2809, 2016

Chuck Mosley tour update and and Irish radio interview

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Douglas Esper has given us an update on how the Chuck Mosley European tour is progressing. The band played Chester last night and play in the midlands in Cannock tonight.

Hello from Cannock! Chuck, Andy, and I just arrived in town and we are taking advantage of the local ASDA for two free hours of parking. Last night in Chester was a fun gig. Chuck actually read my setlist and played a few chunks of songs like, Sleep by Cement, and Punk Rock Movie by VUA. As a big fan of the song Sleep I hope to see it in the set at some point. The U.K. has been a blast and the people have treated us very well, but a quick note: crowds, please don’t the shy! Sing along! We love it and feed off of it (ask Edinburgh). We have 18 shows on this leg left and we hope to see you at the shows!


Chuck Mosley interview with Irish radio

Meanwhile, Irish radio station Newstalk continued their series of interviews and features on the We Care a Lot as presenter and seeming uber-fan Joe Donnelly speaks to Chuck about WCAL and early Faith No More .

Listen below:

2709, 2016

FAITH NO MORE LINKS FOR A DAY: Cone of Shame cover art; Noisey interview; praise for Mike Patton animated short; Patton goes hardcore?

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Cone of Shame for Record Store Day release

More evidence from BenRun and others in Comments that Faith No More will release Cone of Shame as a Record Store Day release on 25 November.
According to this Amazon listing, the single is set for a vinyl-only release on 25 November, which just happens to be Record Store Day, through Ipecac.

Brilliant Faith No more interview with Noisey

The promotion for the We Care a Lot deluxe re-issue has been brilliantly done – and the band have turned up in another stellar interview. Noisey were lucky enough to have Roddy, Billy and Mike B is the same room to discuss WCAL and the early days of the band.

Here are a few of the many choice cuts:

On early influences:
Gould: Oh yeah. We were totally into all that. We liked the British club stuff like OMD and the Human League, but also the darker Throbbing Gristle-y stuff as well. Then there was the stuff happening in the U.S., like Soul Sonic Force and Afrika Bambaataa, who was redoing Kraftwerk and reinventing it. There was a lot of cool stuff happening.

Bordin: That was definitely where we were at back then. We were listening to The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, Echo and the Bunnymen, Killing Joke, definitely. But Roddy went to pop. He really had a pop outlook, and a sense for melody and a sense for simple arrangements. It’s nice that you can balance all those things, and we did for a while.

On Trey Spruance and KFAD:
Bordin: I really wanted to tour with that guy. I loved playing with him. As far as all the good things I can say about Mike Patton and his musical breadth of vision and skill, Trey is right there with him. Trey was really an ultimate, ultimate weapon. He could do the curly stuff on “Star A.D.”. He could do the stuff appropriate on “Caralho Voador”, that’s a little bit of a samba. But then again, he was the guy who helped us do “Ugly in the Morning” and “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies” and especially “Cuckoo for Caca”. We had a part we didn’t know what to do with on that song and he was like, “Well, why don’t you do this?” And we were all like, “Oh my God.”

On Jim and the reunion:
Gould: Yeah, we did reach out to him, but he didn’t get back to us. What can you do, right? He has his own thing, too, his own personality. I’d like to think as I’m getting older everyone in the band has made their decisions and bands go the way they do, but it’s nice to be able to reconcile that and look back on what you did with warm feelings. And I always kept it open to reconcile the whole thing completely, but you have to take what you can get.

Plus, there’s a brilliant section from Mike B on recruiting Mike Patton.

Mike Patton animation gets praise

The Skigly animation blog has seen the new animated short The Absence of Eddy Table – in which Mike Patton does the voices – and given a rave review:

For me there were far stronger contenders which include the Norwegian film The Absence of Eddy Table by Rune Spaans (which picked up the richly deserved Best Design award). This has got to be my new favourite film of the year without a doubt. My first impressions though were not great when our hero first hit the screen and I was prepared to write this one off as a turkey. The protagonist bears an uncanny likeness to the bastard offspring of a Minion so my sympathy was going to be in short demand whatever was to befall him. But I was soon won round. This is War of The Worlds meets Alien. Never before have I watched an animated short and had the hairs on my neck stand on end. It’s tense, uncomfortable and brilliantly mastered with the inspired casting of Faith No More’s Mike Patton the the ‘voice’ of our hero. It looks great and its hybrid design works perfectly giving its CG a real feel of stop-motion.

More on the film here on Rune’s site.

The Absence of Eddy Table – Teaser from Rune Spaans on Vimeo.

Patton goes hardcore

Patton Fanatic turned sleuth and tried to track down some more info on Mike Patton’s hardcore project as mentioned by Trey Spruance in a recent interview.

Here is his key reveal in a statement from Ipecac:

Thanks for the support and thanks for reaching out.
As far as rumors, you can’t always believe what you hear. Mike is in the studio working on a record, but its not Dead Cross and is not a hardcore record. Wish we could tell you more.
We would love to be involved with Dead Cross!!!! From what I hear though, Dave is busy with Suicidal Tendencies and the Misfits so it sounds like Dead Cross is on the back burner for now.

So with Patton in a studio and Bill, Roddy and Mike B in a room together, maybe we can start putting 2 and 2 together to get 5 and see FNM in a studio?

2609, 2016

Chuck Mosley European tour update

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Chuck Mosley’s UK and European tour is now well underway – and early dates in the England and Scotland have earned wide acclaim on social media.

27th Live Rooms Chester
28th The Station Cannock
29th Fuel Cardiff
30th The Bierkeller Bristol

1st Sanctuary Basingstoke
2nd Cobblestones Bridgewater
3rd The Underground Stoke on Trent
4th The Flapper Birmingham
5th Underground Bradford
6th The Victoria Swindon (support from Phil Cooper)
7th The Anvil Bournemouth
8th Crauford Arms Milton Keynes
9th Hairy Dog Derby
10th Boston Music Rooms Tuffnell Park, London
11th Bootleg Social, Blackpool
12th Star & Garter Manchester
13th The Owl Sanctuary Norwich
14th The Lady Luck Canterbury
15th La Mecanique Ondulatoire Paris, France


And here is some video from Chuck’s shows

Check out the remaining dates below.



2009, 2016

WATCH: Faith No More Cone of Shame preview

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A bit of a bolt from the blue this week as Faith No More teased a video for Sol Invictus track Cone of Shame.

The video is written and directed by Goce Cvetanovski, the Macedonian director whose short film Bill Gould scored last year.
Produced by Lynx Animation Studios & Faith No More

The video and the comments by Mike Patton to The Age this week – “I don’t know whether or not we’re going to attack it, but there is some stuff we wrote around the time of the last one and said, ‘Why don’t we save this for the next record?’ So we’ll see” – have gotten Faith No More fans, sated on three re-releases in the past few weeks, excited about the current Faith No More incarnation all over again.

2009, 2016

CHART UPDATE: King for a Day… in Billboard top 200 sales, UK rock and vinyl charts

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Faith No More’s King for a Day…Fool for a Lifetime re-release has made some chart impact in both sides of the Atlantic.

While the record misses out on a return to the US Billboard 200 album charts (where is peaked at 31 in April 1995), it is listed at number 195 in the Billboard Top Album Sales 200 with sales of 1447.

Meanwhile in the Official UK charts, KFAD features at:
Number 12 in the UK Rock Albums Chart
Number 32 in the UK Vinyl Chart

And We Care a Lot entered the Billboard Catalog chart at 32 on the week of its release. It also failed to reach the Billboard 200, which monitors streaming and downloads as well as pure sales, but did peak at 129 in the Billboard album sales charts with sales of 2271 in its first week.

Deluxe editions of ‘King For A Day’ and ‘Album Of The Year’ available now, each including brand new remasters of the original album along with a load of rarities + B sides. Available as 2CD, 2x 180g LP and on iTunes + streaming.

Get copies here:

2009, 2016

LISTEN: Korn cover We Care a Lot

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As you now know, Korn covered Faith No More’s We Care a Lot for the Metal Hammer 30th anniversary edition cover-mount CD in this month’s edition – and it is one of the best FNM covers we have heard.

You can listen to the full track here:

2908, 2016

Faith No More Links for a Day vol 200: Greg Prato details FNM story; Chuck to play Paris: another good review

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Greg Prato on Faith No More on Irish radio

Seasoned Faith No More writer and author of the Faith No More and Mr Bungle Companion Greg Prato was interviewed by leading Irish radio station Newstalk on Faith No More’s history.

Chuck Mosley adds Paris date to European tour

Chuck Mosley’s European tour in September and October is ever-growing and Chuck has added his first date outside the UK, when he plays Paris on 15 October. Here is the updated list of dates:


Rock N Reel We Care a Lot review

Good FNM reviews also show an understanding of the band’s essence and Rock N Reel’s Jonathan Hopper is very on point with her We Care a Lot review:

From Jim Martin‘s crunching metallic riffs on ‘Pills for Breakfast’ (like a possessed ‘Woodpecker from Mars’) and the title track to Gould‘s bass intertwined with Mike Bordin‘s pounding drum-work on the new romantic nightmare of ‘Jungle’ and Roddy Bottom‘s chaotic, spiralling keyboards on ‘As the Worm Turns’ (a song that will still resonate with anyone who has ever felt pigeon-holed by society’s ‘norms’); Faith No More have always been at their greatest when their differences have been most pronounced.


2608, 2016

Faith No More We Care a Lot re-issue number 22 in UK vinyl chart

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Faith No More’s deluxe band issue of We Care a Lot has charted at 22 in the Official UK Charts Vinyl rundown.

The re-issue is also number 75 in the offical Physical charts.

However, despite featuring in the midweek chart. WCAL does not feature in the overall Album chart, which also takes into account downloads and streaming.

2608, 2016

Faith No More We Care a Lot in top 100 in UK album chart midweeks

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The Official UK charts will be announced later today and the deluxe band issue of Faith No More’s We Care a Lot seems set to feature after it appeared at number 84 in the midweek chart.



2508, 2016

Faith No More Links for a Day vol. 199: Mike Bordin interview, full 1986 show, Chilis feud, WCAL reviews

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Mike Bordin interview with La X Mas Musica

Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin speaks about We Care a Lot and the recording process in an interview with Colombia s La X Mas Musica radio station.

Faith No More live at Live at the I-Beam

The band have now put the full show from the I-Beam , San Francisco from 13 January 1986 on their YouTube channel.

Red Hot Chili Peppers feud re-heated

After a some off-the-cuff remarks from a Fox News host, there is renewed attention on the somewhat over-played FNM v RHCP rivalry.

Here is Alternative Nation with the Fox News anchor story

And here is Jim from FNM Followers with the definitive background story on the “feud”

The Quietus We Care a Lot review

Faith No More expert Jeremy Allen has penned a detailed and psoitive review of the We Care a Lot deluxe band issue for The Quietus:

Choice cuts:

Broadly speaking, Faith No More’s time as an entity can be divided up into four distinct phases. The pre-Chuck Mosley era when they didn’t really release anything and had dalliances with various singers, including a young Courtney Love. The Chuck Mosley era from 1983 to 89. The all-conquering Mike Patton era, from 89 to 98, when they became a world straddling, MTV-sanctioned, unit-shifting rock behemoth. And the recent glorious comeback – also led by Patton – crowned with the excellent Sol Invictus album.

We Care A Lot is even less tethered to its own past because of a lack of availability. The original 10-song album hasn’t been commercially available for 20 years, and has only come to light again because de facto leader Billy Gould was having a clear out and stumbled upon the original reels (which have now been remastered by Maor Appelbaum). The record, which came out on indie label Mordam Records, is now out on the bass player’s own label, KoolArrow. Stick it on and marvel at just how fresh it sounds, in the way that Talking Heads still sounds fresh, or Infected by The The still sounds fresh.

Vinyl Factory We Care a Lot review

The Vinyl Factory also give the re-release a positive review:

Here’s one more to add to the essential re-issue campaign San Fran’s Faith No more have been releasing over the last couple of years and this could be the best yet.

AV Club Faith No More Judgement Night article

Via the resurgent Faith No More blog, there is an excellent section on the Faith No More/Boo-Ya-Tribe collaboration Another Body Murdered in this AV Club Judgement Night retrospective:

Faith No More would denounce its influence on rap-rock and nu-metal, despite bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit citing it—along with Mike Patton’s other band, Mr. Bungle—as revered inspirations. (“I do find that people who make bad music often have really good taste,” keyboardist Roddy Bottum would sneer to Noisey in 2015.) Despite their protests, between the band’s heavy, dissonant riffs and Patton’s Anthony Kiedis-enraging funk-rapping, you can definitely hear the ground being laid for the scores of bands who would strip Faith No More of all its oddball eccentricity, then regurgitate only its meatiest chunks. And in that sense, the band’s collaboration with the mostly forgotten Samoan rap crew Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. on “Another Body Murdered” may as well be rap-metal’s Rosetta Stone, reducing Patton to ominous “Ohhhh” backing vocals and the lyrics to generic gun bluster, all culminating in a mookish refrain of “Bang your head to this!” You can almost imagine Fred Durst’s cousin Marvin excitedly calling him to play this over the phone.

Mike Patton features twice on greatest collaborations list

Via the excellent Patton Fantatic comes the story that Ultimate Guitar has included Mike Patton twice in their Top 25 Collaboration Albums list.
Kaada/Patton ‎- “Romances” is at 19 while The Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton – Irony Is a Dead Scene is at 4.



Song Poll

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