2903, 2015

Faith No More Superhero in UK “physical” charts

As expected, Faith No More’s Superhero did not feature in Sunday’s UK Official Charts but the release has made it into the top 10 of the Physical Chart.

The song is number 9 in the chart which lists “the UK’s biggest physical singles of the week, counting sales of CDs, vinyl and other physical formats, across a seven day period.”

screenshot-www.officialcharts.com 2015-03-29 22-54-28



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2803, 2015

Faith No More Superhero single version differences

Friend of the site Ben Mitchell has highlighted some major differences between the digital/regular version of Superhero and the 7″ vinyl single.

Here’s more from Ben:

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2603, 2015

Faith No More: “We’ve never been a metal band”

Indie hipster bible Pitchfork is the latest to afford Faith No More an extensive interview online. Bill Gould and Mike Patton from the band spoke to Pitchfork for another revealing piece.

screenshot-pitchfork.com 2015-03-26 20-56-58

Here are some choice quotes:

Bill: “I just hate getting that stupid hype machine going when there’s nothing to talk about. I hate the gossip and the bullshit. We didn’t want to get into expectations and speculation. I didn’t even play any of the songs for my wife. ”

Mike: ” Becoming a DIY band was super-enticing, especially to me, because I had been doing that shit for 10 years.”

Mike: “A lot of people think that when bands tour, they can decide where they want to go. But unless you’re Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake—or any of the Justins—you can’t do that. So we did what was available to us. A lot of fans thought we had some prejudice against the States, and that’s not true.”

Mike: “We’ve lived in the metal world for a long time, but we’ve never been a metal band. When I first joined the band, our contemporaries were bands like Poison and Def Leppard. And we laughed at it. It was comedic to us, but it wasn’t to the rest of the world—we were thought of as one of those bands.”

     Here is the full interview.

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2603, 2015

Faith No More Links for a day…(155): Remix, Roddy opera, comic gold and more

And the Faith No More news continue apace on the week of the official Superhero release. We’re down ill so here’s a quick recap.

Superhero remix

The Alexander Hacke remix of Superhero, Superhero Battaglia, can now be heard on YouTube for those who have not yet been able to pick up their vinyl copy.

Faith No More comic book set for June release

Matt Jacob’s Faith No More/Mr Bungle comic book will be released in June and judging by the trailer he has recently posted, this is going to look amazing.

The book is written by Mike Wellman (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and World of Warcraft graphic novels) and illustrated by Matt (animator of Tomahawk’s “Oddfellows” video). Available June 24, 2015. Order from your local comic shop – item code: APR150955

Roddy Sasquatch opera latest

The busiest man in music Roddy Bottum is set for his opera debut next week. Here is Roddy on Sasquatch:

Story Binge – ‘SASQUATCH: The Opera’ by Roddy Bottum from Experiments in Opera on Vimeo.

And here’s what Roddy had to say to the Faith No More blog earlier this week: “Hey guys. it’s Roddy. for those of you in NYC, my short form opera, Sasquatch, The Opera, premieres April 2 in Brooklyn. I’m planning on taking it for a longer and more elaborate run at some point so the rest of yous, hang tight if interested. big hug.”

Roddy also spoke with great insight about Sasquatch in his Noisey interview. It was fascinating to learn he moved to New York to work in opera:

You recently wrote an opera called Sasquatch: The Opera. We’re gonna need the full rundown on that.
[Laughs] It’s not a traditional opera—it’s more like weird little operettas. I grew up in L.A., but I moved to New York specifically to get into opera, and I had this preposterous idea for a Sasquatch love story. I wrote the story, I wrote the music, and we’re gonna premiere it next month. It’s just gonna be three scenes from the opera, but then I’m gonna elaborate on it and build it into a bigger production.

Why Sasquatch?
You know, my favorite characters are the kind of gentle giants like Frankenstein or the Elephant Man—a misunderstood monster who it turns out is very sensitive and has a high intellect. That always gets me. It felt like Sasquatch could satisfy that really well. I’m moved by the big thug who has a heart of gold.

Here’s all the details you need from Roulette.

Bloody Disgusting article

Just as Faith No More version 2.0 kicks into overdrive, check out this well-written take on version 1.1 and Angel Dust from Bloody Disgusting.

The best ever appreciation of IY era Faith No More and Chuck

And via Ben in Comments, this even better article from the one and only Mick Wall on FNM 1.0 Introduce Yourself. Contains some brilliant passages such as: “Faith No More at the Town & Country Club in London. I did not regret it. They started the way most bands started their encores, with the place already insane, the band already much higher. And they just kept climbing. For the real encores, Chuck came on in a gold tinsel wig, alone, just him and an acoustic guitar – they’d been fighting backstage, didn’t want him to do it – to sing ‘Life’s A Gas’ by T. Rex. Epiphany. Then blast off as the rest of the band joined him for a version of ‘War Pigs’ that made the original – which Ozzy had also started doing again that summer now Geezer was in his solo band – taste like old farts and string vests.”

Kerrang feature

As well as their cover article on Revolver, Faith No More also feature in the latest edition of Kerrang. Here’s a preview from Faith No More Followers

Faith No More database new template

A new look for the ultimate Faith No More live resource – the aussiemusicfan Gig database.

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