603, 2015

Faith No More Links for a Day…(vol. 153)

Sydney full show

The guys at fnm4ever have put together a playlist of Faith No More’s full show at Soundwave Sydney (uploaded by Bootleg)

Two slices of Chuck

(Via Ben in Comments)
Excellent Chuck-era recording of Introduce Yourself at the Roxy.

And more recent  Chuck. Ericulation which is available to buy for $1.

Big in Poland

Faith No More’s three (p)releases continue to do well in Poland and some other territories. (Surely the Poles deserve an extra special show in Krakow in June?)


Sol Invictus Play

The album is now up for pre-order on Google Play. (Hat-tip:  )

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503, 2015

Faith No More Links for a day..(vol. 152): Doc trailer; Antemasque praise; chart latest

Faith No More movie

Well realised trailer for a fake documentary on Faith No More by On her site Stacey writes: “The current trend of band documentaries inspired me to create this fun ‘movie’ trailer”.

Antemasque praise

Apart from Superhero, I’ve been listening to a lot of Antemasque lately after discovering them supporting Faith No More in Tokyo and loving their previous work in At the Drive-in and The Mars Volta. Drummer Dave Elitch tweeted some nice words about FNM last night:

Superhero review in Metro

Reviews for Superhero have been conspicuously absent in the main UK media tracks of the weeks features from the likes of Q, NME and the Guardian but popular freebie paper quickly turned Tube trash Metro did give the single a mention – and a bizarre Spandex reference: (hat tip Faith No More Followers)

More WestFest videos

Still no Cone of Shame but here’s two more YouTube uploads from MsKatana83

Chart update

Superhero and Sol Invictus are sliding somewhat on iTunes but still showing up strongly especially in Poland.


The actual original Superhero cover

Contrary to what we said in a recent Links… this is the original Superhero cover which was recorded within a week of the song’s live debut. (Hat tip Richy in Comments)

Midlife Crisis/Under Pressure mash-up

Hmmm….is it wrong that I like this?

DJ Rozroz – Under Midlife Crisis Pressure (Faith No More / Queen&Bowie) MASHUP from rozroz on Vimeo.

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403, 2015

Faith No More chart update

Faith No More‘s Superhero and Sol Invictus continue to make significant chart impact even ahead of their official releases.


  • Superhero is number 164 in Music and number 3 in Hard Rock on Vinyl
  • Sol Invictus is 331 in album downloads and 86 in rock album downloads
  • Sol Invictus is 408 in CDs and 14 in Hard Rock CDs
  •  Sol Invictus is 189 in Music for vinyl and number 4 in Had rock vinyl

Global iTunes charts

Sol Invictus is now in the top 10 in four European countries overall iTunes charts – on pre-orders alone. It is:

#3 Estonia (=)
#3 Slovakia (+45)
#6 Poland (-3)
#9 Bulgaria (-1)
#22 Finland (NE)
#23 New Zealand (-6)
#62 Australia (-7)
#88 United States (-13)
#89 Canada (+26)
#108 Denmark (-49)
#108 Russia (-43)
#121 India (NE)
#140 United Kingdom (-18)
#140 Germany (-1)
#159 Netherlands (-74)
#190 Slovenia
#195 Hungary

Superhero iTunes

Superhero is also making quite an impact in Europe:
#8 Poland (+1)
#9 Estonia (-2)
#9 Slovakia (+174)
#28 Bulgaria (-6)
#38 Portugal (NE)
#41 Finland (+16)
#87 New Zealand (+1)
#148 Australia (-14)
#149 Denmark (-47)

Motherfucker iTunes

Surprisingly, Motherfucker is actually higher than Superhero in FNM hotbed Estonia:

#8 Estonia (-2)
#24 Slovakia (+174)
#25 Poland (+1)
#41 Bulgaria (-5)
#81 New Zealand (-2)
#82 Portugal (NE)
#98 Finland (NE)
All data courtesy of iTunes and Amazon and compiled in this format by kworb.net



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403, 2015

Faith No More Superhero now on Spotify

First BBC, then Marvel, then YouTube, then the world and now Spotify.
Faith No More’s second single – which gets an official release on 10 March – is now available for streaming on Spotify. Motherfucker recently disappeared from the popular streaming service so this may only be for a limited time too.

And here it is:

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