Faith No More Links for a day… (vol. 168)

A few more updates as the countdown continues to the vinyl release of Faith No More’s Motherfucker on Friday.
The band tweeted and instagrammed a series of teasing pics with the new record last night: 2014-11-26 08-49-26

Oh and the band have a Google Plus page too. You knew? Maybe some Google developers.

European fans may have to rely on eBay to get their hands on the Motherfucker vinyl but the Faith No More French page is surmising that the record may be available at affiliated Record Store Day stores. Here is the list.

tētēma featuring Mike Patton have released a video for their recently revealed Tenz song. Also featuring Australian Anthony Pateras,  tētēma’s debut album, Geocidal, will be released on Ipecac on 9 December. Pre-order here.

Great find by Nicole on Facebook – a spectacular infographic showing Mike Patton projects in all their interconnecting journey.


Not all roses though as another slight critical review of Motherfucker has surfaced online. Stereogum’s spot-on Black Metal column is grudgingly critical: “Motherfucker” sounds exactly like Faith No More, although it lacks one important element of the band’s best material, namely, a cohesive song to accompany the sound. But “Motherfucker” should be viewed less as a comeback than a warmup, and as such, it’s an encouraging sign. When the album arrives, it will present its own set of challenges, of course, because that is what Faith No More do: They challenge. And they sound great doing so.”

A bit late to this as this has been on Twitter and Facebook for a while but Sami Zayn, a WWE wrestler, was spotted last week sporting a Real Thing t-shirt.


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Links for a day… (vol. 166)

Just as in the Slane post earlier, this is a great find from Mark Montague – a very lively and g00d-natured interview with BBC Radio 1‘s Jackie Brambles back in 1991 and a stunning four-song set. (also posted by Faith No More blog today)

We now have updated tour dates on the site. They’re pulled from Songkick and after a few teething problems appear to be up to date. We are planning a site overhaul in the coming weeks.

Not everyone is overwhelmed by the Motherfucker single. A blog on Houston Press takes the song to task:
“As an introduction to Faith No More, or to a new album, it’s a complete dud. This doesn’t make me excited for new material from one of my favorite bands, people I consider artistic geniuses. This certainly wouldn’t draw in anyone who didn’t already have the utmost faith in the band to begin with. As a continuation of their career, I have to wonder exactly what the statement is, because it still sounds like the same band in 1997, who had largely forgotten why they were who they were and what on earth they were doing out there.”

In case you’ve forgotten, the physical release is on Friday – in selected independent record stores in the US and Canada. Here’s all you need to know on Record Store Day Black Friday.

And here – courtesy of Cactus Music store  is what the record looks like.

And while we look forward to hearing the B-side remix, here is one previous Faith No More official remix to enjoy:

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Faith No More at Slane Castle, May 1992 audio – my first FNM gig

I’ve been looking for this for a long and time and, as he often goes, Mark Montague has delivered – audio of Faith No More‘s performance at the iconic Slane Castle, Ireland in May, 1992.

It was my first outdoor concert, my first Faith No More concert and only my second ever concert (ahem – Extreme , Point Depot 1991) and one of the greatest days of my life: Faith No More playing with Guns’ N’Roses – my two favourite bands – Kilkenny’s My Little Funhouse in support; a rare scorching Irish summer’s day; just days after my 18th birthday and travelling there and back on a hired bus with a bunch of my home town’s most experienced headbangers, party people and drinkers.

Set list
Death March
The Real Thing
Land of Sunshine
Midlife Crisis
We Care a Lot
Surprise! You’re Dead!
Woodpecker from Mars

Here’s a short report from Irish state broadcaster RTE which gives a flavour of the day.

As I previously recounted here, this was the band’s third Irish gig. They have played six Irish dates in all, most recently in 2009, and are well overdue a return in 2015.

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Reclamation Recordings site live and Faith No More coming to Spotify

The countdown to Friday’s Record Store Day limited-edition release of Faith No More’s comeback single Motherfucker continues with the band’s Reclamation Recording‘s site going live.
The site is not fully active but the splash page includes a link to listen to the song on Spotify. It’s not there yet but should come soon.

The song is released on vinyl on 28 November and digitally on 9 December.

And the same splash page is also now on the official site.

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Analysing Faith No More’s Motherfucker

Where to begin.image

The new Faith No More single Motherfucker has been released from captivity into the world, set free as a menacing yet understated, contemporary yet idiosyncratic, fulfilling yet frustrating, low-tempo yet snarling, contemplative yet playful, profane yet beatific statement of intent.

Tellingly, Roddy (how good is it to see and hear the creative force back up front and central chez FNM?) twice mentions accountability and only having to answer to themselves as key themes in the song.

The first verse can be explicitly interpreted as an indictment of mass over-consumption: humans as geese force-fed to produce foie gras. The final lines suggest an escape from this cage but only after embracing a nemesis; by getting the motherfucker on the phone.

Alternatively the lyrics could be self-referential. The band, under the previous record industry paradigm, were force fed to produce. They were products of their own MTV-fueled epic success.

The second stanza can be seen as the band’s return. They are setting aside their scruples, picking at their bloody scabs and getting immunised against being once again exposed.

But distemper (or maybe “this temper” or mood) – a disease of wolves among other animals – has taken hold: their balance disturbed. Whether fitful with illness or mood, they have been spurred to action. “We took the second sip from a cup we made of bones“.

But the first time was not real – a ruse, a trick. In fact, the truth is their youth (Faith No More version 1.0?) was a gilded cage: “a carpet laid of stones“.

And perhaps the final leap of faith in this interpretation: the “motherfucker” is a recalcitrant band member. The recalcitrant band member who symbolically turns up late in the track.

The song itself fits. It is not want the music industry produces: it wouldn’t score 65% plus on HitPredictor. It is not the balls-out rocker or Mike Patton vocal masterclass that some fans wanted and expected.
It is a goodbye and a hello from motherfuckers we used to know.

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More reviews of Faith No More’s Motherfucker

The media frenzy in the wake of Faith No More’s streaming of Motherfucker has largely receded but here’s a selection of some reviews that we didn’t include first time round.
Comment is largely confined to the niche musical media and blogs while some mainstream media – looking at you Kerrang – have not mentioned the song at all.

Faster Louder

A typically schizophrenic jumble of genres ‘Motherfucker’ features all those classic FNM hallmarks: Patton’s giddy vocal acrobatics, The Real Thing -era raps, a thunderous rhythm section and those sweeping, theatrical choruses which defined their later work. It also happens to be really, really good.

Music Feeds

Motherfucker is as instantly compelling as some of FNM’s ’90s classics. The song is tightly wound, coiled around starched guitar strings and clockwork drum rolls. Motherfucker builds on the “greatest” voice in music, frontman Mike Patton, but refrains from breaking out until its huge outro. Patton shouts “Get the motherfucker on the phone” over a quality guitar solo.

Hit Fix

“Motherf**ker” fits in nicely with the group’s pre-millennial output, as well as Patton’s diverse post-FNM career. It’s a sweeping, cinematic song in which a sinister piano collides with militant snare drums, while Patton’s distinctive vocals careen from spoken word raps to wounded howls to threatening whispers, repeating the phrase “get the mother**ker on the phone!” so often that you might actually remove your headphones and call the “motherf**ker” in your life.

Dots and Dashes

There could be few more petrifying voices to hear sneering from down the other end of the blower than that of one Mike Patton; and so, as Faith No More return with Motherfucker – “a song about accountability”, that is as momentous (being the first all-new number from the Californians in circa seventeen years, and all) as it is aurally monumental – those of a more tremorous disposition would do well to find a nearby sofa to hide behind. “Get the motherfucker on the phone” Patton chants, his vocal layered in such a way so as to lend it far greater authority, before he perhaps sardonically notifies: “Hello, motherfucker/ My lover, you saw it coming/ Goodbye, motherfucker/ My lover, you had it coming.” All the while, stadium-dismaying guitars trill, Mike Bordin’s drums thunder, and authoritarian bass lines thrum. But most importantly, this “ode to pomp and style” hears a sublime equilibrium between carnivalesque burlesque and classic, brooding alt. rock brutality struck with irreproachable aplomb once more. In short, we still care. Rather a lot, in fact…

Triple M

So many bands return after a long hiatus only to disappoint, they’ve changed or they’ve moved on from their sound, it’s just not the same. Not Faith No More. Earlier in the year we heard the first live performance of the first new FNM music in 18 years and now we have an official release of their brand new track “Motherfucker”. And…..the track does not in any way disappoint, it’s the gravelly, dark and epic FNM that we love.


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Faith No More now #73 in Amazon album chart; big in Bulgaria and Slovenia

Number 73

Number 73

Faith No More continues to make a pre-order impression in the Amazon chart, rising to a new peak of 73 today.

The song is also having an impact in iTunes charts worldwide, notably in Bulgaria and Slovenia where it is number 3 in the overall chart.
It is also number 85 on the global rock chart.

The song is also at 111 in the Amazon UK chart.

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Faith No More’s other new songs: Superhero and Matador

We’ve finally heard new recorded music from Faith No More and it has only whetted our appetites.

Motherfucker is released as a 7-inch vinyl on 28 November and digitally on 9 December.

But what then? The new album will be released in April 2015 but there is likely to be a second single before then

The odds are on the other two new songs that the band have played live – the brooding Matador and the lively Superhero.

Here we revisit our overview of the two new songs.


Go Go Go Go….

There’s something wrong
Hiding in a cave…

Leader of men
Leader of men
Locked in your cage
Will you be one of them?



Leader of men
It’s all in your head
It’s all in your head
Sweet memories
Washing away


And here for the sake of completion is the band playing Matador again at Open’er on Saturday:

When lonesome came over me
A future shadow
Her ghost stood there, sang to me
Farewell, so long

I’ll awake you
From this living sleep
We’ll walk the shore
Where you were born
And bedded me

Although I cheat for the things
March forward, my son
A battle beyond frozen hills
Only for doubters

We will rise from the killing floor
Like a matador

The stained glass
A bovine ass
Can see right through
Every truth-soaked lie

Letters will trace every step
Out of this world
With every date, every date

We will be where you will be no more
No more

The stained glass
Or the hangman’s ass
Would serve you well
Now we’re comin’ back

Out of the words
Of these ghosts
We’ll jump the gates
And left to rise, we will rise

We will rise from the killing floor
Like a matador

And the dead live
May the dead live
And the dead live
What more can we give?

May the dead live
May the dead live
And the dead live
The dead live…

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Faith No More Motherfucker crashes into top 100 on Amazon album charts

UPDATE: The song is now up to number 77 in the US Amazon album chart – despite not being an album and not being available until next month. 2014-11-20 15-05-04

No doubt propelled by yesterday’s release of the official audio stream, Faith No More’s comeback single Motherfucker is now at number 97 in the Amazon download album charts - based on pre-orders alone.

Between Arianna and Abba

Between Ariana and Abba

Moving and shaking

Moving and shaking

Number 2 in movers and shakers

Number 2 in movers and shakers

The song is now also 110 on the Amazon UK chart after being in the 700s yesterday.

And on various iTunes charts, the song is
Number 15 in overall chart in Poland
Number 2 in rock chart in Poland
Number 2 in rock chart in Chile
Number 30 in overall chart in Chile
Number 3 in rock chart in Finland
Number 37 in overall chart in Finland
Number 8 in rock chart in Australia
Number 19 in the rock chart in Austria
Number 6 in the rock chart in Azerbaijan
Number 13 in the rock chart in Brazil
Number 5 in the overall chart in Bulgaria
Number 2 in the rock chart in Bulgaria
Number 7 in the rock chart in Denmark
Number 18 in the rock chart in Germany
Number 5 in the rock chart in Greece
Number 16 in the rock chart in Hong Kong
Number 2 in the rock chart in Israel
Number 30 in the overall chart in Israel
Number 9 in rock chart in Norway
Number 7 in rock chart in Spain
Number 14 in rock chart in Sweden
Number 13 in rock chart in UK


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Faith No More Download tickets now on sale

Get your tickets for Faith No More at Download at Donington Park in June 2015 from 9AM UK time – i.e NOW
Direct Ticketmaster link (you can get Saturday only tickets here for £82.50)

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