Faith No More tops charts – and almost in Pole position

Faith No More’s Motherfucker single sits proudly at number 1 in the iTunes chart in Finland and Bulgaria.
It is also number 2 in Poland and Slovenia and number 77 in the charts.

The song peaked so far at 71 in the UK, 59 in Australia and 90 in Canada on iTunes – and 67 in Brazil and 77 in Spain. It is number 5 in Chile and 96 in the US.
Faith No More is also number 43 in the collated iTunes global chart.



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Faith No More Motherfucker now available digitally

Faith No More’s first single since 1997 is now available on Spotify and iTunes.
Get on Spotify


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Links for a day…(vol. 171)

Mike Patton’s Fantômas played a Santiago sideshow and then the Rockout festival in Chile over the weekend. Thanks to those is Comments who posted videos.
Here is the full set from the first show:

part 2

And here is Twin Peaks from Rockout

And here is Rosemary’s Baby



ELSEWHERE the thank Chuck Mosley campaign continues. The Faith No More blog are running an auction to raise funds: They an inviting bids for:

an original promotional photo of the band from the early 80’s, it was saved in Bill Gould’s archive for around 30 years and sent as a gift to one of us. It was later signed by Chuck when he visited Chile in 2013.
So, how can you get this piece? Easy: Bid on it at this link: Facebook album!
If your bid wins then you make the donation of the amount reached to Chuck’s paypal account and we’ll send the Photo*. The auction ends on December 12th.

Remember our aim is to help, so if the bid is too high for you and you simply want to make a donation, we welcome you to do it here:

And wise words on the subject from Ben in Comments:

I personally feel that with the amount of hours of my life since I was 10 years old that I’ve spent either listening to or humming Chuck’s songs Cement, VUA, and his songs with FNM that I’ve been ripping him off for years. Seriously, his VUA album was only $9 when I bought it and these demos were a dollar donation (I paid more to try to help him get a tour going, but a lot of people just paid the dollar). Anyway, I think these demos are great, several of them better than the album cuts. People should check them out and it’s for a good cause.

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Faith No More Links for a day…(vol. 170)

THE digital release of Faith No More comeback single Motherfucker may be just days away but nothing stops in Mike Patton world and the FNM singer is in Chile this week as Fantômas play the Rockout Fest.
The band kick off tonight with a sideshow along with the Melvins at the Teatro Cariola in Santiago:
More details here:

AS always Patton’s arrival in Chile has attracted great interest. On their Facebook page, Rockout posted this shot of the band arriving:

AND Rockout’s video of Mike P’s message to Chilean fans has been picked up La Nacion newspaper.

AWAY from Fantômas, today marks 17 years since this brilliant if end-of-an-era Faith No More performance on UK TV. I watched this randomly just last week but the Faith No More blog reminded me today that it was aired on 5 December 1997. TFI Friday indeed.


THE FDRMX site has published an insightful review of Motherfucker.
“The song is about rhythm and ascension. It’s a chanted, rising swell of drums, with a spoken rhyme that leads to a rather glorious, almost operatic, chorus filled with Patton’s distinctive melodious-psycho vocals.”

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New Chuck Mosley music available

Former Faith No More lead singer Chuck Mosley has a new series of demos for sale over at his bandcamp page:

Buy Chuck demos

You can also donate to Chuck directly via Paypal –
(replace  the AT with @  – replaced for spam reasons)

And  Chuck also appears on the record by Indoria – and you can now download the track What I Feel.

Download What I Feel

The band state:
“This album is being released early to help our good friend, Chuck Mosley with some financial hardships. Chuck has been a staple in the music scene for the last 25 years performing in: Faith No More, Bad Brains, Cement, and VUA.”

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Faith No More Links for a day… (vol. 169)

The gimp pimps the Record Store day show at the Amoeba

Radio ident for Motherfucker radio done as only Faith No More could. The promo is for Radio Tangra in Bulgaria.

Unleash your inner Mike Patton and win with the Rockout Fest.
The Chilean festival is holding a competition ahead of Fantomas’s performance there later this month.
Head over to the event’s Facebook page and do your best Patton impression and send Rockout Fest a 15 second video for a chance to win two tickets to Rockout Fest [with Fantômas, Primus and (the) Melvins].
Closing date is 23:59 on 1 December 1st [Chile time]. (Hat tip Pattonism on Facebook)

The sale continues at the Faith No More US store. Get 20% off when you spend more than $50.
Meanwhile, the international store has posted its Christmas delivery dates.

Friday 28 November
Tuesday 2 December
Thursday 4 December
Friday 5 December
Monday 8 December
Thursday 11 December
Friday 19 December 12 noon
Tuesday 23 December 12 noon
Operational BFPOs
Australia, Asia, Far East (including Japan), New Zealand
Africa, Caribbean, Central & South America, Middle East
Cyprus, Eastern Europe, Greece
USA, Canada, Poland
Western Europe (excluding Greece, Poland), Static BFPOs
UK orders
Christmas Guaranteed Service

Bill Gould is going to busy (busier!) in 2015, as another one of his projects House of Hayduk, will be releasing their second album. The release – entitled Distant Early Warning –  will feature Bill and newcomer Dave Lombardo of Slayer and Fantomas. Our friends at the Faith No More Blog have all the details and an interview with House of Hayduk composer Mads Heldtberg,

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More Faith No More at Amoeba video and photos

It is easy to scoff at people holding up cameras, phones and especially tablets at gigs and it is now regarded as a serious social faux pas with artists such as Jack White and Savages banning it outright at their gigs. But…in certain circumstances such as when new songs are being played for the first time or when a band is playing in a tiny venue, it would not be possible to see these unmissable performances but for the chutzpah of such camera warriors. So FNM 2.0 salutes you camera and tablet guy – and especially in this instance the likes of Eric Pace, Jason Gifford, Jose Henrique M. Oliveira Gonzalo Maldonado,Frank Slodysko,  reyka wrekka and especially littlemoe69 for filming and uploading Faith No More‘s historic, iconic, for-the-ages performances at the Amoeba record store in San Francisco on Friday.

New full show:

(Fantastic overall views above and the song sounds great)

There are some great photos from Joshua Weinfeld here.

And Frank Vella also has a set on Flickr. (hat tip Pattonism on Facebook)

Amoeba also have some photos and should add their video of the show soon.

And Rock N Roll Cocktail also have truly amazing shots.

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Faith No More at Amoeba video set list…

Life and timezones mean we’re late to this but here’s the video of Faith No More’s mesmeric five-song show for Record Store Day Black Friday at Amoeba records in San Francisco.

Set list
As the Worm Turns
Ashes to Ashes





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Faith No More live in-store gig Amoeba Records San Francisco TODAY

Faith No More will be marking Record Store Day Black Friday in-store gig at the famed Amoeba record store at Haight Street in San Francisco at 6pm.


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Faith No More’s Motherfucker single on sale for Record Store Day Black Friday

The day has arrived. Faith No More‘s first single since 1998 and first new music since 1997 is now available to buy in independent record shops in the USA and Canada.
The 7-inch limited-edition single Motherfucker comes complete with a B-side remix from J. G. Thirlwell and is available at some of these participating stores.

Some lucky fans have already picked up copies (see above) but some unscrupulous shops are selling the record on Amazon and eBay for up to $80 which goes totally against the spirit of Record Store Day.
Let us know if you have got your copy.


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