a remix or different take from the Introduce Yourself recording. The vocal is lacking some of Chuck’s distinctive tone and the drums have been beefed up.

Update: It is indeed an alternate mix from the Introduce Yourself session.



Check it it below as well as the original (or the original re-recorded version to be exact).
Click on song title to play.

And here is the full album on Spotify

Here is the original version from We Care a Lot

And the Patton version


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Links for a day…(vol. 164)

We flagged this up a few months back but missed the actual release but the very well realised Lullaby Versions of Faith No More by Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star was released on 16 September.

It is available on iTunes here
Or it can also be purchased here.

Or here is a Spotify stream (beware this does what it says on the tin and this will lull you to sleep.)

There’s a good discussion here on Motherfucker, the first single which Faith No More will release on 28 November. The release will be a limited release of 5,000 for Record Store Day’s Black Friday promotion but some limited numbers of copies will also be made available for international use. Details of a digital release pre-order will also be revealed soon.

We haven’t had a Faith No More cover for a while so here is an interesting acoustic take on Midlife Crisis from Polish band The Hangovers.


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Faith No More in Japan ticket details

A bit more exposure for the ticket details from the creativeman website and a gratuitous chance to post this screengrab.
Faith No More and One Direction together at last.

screenshot-by-nimbus (38)

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Faith No More add Japan date to 2015 tour

Faith No More will play Tokyo, Japan on the 17 and 18 February. The band will play the Studio Coast with Antemasque in support.

UPDATE: Ticket details here (in Japanese)
And here:


OPEN 6:00pm / START 7:00pm
ADV 8,000JPY (tax incl. / Standing plus 1drink charge)

Ticket Pia:0570-02-9999 P-code:-
Lawson Ticket:0570-084-003 L-code:-

Info:CREATIVEMAN 03-3499-6669

※Please notice we do not allow children preschool age (5 years old) and younger to enter the show / venue.



OPEN 6:00pm / START 7:00pm
ADV 8,000JPY (tax incl. / Standing plus 1drink charge)

Ticket Pia:0570-02-9999 P-code:-
Lawson Ticket:0570-084-003 L-code:-

Info:CREATIVEMAN 03-3499-6669

※Please notice we do not allow children preschool age (5 years old) and younger to enter the show / venue.



The gigs will be the bands first in Japan and Asia since 1995.

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