Links for a day…(vol 156)

  • The calm after the storm but a few bits of FNM-related stuff for your perusal.
  • Mike Patton’s other other other band Tomahawk will be releasing a few unreleased choice cuts from their Oddfellows recordings on a 7″ limited edition entitled Meat. Release date is 13 May – a date obviously chosen in tribute to this blogger’s 40th birthday. The band’s Facebook page states “”M.E.A.T.” will be released as a limited edition 7″ on May 13th. The digital release is set for June 4. The only M.E.A.T. vegans can enjoy!”
  • PattonMad have posted this fascinating tour itinerary from the band’s megatour (alogside Metallica and Guns’ N’Roses) in the States in 1992. Particularly useful if you have access to a time machine and want to back to stalk the band and stake out their hotels.
  • Blast from the past recent YouTube video upload. A rare UK TV ad for the band’s 13th of 19 greatest hits compilation Who Care’s a Lot in 1998:
  • Irish Faith No More tribute act Fake No More (there is also a Dutch tribute band of the same name) play the excellent Spirit Store venue in Dundalk (Ireland not Maryland) on Friday night, 11 April.


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Faith No More at Hyde Park further presale information

Faith No More’s live return has just been announced and here are some further details on how to get those sure to be in-demand tickets.

Presale will available from 9am on Monday, 31 March  - i.e. tomorrow.
General onsale begins on 4 April.
The presale link goes live at 9am UK time on Monday.  No password needed.
Here is the link.


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Faith No More are back – Hyde Park date on 4 July announced

Faith No More will make their live return this summer after it was announced today that the band are to appear at Hyde Park in London on 4 July on the same bill as Black Sabbath and Soundgarden.

The gig is part of the British Summer Time festival at the London park, with Motorhead, Patton favoourites Wolfmother and Soulfly also on the bill.

Pre-sale details here.
Ticket details here.


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Links for a day… (vol. 155)

  • Our friends at fnm4ever have produced two more wonderful video compilations.
    Their fourth Faith No More cover compilation is again a triumph of editing and research.
    Includes FNM rock roll at around 4.30.
    Faith No More – Cover Video 4 from fnm4ever on Vimeo.
  • And a this video is an even more stupendous undertaking brilliantly realised – a compendium of Faith No More tracks in film/movie soundtracks. Kudos. Enjoy.
  • Rhino Entertainment have posted a high-quality Ricochet official video on YouTube.
  • Get your Mike Patton “snowman” doll at Elo7.
  • The Nevermen project has yet to see the the light of day but Doseone has been speaking about working with Mike Patton in a recent interview with Pitchfork (I read it while combing my beard and peering over my oversized glasses so you don’t have to.
    He said “[Patton and I] are starting plans to do a large chunk of music together, just the two of us. His style and talents are directly supplementary to mine. He goes in and in five minutes lays all the melodies for a record, and they’re all different and varying, and it takes him quadruple the time to come up with one word for that entire record full of melodies. For me it’s like, you give me fucking, “be-deep-it-tappa” and I’m like, “The radar’s on the TV”– it’s like instant word-a-rama. So you know, it’s really nice.”



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Mike Patton and Susan Boyle duet in the offing?

London’s Metro newspaper is reporting a bizarre story in which a British palm reader has foretold that Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle will perform with none other than Mike Patton.

Palm reader Harrison Richards has looked into SuBo’s future for Take A Break magazine. The magazine stated:
‘Susan’s palm also reveals a quirky and playful side that we’re yet to see.
‘This will lead to a surprise collaboration with musician Mike Patton from the rock band Faith No More, and a move towards a more experimental sound.’

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Links for a day…(vol. 154)

  • Radkey cover Digging the Grave. It is the B-side to single Feed the Brain, which was released on 3 March.
    Stereoboard report: “The original version of this track was released as a UK single on February 28 1995, 3 months before Radkey’s Isaiah Radke was even born. Back then, it hit the singles chart at #16 and the band performed it live on Top of the Pops.  Isaiah says:“Digging the Grave is one of our favourite Faith No More songs. It rocks really hard so it pretty much called to us. We’ve been playing it for years, so we thought that now was the perfect time to record our version of it.”"
  • Darkglass have Bill Gould endorsing their drive pedals:
    “The people at Darkglass Electronics must be bass players, because it’s the first time I’ve used a drive pedal that not only sounds right, it FEELS right.”

  • Faith No More Naked in Front of the Computer live in Cleveland 1997 (via the one and only Douglas Esper)


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Faith No More in pictures part 1



Decided to fire up the old blog again after hearing that I can put some Getty images in here for free. So here goes – some of their best Faith No More photos:

Netherlands 1990

Promo pic 1990

Patton UK 1990

Undefined 1990

Bill and Jesus 1990

Promo truckers est. 1990

Patton Parkpop 1990

Patton Days of our Lives 1991

MTV awards September 1990

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It won’t begin until you make it end

As you may have noticed I have not been blogging as frequently as before in recent weeks and months. To be honest, I have not been able to find the time to give the site the time it deserves. So with a new job and impending fatherhood on the horizon, I have taken the difficult decision to declare the site dormant. So I’ll not be updating Faith No More 2.0 from now on though I reserve the right to come back when and if there are major Faith No More developments.
Thanks everyone for your support, views (over 1.5 million!) and comments (over 15,000) over the past few years. Other sources such as and will keep you updated on all matters FNM and beyond.

All the best,

This is the best party I’ve ever been to
Don’t let me die with that silly look in my eyes

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Links for a day…(vol. 153)


  • From about a week ago, an excellent Holy Filament interview with Bill Gould recorded during his Talking Book visit to Chile.
  • And Bill’s House of Hayduk is officially released on 23 November and still available for pre-order.
  • Photo gallery of Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne.
  • The Faith No More discography site have been posting a lot of new stuff lately and here’s a nice Japanese laser disc.
  • Faith No More v Prodigy mashup from Rudec
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Jim Martin Q and A

Our faithnomoreblog counterparts scored a major coup with their fans’ Q and A with former Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin.
Read the full interview here.

Here’s some choice bits:
“My publicized “not being into” Angel Dust was all about the way the whole process went down. There was a lot of weird pressure to follow up The Real Thing, and as a consequence, the album AD was more contrived musically than I thought was necessary. I wanted more of the record to happen in the studio and Bill wanted every last tack nailed down before we went in. I wanted to spend time with it, management and the record company wanted to rush it out the door. There were a bunch of journalists in the studio. We were paying for a bunch of sampling that we could have created. Matt Wallace was calling me on the phone complaining about Mike Patton’s performance. Management and record company were calling me complaining about Mike Patton’s performance and desire for outside projects.
The record company president came in the studio and said: “I hope nobody bought houses” All the air got sucked out of the room. That was one of those great moments when reality slaps you in the face. Some of my associates (had) bought houses. The pressure was on, and everyone wanted to be in the studio with me while I recorded, endlessly tinkering and fucking with me and fucking with Matt, and Matt is a really fucking wound up guy already. Prior to AD, I would work alone with Matt and his assistant engineer period. I had to kick everyone out and even though it was not a new concept it really pissed everyone off.”

“I am happy AD is regarded in a positive way. It is an affirmation of the legacy we all worked to create. I am aware that some of the newer bands I actually like have referred to FNM as an influence. I am also aware AD was on the Kerrang! Most influential albums List of 2003. Is it an artist’s affirmation? That’s fine. Am I surprised? I don’t think anyone can be expected to anticipate something like this.”

“I remember hearing some of the music a long time ago but I didn’t really study it. I remember thinking it was heavily reliant on Mike. As for other persons playing my music, I don’t really believe anyone could book a show as FNM without playing my music.”

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