2804, 2015

Metal Hammer give Sol Invictus a 9/10 review

As we reported via Devil PR last week, Metal Hammer have given Faith No More‘s comeback album Sol Invictus a 9/10 review and the review has now been published.

Here are the best bits but its worth picking up the mag or subscribing for the free articles to read in full:

“Scorchers abound. Hurtling tempos cast the breathtaking Superhero into a storm of buzzsaw riffs and Mike’s throat-shredding howls, while Cone Of Shame opens at high noon in a spaghetti western, adorned with echoey guitars and a baleful spoken-word passage, converging in a siege of concussive rhythms that drop like sledgehammers. Separation Anxiety pits Mike’s unhinged falsetto against rapid-fire lyrics, as brooding rhythms gather and erupt into the neckbreaking beatdown of the chorus. ”

“Time and again they demonstrate a capacity for crafting chest-beating, anthemic hooks that bands like the Foo Fighters could only hope to write, and yet rather than release the full-on mainstream hit of which they are capable, FNM embed these interludes within slow-burning forays of experimentalism.”

“Sol Invictus stands easily on its own, rising shoulder to shoulder with the very best of the band’s catalogue – a thrilling, ambitious and multidimensional voyage that grows progressively more satisfying with each successive spin. Brilliant. FINAL VERDICT: 9/10″

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2704, 2015

The PRP gives Sol Invictus 4/5 review

Another day and another largely positive review for the Faith No More comeback album Sol Invictus.

Metal, hardcore and rock site The PRP has given the album a 4/5 review. Here are some of the best bits:

“This return finds the group performing as a collective. The past strains of the music industry meatgrinder alleviated, you can sense a unified respect for each other. Even so, they may be having fun again, but this isn’t a tepid affair by any means. Patton screams, distorted guitars lunge out, bass licks brood and groove and trace elements of diverse genres seep their way through the cracks.”

“Arguably a standout track, “Separation Anxiety” stalks like the bands mid-90’s output, establishing an unnerving sense of dread with an overbearing bass line and vocals that deviate from sinister chanting to manic outbursts.”

“It’d be hard to call “Sol Invictus” a flawless venture. It’s a bold proclamation, but boasts a song or two (I’m looking at you “From The Dead“) that serve more as an thematic function than an integral component.”

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2704, 2015

Faith No More distance themselves from Rhino re-releases

Faith No More have confirmed what we suspected and mentioned here in Comments, that the new The Real Thing and Angel Dust re-releases are not done on the band’s initiative.

A Facebook update from the band stated:

“Most of you have probably heard news about upcoming Angel Dust and Real Thing reissues, and the latest statements seem imply that these are band sponsored releases. In fact, they are Warners/Rhino re-issues (who still own the license to them). This is not to say that they are not worth getting…it’s just that they are not coming from us. Hope that makes sense. Thanks.”

The statement pretty much explains why we are not getting any bonus material that has not previously been released.

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2704, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 165)

Another good review

Sol Invictus has picked up another glowing review from English music blog Echoes and Dust. Here’s some of what they had to say:

“Sol Invictus isn’t an easy album to get into and it takes some real effort before it unveils its musical essence and brilliance. It’s all about little details and nifty little twists and turns which make this such an interesting and enticing effort.”

All US posters for sale

The good folk at Secret Serpents have now all the US West Coast tour posters on sale. Check them out here.
As they said in their recent media release: “In 2009 Faith No More decided to regroup to play a handful of reunion shows. They wanted no compromises in quality involving these shows, so they decided to work with Secret Serpents on curating a series of silkscreened posters to commemorate these shows. Since then we’ve handled 28 different posters that have covered all of their shows since. Fast forward to 2015 where they have announced a new record (their first in 17 years!), and more tour dates – their first since 2012. Once again, we are teaming up with the band to create another no holds barred poster series including some of the best artists. Each silkscreened poster in the series is limited to a one-time only edition of just 115 which is signed and numbered by the artist.”

Re-released albums now on pre-order

As we reported last week, the re-released versions of The Real thing and Angel Dust featuring bonus tracks will go on sale through Rhino in June. They are now listed for pre-order at Amazon and elsewhere.
Angel Dust Amazon UK
The Real Thing Amazon UK
The Real Thing Amazon.com
Angel Dust Amazon.com

More details and links from Rhino here

The other Sol Invictus

I had been feeling a little sorry for folk group Sol Invictus who may find people Googling them getting lost in Faith No More links but I have even more sympathy for British electronic musician John Christian, who released his new album entitled Sol Invictus earlier this month.



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Song Poll

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  • The options are the 50 least-played songs since the band’s return in 2009.
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